"Why all that hassle just to find something to eat??"

"Trust me, it's gonna be worth all these "getting lost" and "getting honked by those annoyed drivers behind me because i don't know where to turn to while trying to read the gps on my bb" "

After some wrong turnings and right ones, we've finally reached Las Chicas. A brief research on Google (the best thing that ever created!) for some good "not-so-morning" breakfast brought me to this corner cafe on Carlisle Street. Despite it having a less attention grabbing exterior, customers who visits this cafe are most probably regulars, i assume..

The secret hideout garden that i managed to miss.. Where was this??
*Picture credit to Breakfastout.com.au*

I've read review on the troubles in nabbing a seat on busy weekends, but i was lucky enough to grab an outdoor seat for two, plus a dog.. Maybe it's because NOBODY eats "breakfast" at 3pm?

The menu was extensive and detailed. The non-vegetarian section itself took up an entire page!!
For the express breakfast goers, there are even 'faster items' on the menu (such as pumpkin, spinach, polenta with avocado salsa) and yeast free sourdough toast. You can basically find everything you need on the menu, if not, personalize your meal with your own preferences!!

I took a glance at the guy sitting at the table next to me who was savouring this dish, he looked like he was indulging himself in his little own world while his two other mates were chatting away.. So i thought it must be some pretty decent choice to order..
Boy was i disappointed with my decision.. It wasn't like BAD.

Given the extra credit to the sweet and succulent prawn in skewers, the rest are just redundant. Really.. The iceberg lettuce at the bottom was too old/ left out for too long.. It didn't taste fresh at all.. But with a little help from the slice of lime provided, i managed to finish up three quarter of the "grass" (unwillingly).
Opt for something refreshing Apple, Strawberry and Mint juice instead of my usual Skinny latte to quench my thirst under the 28 degree sun.

I suggested the Bikini Blowout Benedict (BBB) to Shin Yee as it was possibly the most mentioned choice when you read up about Las Chicas.
A famous Balaclava bagel smeared with avocado, crispy bacon and two perfect poached eggs drowned in the creamiest hollandaise sauce.
Shin yee spelled out "this is orgasmic!!!" upon her very first bite.. And it's really not that easy to hear that from this choosy eater over here..

Our little baby. Everyone meet Cookie!!

Crazieapple presenting you with more food to come all the way from Melbourne!
*fingers crossed*

Shin Yee hard at work

: Definitely a must-visit place for breakkie lovers!!!


Food: 7/10
The BBB is a must-try!!

Service: 7/10
Despite it being a busy time for the cafe (there are 4 sections for the waiters to attend to), i'm pretty satisfied with their service and overwhelmed by their friendliness

Ambience: 6/10
Totally missed out the garden area.. Will try there next time!
Overall: 7/10

Las Chicas
203 Carlisle St,
Balaclava, Vic 3183


Ms. Jazz said...

Wow.. the hollandaise sauce LOOK ORGASMIC. looks like i'll hold onto my post for Pink sage now... haha

Crusader said...

Cookie is so cute..

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