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Im on protein-free, dairy-free, and alcohol-free diet for one month. (the long list seem to be never-ending) Currently, Im into my 8th day and the experience has been torturing so far.

I brought Mel to Bar Italia during our long CNY holiday. It feels different walking down the street of Changkat bukit bintang during daylight in comparison to the buzz this place creates at night. Nevertheless it was quiet, peaceful and perfect for a nice brunch out with good company.

My previous visit to Bar Italia was a b'day celebration at the 2nd floor rooftop, it has a nice ambience provided you dont mind sweating as it can get pretty warm- even during the night.

We were seated at the simple, yet comfortables setting on ground floor (rooftop doesnt open until 5pm) It was an extremely hot weather outside, and the aircon has been our life saviour.
Despite the controversial opinions from others who has tested this place, i find Bar Italia food to be decent.

Prosecco Di Prosecco Tenimenti NV (RM180) was an enjoyable drink. A refreshing sparkling wine that is light and fruity that rejuvenate our thirst.

Bar Italia offers a set lunch menu which only cost RM68++ (i'm sure the price varies from its offerings), it comes with an appetizer, a main, your choice of gelato, and coffee/tea. I'd say why not?

Our plate of antipasti: Tomato with mozarella cheese, 2 choices of bruschetta, grilled vegetables, pickled olives, eggplant in tomato paste, and prawns with artichoke.
It was a generous portion, good enough to share between 2. I particularly like their eggplant in tomato paste as it was really flavourful and goes well with the complimentary bread.

Our main came with a selection of grilled fish, stuffed pork loin, saute spinach, and ravioli stuffed with foie gras. It was a flavourful combination, we almost wiped everything dry.
The foie gras ravioli was pure heaven, i devour each bite slowly.

Spagetti Frutti di Mare (RM36) cooked with white wine and garlic was slightly salty but flavourful. The seafood was fresh and spaghetti was springy and chewable.

What was most talked about Bar Italia, was their gelatos, true to its name (although incomparable to Melbourne's) the Gelato was smooth and creamy that turn out not too sweet. Just the way we like it.

Playing with her Iphone. EH... Blackberry rocks OK?

The food list was extensive which guarantee another visit from me. It's refreshing how they change their set menu once in awhile. It gives us a reason to always return.


Food: 6.5/10
(btw, if u realise, i have used the word "flavourful" 3 times in this entry. If theres anything to be said about Bar Italia, it would be their intense (often salty) flavours- say no no to tasteless food. I would love to try more of their wide selection of gelato)

Ambience: 6.5/10
(it was relatively quiet so we had a relaxing time there)

Service: 7/10
(i've read about ppl complaining about their slow service, and rude treatment to its staff, but we were served politely and prompt- so they must have made some changes in their training)

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall: 6.5/10


Bar Italia

29, Jalan Berangan,
50200 KL

Tel: 03-214444


thenomadGourmand said...

Oh yes..had a bad experience here but i must say the lunch set looks really good!
And the gelato..hmm.. I only liked the pistachio one. but then again, i havent had the really good ones from Aust / Italy before..

AugustDiners said...

thenomadGourmand: ooo.. i love pistachio too, perhaps i should try them next time! I think the difference would be their milk? Aussie milk is much creamier and fuller *shrug* but what do i know abt making gelato =P

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