The fun mickey mouse and the friends’ themed birthday party. Attendees include Donald duck, daisy, goofy and his long time gf, Minnie mouse. The dad whom happen to also be name as Michael aka Mickey as I call him did a wonderful job in making his daughter’s very first birthday a memorable one.
I took some odd shots here and there with wobbly hands after having one drink too many. It's one of those kids birthday party where adults find opportunity to drink like it's they are the host.

Mickey friend's wading by the pool

Nicely decorated minnie mouse arch with different shades of pink balloons

Table settings with colourful tablecloth and more balloons

Another idea for table centerpiece.

Photobooth with Mickey

My friends with their balloon headpiece.

Last but not least... the cake that everyone went ooo and ahhs over :)
P/S: If you want to know a wonderful custom-made cake baker... with affordable price, stay tune to us as that's coming up next
We've used them for more a few occasions and has been satisfied with it.

Look who decided to join the party too?
My gift for the baby girl. She was eyeing wearily at Patrick because he was almost twice her size! haha.

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