Augustdiners are finally back from Hokkaido!! (with an extra few kgs – but who can blame us?) After one week of snowy minus degrees weather, we came back with a big smile on each faces as we can finally declare that- yes we had a “white x’mas” this year.

The weather of course have not failed us, we were given unconditional amount of white powdery snow to play with, be it snow fights, building snow man, or skiing in the snow!

As promised, here is some sneak peak on the delicious food in Hokkaido. We were pampered with an over dosage of unlimited fresh sashimi, fish roes, and super HUGEEEE crabs- and I mean huge!

I absolutely love their tidbits and snacks there, the packaging are really cute and irresistible, at most times it looked almost too cute to be eaten. NEEDLESS to say, we spent no thoughts in spending away as we buy heaps and heaps of snacks and labelled them mentally as souvenirs only to be eaten even before it got back to KL- oops!

We went to Hokkaido with 9 luggages and came back with 13, need i say more? =P

Nothing beats a good Unagi Don after a long flight and yucky airplane food.
This is the first meal of the trip and i'm already loving Japan!! Though my judgment could be biased due to the already rumbling tummy

We were fascinated by the fine and exquisite details that Japanese pay to the designs and decorations of their desserts and packaging of each gifts.

Delicate flowers decor-ed chocolate.
Do i see a sakura print on it??

Macaroons Xmas Tree!! Kawaiii!! Mad cute..

Waffles with different flavours and ice cream sandwiched in between..

Tokyo Banana (which we were told to be famous in Japan) is basically a normal sponge cake with creamy banana filling.. Though it is ordinary tasting, the softness of it is not your average sponge cake you would normally find in a packed food.
It is amazing how they could ensure their quality of the food even if it is just package food.. (Something Malaysia has to learn from??)

Why would anyone have the heart to put these cake arts into their mouth??
The above cutesies can be found in Kansai airport. Then again, throughout the entire Japan, you might come across many food art like these.. =)

Salmon roll readily packed.. Can easily transform them into effort-looking sushi!!
What happened to good ol' traditional way of sushi making??

Red Brick Warehouses @ Hakodate (Kanemori Warehouse) (金森倉庫 ''kanemori-sōko'')
These Warehouses built at the end of the Meiji era now house a variety of commercial facilities, as well as restaurants serving seafood.. Amongst all, there's a little stall shyly hiding among the little huts selling souveniors, food and assorted cute thingy majigas selling grilled scallops, snails and squids..
which was orgamically good!!

Grilled to the perfection- not too soft nor too hard to chew. And the chef intelligently retained the freshness of the seafood within.

Also found in one of the shops in Kanemori Warehouse- Snaffles (i believe)
This is by far the best cheesecake i have ever had, so fluffy & creamy- Oiiishiiiii! We gobbled all up in no time
Just because it's packed, doesnt make it less delectable than freshly baked cheesecake. In fact, this beats ANY cheesecake in the world HANDS DOWN!! Period.

Crazieapple decided to push the boundaries of "freshness" by catching her own squid for sashimis

I was obviously grossed out as i have a weak stomach, but they loved it!
By the way, Do you know that the squid is actually crystal clear in color when its fresh and will only turn white after a period of time??
Although the squid is very much dead, the legs were still moving about as Crazieapple puts it into her mouth. EW!!
Note from Crazieapple: "the tentacles were sucking on my tongue as i chew them.. as if struggling for mercy. " *evil laugh*

Obviously no one would dare to eat these raw..

Assorted tempura- A must try during Japanese meals.

Nothing like Udon + Shabu Shabu to keep our tummy warm.. mmm =)

The huge KING CRABS that we have for buffet dinners 4 nights in a row. And that's only 1 of the many legs of the crab. Can you imagine how huge is the crab???

Coffee place at Otaru street.
Isn't this place simple romantic? im in love

Doraemon snacks..

Sick or no sick, lavender and melon flavoured soft cream is a must when you're in Hokkaido

Crazieapple (who was sick) sure grasp hold of any chance of ice cream even when it was snowing.

Grilled abalone was a different experience that you can get apart from the usual Ah Yat "bao yu" style of cooking. It was succulent and tasted fresh

Cake arts!!

How brilliant.

I'm in awe!!
Our last dinner at Sapporo.
Gyoza and Ramen. Nuff' said.
A typical Jap meal (for us Malaysian, at least)

There's no way i'll leave Hokkaido without trying some of their local beer, but theres no particular beer that had caught my fancy.

Gosh, i know i promise you a "sneak peak" but looks like i got carried away :)
There you go, hope you're not feeling too hungry by now.
This may be a wee bit late, wishing augustdiners readers a Happy Merry X'mas!!!

By yours truly... xoxo


lynn said...

omg everything looks so good. mad cuteness! loves ur food blog <3 how much was it priced though? i bet it cost a bomb!

crusader said...

Where's my doraemon snacks?

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