It's annual custom among my group of friends to celebrate our birthday with the "family". By family, i meant my close group of friends that we've been sharing happy times with, since 5 years ago..

For Chee Leung and Ching's birthday, we've decided to try out somewhere we've never tried before. We settled for Kuni's at Little Bourke St (Birthday Boy's choice)..

This is when i sneakily took a picture of their exterior, hoping that no one sees the jakun me.. But Matt just had to drive pass at the very same time and honked me from behind!!! *jumps*

We ordered a few dishes from appetizers to main course to share among 6 of us.. There were 13 of us but we normally spilt our orders
Beef tataki

It's slighty seared, not entirely raw, which makes it a bit too chewy and jaw soaring.. I personally much prefer the one from Ito (their raw beef with raw egg yolk + sesame dressing = salivation!!)

Yasai Salad
Salad of coarsely chopped vegetables with special sesame dressing

The vege tasted really funny and i'm really not the biggest fan of salads..

The obligatory sashimi that is a must order in every Jap meal. Decent texture and freshness but pathetic portion- not to mention this is already the "main" size portion.

Kama Shioyaki- Grilled King Fish Cheek

Nicely salted and grilled to its perfection. Too small of a portion for 6 people.. We had to suck to its very last bits for some mere satisfaction.

The beef are thinly sliced cooked in a sweet sauce (almost like teriyaki sauce). Nice but forgettable. The portion, again, is Pathetic with a capital P!!

Wafu Beef steak

The beef is cooked to its perfect pinkness and sauce was so addictive to the extent that you would wanna pour it over your rice and eat it as it is!!

As normal as the food was, the services here are the worst i've ever seen in any Melbourne restaurant. The food preparation are turtle slow and whatever we asked for, we had to ask twice, if not thrice.. The portion of the food are not for big eaters, like yours truly.. So prepare to order more than just one main if u eat like me.. =)
We paid 45 aud each person (bill was shared between 6). An 8 bucks Maccas value meal would be much filling for our monster appetite.

Verdict: The place is very forgettable and nothing to shout about, really. Probably the first and last time we'll be paying our visit here.


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