At the end of each year, many of us will sit ourselves down, take a breather and review back what we've done in the past year, and what is our upcoming new year's resolution.

I remember when exactly one year ago, on a merry merry night, we had an impromptu decision to start Augustdiners.

It was really just out of the blue, where me and crazieapple had this convesation on that very fateful night

C: "hey lets start a FOOD BLOG" (totally random)
J: "erm......what?"
C: "yea, since we liked food so much, why not share our journey with the public"
J: "erm..... but knowing us, we'll get tired of it soon enough and give up entirely" (just as with both of our personal blog that was since left cold)

i'm not too sure when Mr. Crusader comes into the picture. He's our I.T. man, the man behind the scene,  and perfect to take on the job of refurbishing our blogspot
He even came up with the name "Augustdiners" because he's always saying how spoilt we are, how we live a prestigious life. blah blah. and blah...  (don't listen to him, we are nice girls)

So, one year later. We are still here. Personally, i'm glad that we've actually go ahead in sustaining the blog. I would say Augustdiners grew with us. It changes our tastebuds, increase our knowledge, also increase our waistline.

The very first hurdle we had to get over with is our writing. For alas, we were not fine writer, not even borderline to good. I remember we used the word "tucked away" and "secluded" so often that Mr. Crusader nag us to improve on our vocab. So now, i have a file "tucked away" somewhere in my laptop that is named "descriptive words for foodblog" which carries a full 5 pages of  words to describe food. (LIKE SERIOUSLY...) and just when i thought that it was only ME who's doing it.. on one random day, i casually mentioned to Crazieapple on my private list, she's exclaimed "ME TOooooo! i have a list in my computer somewhere"
now u know our secret, i'll have to kill ya

Looking back on our first post on Xenri Garden, we were just two excited kids whom was kept in the shell for quarter of our lifes, but this blog since ignites the initiative to explore more restaurants, with the mind of sharing the best with our readers.

Thank you for being with us through our gastronomic journeys and Augustdiners wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's look forward to a better YEAR 2011.

In case you missed it, here's some of our gastronomical journey, you can click on the links for more details :

At Xenri Garden!!

Subsequently our love affair with Japanese Food began..

Kobe Gyutaku Yakiniku @ SS15 (4 May, 6 June)


YUZU @ the Gardens

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen @ Singapore (one of the best)

Tao's @ Melbourne

J Cafe &workshop for some sushi burger fix

Marufuku @ Jaya One for some cheap, good udon

There was also our customary chinese cuisine, which i realised we don't write much about.

It could probably be because we only frequent a couple of chinese restaurants and tend to stick to it.
Take Gu Yue Tien for example, we've blogged about it 4 times (Jan 7, Feb 25, Nov 19, Nov 24)

Indulged in the amazing char siew- Oversea Restaurant , Jalan Imbi

Da Tuan Yuan @ Klang Baru

Our infrequent spurge on some fine dining food that digs a hole in our wallets everytime

Frangipani which serves reallyyyy good warm tea smoked Salmon

I've always enjoyed myself in Chalet

Il Primo, KL - one of the place which i told myself i have to go back for another round, but till now never managed to. Yr 2011 resolution perhaps?

Crazieapple's recent trip to Jacques Reymond

Ms. Jazz @ Millesimme for Chef Max's Degustation Menu

Sage, The Gardens (March 1, May 2, Nov 21)

Prime for some steak cravings

Kobe Jones, Melbourne

Il Lido, KL that did not turn out quite right for me.

Some of our easy dining places:

Kommune @ Shanghai, Tian Zi Fang

for their famous fried dumplings

One of our favourite Thai Eatery
Erawan, Kota Damansara

Taiwanese Cuisine @ Fong Lye

Daily Grind for Burgers (they have re-located)

Our Love for English Breakfast is undeniable

Crazieapple at Cafe Cortile, Melbourne

Kanteen @ Melbourne
Sometimes you have to admit that Melbourne serves the BEST Breakfast

A Minor Place, Melbourne

The Lawson Grove, Melbourne

The thing about Melbourne is, They have good coffee to complement the breakfast
Deadman Espresso , Melbourne

Carousel, Melbourne

 Say hello to our sweet baby, COOKIE
Las Chicas, Melbourne

Jones the Grocer, Singapore
While not quite meeting the standard, breakfast in SG definitely rivals Malaysia's

And when people ask me why am being so bitchy about Malaysia Breakfast
Pink Sage, Solaris Dutamas probably would explains it.. Now, Don't get me started about LA BODEGA breakfast..

Sometimes when the breakfast cravings hits..
one's gotta have it
no matter what

So we resorted to cooking our own breakfast at home

We even started our very own breakfast club

Augustdiners love street food, regardless of what Mr. Crusader thinks (honestly, sometimes i feel like he's not part of the team! haha) we do enjoy our char keoy teows, curry laksa, asam laksa etc
Now don't ask us which are the best, we have no single clue.

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles is a frequent supper spot for clubbers

I'm sure most will agree that Tao Heong serves some decent fish head noodles

The one we declared as the "BEST Nasi Lemak" recently

Wong Ah Wah, Jalan Alor
is famous for their Siew Kai Yik

We love travelling across the world to be exposed to different food culture :

2/ Ms Jazz in Melbourne- Beachcomber @ St kilda

3/ Ms Jazz in Melbourne for Mart 130

4/ Mr Crusader in Melbourne- Mart 130 for their infamous breakfast
(explains why 3 of us Augustdiners bloggers have actually blogged about it)
5/ Ms Jazz in Tokyo during Sakura seasons

6/ Ms Jazz eats Shanghai- The Delicious Fu Mao xiao pang xie!

7/ Mr Crusader in Bhutan 

8/ Mr Crusader reviewing Iranian cuisine
Mr Crusader reviewing YUNG KEE @ Hong Kong

9/ Ms Jazz in Singapore for Dimsum @ Taste Paradise

Crazieapple in Sydney

10/ Augustdiners in Krabi (pt 1, pt 2)

To view more entries, you can refer to the bottom page for categories (which is a bit messed up by the way)
new year resolution is to change the template!!
*AHEM* Mr. Crusader *AHEM*

Thank you everyone for supporting us!! We LOVE u *smoochies*

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