You know what, since the two other augustdiners writers are impossibly lazy and refuse to move their ass (or fingers) to update, looks like its down to me me and only me now.
And being on a restricted diet, i'm not much of a help either.

Cross fingers that i get this over with real soon because the end of this torture will mean a new start on foodyland... in TOKYO... woohoo! (stay tuned for foodilicious updates!)

I can't bring myself to like YOKO's in Changkat. It's possibly one of the poorer japanese cuisine i have tried till date. Having to often wander up and down the street of Changkat Bukit Bintang, this restaurant has always pricked my curiosity but i was skeptical because it always looked so empty.

So it was by chance that me and Abby jointly decided to give it a shot. As usual, the place was relatively quiet with a few tables occupied throughout the night. The interior was kept to its bare minimal and it paled in comparison with the rest of its neighbouring restaurants.

The menu was somewhat too extensive, no doubt lots of thoughts has been put into designing the dishes as some dishes sounds creative and definitely is not the usual japanese cuisine you can find at most places. 
We were also given the specials menu which was handwritten and was also many sheets thick.

Price is reasonable ranging from RM15 to RM30 average per dish.

Salmon Sashimi (RM30+) came in thick generous cuts of 6 pieces. It tasted fresh enough however, a bit warm to my liking.

American Dream Roll (RM25) has a mixture of prawn tempura, eel, salmon, cucumber, baked egg wrapped in sesame & caviar. It was very ordinary, and the mixture of ingredients use didnt quite go together. The sushi rice was slightly heavy on rice vinegar.

Much to our curiosity, we ordered the 5 color tuna oshi sushi (RM25) comprising of fresh tuna and salmon sushi decorated with avocado and yam. Although i appreciate the effort of food presentation, the yam between the sushi rice tasted out of place, overall nothing interesting.

Adam & Eve 2007 (RM19). I wonder the origins of its name. An interesting dish that is visually appealing that but taste like seafood chowder with prawns and scallop.

check out our uneaten food on the table!

At one point, Abby tries to order warm water. They came first with a bottle of cold mineral water, which we gently commented we wanted WARM water, awhile later came a waitress asking whether we want brandy in the water.... imagine the blank look on our faces.

There was live performance of a girl singing while strumming the guitar up the front, but to our surprise when the waiter came forward to all diners requesting donations/ contribution with a see through container. Not that we mind paying, but it just seems weird to do so while diners are eating. (BTW, there is a saying that you should not give out money to others while you are eating. I'm still contemplating whether i believe it or not).

Our bill came up to RM145 between two without alcohol or desserts.


Food: 4.5/10
(possibly the lowest we've given in augustdiners, but there is many variety and potential in the menu, i'm not sure whether i'll return to sample the rest in the near future though)

Presentation of food: 6/10
(appreciate the playful works of colors)

Service: 5/10

Ambience: 5/10

Overall: 5/10


Changkat Bukit Bintang

Tel: 03-21443378


may said...

Japanese .. good choice after palate .. hehehhe

u know with the 100 things i wanna do before i die .. its harder than i thought it it .. im on 60 now but i'll leave the rest and will fill in the blacks in couple years time .. I will post my list in couple days time ..

im also writing 100 places i wanna visit before I die

crazieapple said...

when are u going to tokyo!?!!??! without me?!?!?!?! =(

AugustDiners said...

May: i should start out my list too soon :) lets go palate pallate again (when my diet thing is over!), i fell in love with that place.

Crazieapple: End of the month, obviously without u la.. =P btw they are going to sabah diving dis weekend without me! booo!

crazieapple said...


Anonymous said...

f#*% your street speakers

Anonymous said...

i use to love gypsy king.but now my family can t get a decent nights sleep with your damn music .8 years i ve lived here and so far you guys are the only ones disrupting the peace.i m not going to move just because of you, damn it

Anonymous said...

Wow..yokos...why so quiet tonight?scared of dbkl is it?

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