Potato Head Beach Club is one of those places you must visit when you are in Bali. The Beach Club is especially beautiful during sunset and after the nightfalls. The striking façade comprising of old pieces of louvred shutters is just pure architecture brilliance. And the dramatic appearance did not stop there, walking up a narrow hallway while appreciating the beautiful façade will expose you to a large open space with different settings, there was a large green lawn taking the centre role, and the sunbeds where people are starting a drink or two while lounging comfortably overlooking both the infinity pool and the crashing waves of seminyik. Dining is also an option here. Tapping Shoe, a formal dining clad with crystal chandeliers with its soft boudoir lighting serves French food whist Lilin, with a casual chic ambience is an outdoor dining that serves Asian cuisine in an informal manner of long communal tables, tapas and live seafood is their main game.

External facade of the building, breathtaking, no?

Their Cocktails lists are extensive, and some might say pricey even. However, prices didn’t seem to be the deterrent factor here as the crowds were flocking in by batches. What’s a little spurge when you can get a special experience like nowhere else with Potato Head Beach Club. Tourist, locals alike seemed to enjoyed themselves very much. I, particularly were drawn to their drinks and starting experimenting with some of the items.

Started off with PH Espresso Martini, OMG absolutely divine!! Strong coffee and Jamaican coffee liquer shaken with vodka and a splash of cane sugar, served with three lucky coffee beans and a homemade cookie. I wish this is just available within grasp and not miles away from me, oh how I crave for it again!

Pistachio Martini was as good as I remembered. A heavenly blend of fresh rock melon and vodka shaken with melon liquer then finished with nitrogen charged pistachio foam with a side of pistachio and homemade pistachio sorbet.

Millionaire Martini is one helluva refreshing drink, also the favourite of the night that we ordered two of these. Vanilla vodka and fruit liquer are shaken with passion fruit pulp and homemade organic vanilla sugar. Served straight up and accompanied by a Champagne chaser. This drink is layered with their magical passion fruit foam.

What pale in comparison with its success counterparts is the Three Berry Margarita, Soft dark berries blended with citrus, sugar and premium tequila

One of PH’s creation is its Bells & Whistes (oops.. no picture). Crushed, zesty miniature mandarins and lively citrus and mandarin vodkas churn with rich palm sugar plus explosive passion fruit and lemon juices further crowned with gorgeous orange liquer.

As I laid on the sunbed, smelling the seabreeze while looking up the sky, sipping cocktails and talking about meaningless things, I thought to myself- if only this holiday could last forever.

P/S: Do book in advance for their sunbeds! Strongly recommended, their minimum spending is 500,000 rupiah, which equivalent to 4-5 cocktail drinks.

Oh ya, there's plenty of eyecandy that comes along with the place.

My pictures hardly done the place any justice, so check out their website www.ptthead.com for more information.

Potato Head Beach Club
Jln Petitnget,
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 (361) 4737979


Michelle Chin said...

you do know your drinks well ahhhh

AugustDiners said...

mich: i do love a drink or two. teehee! :D

Sean said...

oooh, the Pistachio Martini looks really cool! it could work as both dessert and a cocktail, i assume :D

AugustDiners said...

sean: it wasnt particularly sweet sweet, but such an easy addictive drink. i wish they have one potato head in KL!

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