While Ms Jazz is probably getting ready to fly to Tokyo to experience some REAL Jap Food, the only alternative that i have being stuck in Melbourne is to resort to J Cafe for some sushi burger fix..

You must be thinking, what the @#$% is "sushi burger"??

Well, it's basically sll the ingredients you find in sushi hand rolls, served with wasabi, lettuce, special sauce in between two sushi rice patties freshly made to order.

Out of the many times that i've visited J cafe, this is only my second time of having the chance to eat this Soft Shell Crab burger.

Because it is extremely yummy, it is forever sold out so you really have to call in to pre-book.. But today, i was soooo lucky to snatch away the VERY LAST one from Reza and Matt! hehe sorry guys, ladies first! =p
They actually put in ONE WHOLE crab~ can you believe how generous these Japs are!?!?! It's extra delicious when it's a tad bit warmer though..

It is never enough for me to just order one -so there's Ebi Mayo sushi burger. The special sauce accompanied with the deep fried prawn makes this extra sweet and luscious!!

Another favourite order- Spicy raw salmon. A hint of spiciness is acceptable for people like Ching..

Pigging out with 2 sushi burgers at one-go!!

Soo working hard at his spicy raw salmon burger

Don't i look exceptional huge next to Tioknee? =(

The ebony and ivory couple.. hehehe

Matt loves his Yakiniku Sushi Burger- the boys' favourite pick!!

The only downside of J cafe is their limited seats. It's difficult to grab a seat if you come in a big group without reservations at peak hour. The staffs are extremely friendly (being the typical Jap) even when they are at their busiest.

Do call up for Soft shell crab sushi burger, don't be lazy!! It's really worth it!! =)
Sushi burger is generally priced at 7.50 aud for dine-in price but 6.50 for take-away!

Trading Hours
LUNCH Tue - Sat 12:00pm - 3:00pm
DINNER Tue - Sat 5:30pm - 9:30pm
Closed Monday & Sunday
Licensed & BYO wine only
Tel: 03 9650 9877

Bar review

After lunch, we (ok, i admit, it was me) suggested for some drinks!! And it was only 3pm on a friday..

I know, what kinda lifestyle are we leading right? Well, we're proud Melburnians who loves to live our lifes to the fullest!! hehe

Our usual spot at Workshop for beers..
The open roof concept is popular during days with nice weather. Lucky us, it was a nice and breezy day!!

A jug of Golden Lager was 16AUD- not bad for some cheap beer cravings.!!
Men talk..

Me with my Apple Cider- i'm out trying out all the available ciders.. hehe
So far, Magners still top my list! hehe

The freak who order an ice chocolate in a bar!! haha
The Workshop Bar
413 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000

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