I generally loved the array of restaurants choices in Changkat. Elcerdo, Nero vivo, just to name a few. Frangipani might just make it to my favourite to-eat list in that area. :)
We were there on the weekends, so naturally it was almost packed and business is good! I'm guessing their cliente base is more on expats and travellers since there were very few asians there that night.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing without being too intimidating.
Their menu was a bit lengthy, like a storybook describing every single dish in details. It's a sin to make everything sound so delicious because im very tempted to order everything it.
There's no way i can remember names of the dishes, but thank god they have the menu online- which you can view here.
They standardised their menu prices in four main category. First course (RM35), Second Course (RM50), Main Course (RM70), Dessert (RM30) but some dishes are slightly more expensive but will be noted next to the dish description on additional charges.

Sitting prominently in the middle of the restaurant is this simple yet elegant pool. I love it.

To start off with, we were given complementary bread rolls which was decent. i.e. crispy on the ouside and warm on the inside.

My warm tea smoked salmon with confit potatoes creme fraiche and salmon roe (RM50). ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. Have i died and gone to heaven? Pinch me please!
Full of smoky flavour, and the flesh was really tender. Each bite was orgasmic. There's no doubt i'll order this again for my next visit.

Crab and prawn bisque with crab quenelles, prawns poached in beurre noisette and a trail of lemon oil. (RM35) Sounding fancy and definitely a safe choice. The soup was packed with flavours and was served with large crab pieces.

For main course, i had Pan roasted, duck prosciutto wrapped grain fed tenderloin topped with pan seared foie gras and served with wilted spinach and truffle glaze. (RM115) I have mixed feelings about this. No doubt the tenderloin was cooked the way i liked, pinkish and tender without being too bloody and the sauce goes well with its meat. But it's not price justifiable, especially if it's only Australian beef. (the cost of australian beef is quite transparent because there are very few imported meat suppliers in the market) So i thought perhaps the foie gras and duck prosciutto can make up to what sounded like an ordinary dish- but i was wrong, the foie gras came out tasting too normal, and the portion is rather tiny.

Braised lamb shank (RM70) i'm thinking that this is a new dish since it's not on its online menu. Abby found it O-K. The lamb was stewed to tender, but there's nothing more to comment about it.

Dessert is what we really came here for. As quoted by us that night "The mains were just to get over and done with just so we can get to dessert"
Needless to say, we ate up our main dish at a faster pace

Super dark chocolate and pistachio terrine with passion fruit custard and forest berry coulis (RM20). I refrain myself from squeling with delight. I mean come on- it's chocolate and its dessert. What more can i want.
True to its name, the chocolate is very rich and it complements well with the passion fruit custard with its combine taste of sweet... and sour.... Yums yums yums..

Pistachio and white chocolate cheesecake with irish tea sauce, toasted pine nuts and pistachio cream filled russian cigarette. (RM20)
The cheesecake was so soft and creamy, it practically melts in you mouth. Definitely worth trying.

Domaine de L'HORTUS 2006 (RM185) was a good recommendation by the manager. It's medium to full bodied, that goes well with red meat and heavy flavours.

My sassy hot date

We truly enjoyed our dining experience here cum with a good companion. There were some hits and misses but it doesnt stop me from wanting to try the rest.
Our bill came up to RM600+ with wine


Food: 7.5/10
(gotta love their desserts)

Service: 8/10
("would you care for me to take pics for you two?" im glad they asked- and they are still all smiles after assisting to take "N" nos. of pictures of us)

Ambience: 8/10
(Good for special occasions as with the quiet atmosphere)

Presentation of food: 8.5/10
(every dish presentation has been well thought of)

Overall ratings: 8/10


25 changkat bukit bintang,
50200, KL

Tel: 03 21443001


Sean said...

i'd love to eat at this place every week, but the prices do border on excessive! but yeah, if i had to choose only one outlet at changkat, it would be frangi for sure...

AugustDiners said...

Sean: that's a great compliment for frangi coming from you. :)

thenomadGourmand said...

oh my... I like u already.. "The mains were just to get over and done with just so we can get to dessert" - HAhahaAHA.. it's so me too!

You knw waht? Me gonna just go there & eat desserts! hehehe

AugustDiners said...

TNG: hahaha, that's an absolutely fab idea rebecca! I think i will do the same in my next visit~ imagine a full table of delectable desserts, it'll make my night a verrrry pleasant one! :D

Man Fai said...

Can I date your friend for dinner. XD

Anyway, since you enjoy the desert more, should just order all the desert menu instead of going thru the course meal.

Augustdiners said...

Man Fai: My thoughts exactly!! I hope they dont look at me one kind!

My friend is taken unfortunately :)

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