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My friends know that I swore solemnly to the sushis/sashimi in Kame Sushi, Desa Sri Hartamas. So naturally they were curious on my opinion of Sushi Hinata, which carries very similar concept of authentic Japanese cuisine that place focuses on Omakase meal prepared freshly by Master Chef by the sushi counter.
Sushi Hinata is a sushi specialist that has opened not long ago and has since gain a widespread popularity within my circle of friends, with some stating that their sushi are the next best thing they have had since Japan. So with that in mind, I enter Sushi Hinata at St. Mary Residence with only one purpose- to try their OMAKASE (degustation by the chef)

My Master Chef of the night is Chef Oritsuki, or Chef Ori, originated in GINZA with over 30 years of experience. Chef Ori has arrived Malaysia only 2 months ago, and knows minimal English. But he is friendly, funny and engaging that you will find yourself drawn to his jolly mood.
It is to my surprise that I was surrounded by patrons that I know that night, with my left being Kame Sushi Master Chef himself and my right being an acquaintance. The restaurant is to my opinion overly bright and has counter seating of not more than 20. There are several private rooms, though most would prefer to be seated where the main actions are- by the counter and I will strongly recommend it.

Their OMAKASE per person starts from RM350++onwards, while limited ala carte dishes are available as well as a cheaper sushi set meal of RM280. The best time to come is Tuesday and Friday for those are the days where the shipments arrive and when their fish are the freshest, but Reservation is strongly recommended.

Ok moving on, let’s see how many of the items I can remember, there were just so many that by the end of the night, I was thoroughly stuffed! Is it worth the spurge of RM350? You bet it is.

Trio Appetizers
Chef Ori  Presenting us the TORO, ohhh noms!

Sweet Shrimp with Uni (Sea Urchin)

There's no such thing as UNI overdose, here's one with chawanmushi (steam egg) with Ikura Eggs

You've got to love this Red Snapper!

Slices of Abalone Sashimi

Ebi Tempura with what feel like a Potato Croquette sort- with minced meat

Black Cod with Miso, a resemblance recipe of Nobu's

Squid Sushi wth sprinkled of yuzu zest
Tamago, rolled eggs. Chef Ori mentioned that the malaysia version is slightly different having to use a different types of charcoal. 
By far my favourite sushi of the night, mackarel with a little spring onion dressing, a ginza specialty

Watch out for Chef Ori with his sharp knife

Also among my list of favourite, is the ANAGO sushi with yuzu zest

Excellent Chef's creation, Negi Toro (Minced tuna with onion)

So, Sushi Hinata vs Kame Sushi, who's the winner?
Neither, because both are equally good, Of course Sushi Hinata's omakase uses more premium ingredients such as abalone and uni, but price aside both Chefs are well experienced and executed their food with as much care, precision and passion.  While Kame Sushi Omakase offers a shorter course, they have more variety of seasonal sashimis you can enjoy, on the other hand I thoroughly enjoy the little yuzu touches of Sushi Hinata's sushi and those pickled ginger that's home marinated for up to 9 days are excellent and thoroughly enjoyable that despite i'm not a fan of ginger, it doesnt stop me from asking for refills again and again.
Kame Sushi Omakase starts from RM150 onwards, so if affordability is an issue for you, Take a babystep to experience Kame first, then start building up your bank account for Hinata. Both gave me the same satisfaction


Food: 8/10
(i wouldnt mind eating those anago sushis everyday! Noms!
Hinata and Kame is officially my 2 top favourite sushis place in KL)

Ambience: 6.5/10
(too bright to my liking)

Service: 7.5/10
(though servers were not knowledgable, chef has ensure our meal was a pleasant one)

Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10 


Sushi Hinata
A-0-1, St Mary Residences,
Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

 Tel: 03-2022-1349
Closed on Sundays
Reservation strongly recommended

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