With Valentines Day falling on the same day as first day of CNY this year (apparently the last time this collaboration happened was 58 years ago), Mr B and I decided to have an early celebration at Fukuya (also to avoid those ridiculously marked up priced so-called valentines set dinner)..

If you're a regular augustdiners reader, you should be familiar with the drill that we like to start off our review with photos of the ambience around the restaurant.. But just to make life a LITTLE unpredictable..

TADA!!!! It's my greedy face!! hehe

We were initially sitted right next to the window overlooking this:
But it was too painful to squint ur eyes just to take a look at what you're eating, plus my LX3 is not really the best camera to take photos in dark without any flash at all.. So we decided to change out seats..

Clean and simple interior design giving you a zen-ish vibe.. Very calming..

The man had beef teriyaki (can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G??) with the selection of wagyu beef instead of the normal beef..

To be honest, the so-called wagyu beef tasted like any other beef.. The meat was tough and dry.. Definitely not worth paying extra bucks for it.!!

Agedashi tofu- the man's favourite..

I didn't taste it- not a tofu fan!! =p

Mayo Squid.

Tasted pretty bad as they overcooked the squid and the taste was not at all absorbed..
Basically it's as though they cook the squid seperately without the mayo and later on pour some over them.. YUCK!!

I ordered a Wa-fuku Kaiseki- Come with 1 soup, 4 seasonal dishes and 1 wagyu beef steak:
My appetizer- Sashimi platter
From the look at it, i've already expected a disappointment.. The tuna sashimi was obviously frozen before and left to be thawed before serving.. The texture was horrible and i was having such a hard (and unlady-like) time trying to tear them apart with my teeth!!

Steamed mushroom miso soup- absolutely yummy!!

Grilled salmon fish teriyaki
Tasted not too bad with the compliment of (some sort of) japanese red bean,, The blending taste of sweetness in both ways makes the fish extra delicious!!

Scallop- something.. Definitely a forgettable dish cause i dont even remember what was it already.. =(

My Main course- Wagyu Beef steak with rice

Again, the wagyu was a great disappointment.. I even suspect that they are just using ordinary beef and con me saying that it's wagyu.. =(
I demand for an explanation!!!
3 flavours mochi- bland taste with nothing to exclaim about..

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovebirds out there!!
(a bit late but we blif that if you're happy, everyday is Valentines Day, right??)

The man signing off the bill- Rm300++

You can also call up to book for your very own private dining space facing the beautiful garden!!

The best that my lousy camera could do.. (with a lil' editing =p )

Food: 6/10
(nothing extraordinary-really)
Ambience: 8/10
(quiet and great for private dining!)
Service: 7/10
(being pretty spacious, it's sometimes difficult to get the waiter's attention)

Overall: 6/10
(great experience but wouldn't think of going back for second time)
Address: No 9 Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (opposite of Prince Court Hospital)
Tel no.:  03 2144 1022  03 2144 1022 / 1077


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Noticed some inconsistencies - Mr. B's birthday at the curve, you called him the boy, now you call him the man. In 2 months he grew to be a man so fast? hahaha

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