One would expect TWG Tea Salon in Pavillion to cause a great hype especially when their TWG branches in Singapore seemed to flair very well. I have always loved TWG for its concept, i.e. plenty of tea choices, sound afternoon tea set, and to-die for macarons, so when I heard of them opening in Pavillion, needless to say I was beyond thrill. The place carries a quiet elegance that blends well with its surrounding luxury boutiques with the name of Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent etc. Indeed, we were feeling slightly “atas” and consciously speaking in a foreign british accent whilst sassy music fills the background.
The interior is easily related with their other outlets, smooth black marbled tiles, white linen tablecloth, ratten back chairs and posh silver cutleries.

We were shown into our seats after walking about hardwood tea counters gawking on the vast selection of tea. The place is relatively empty during dinner time with half occupancy but I heard it’s a madhouse during afternoon time.

My friends, whom is accustom to the combination of liquor and food on normal days, seemed puzzled on my choice of place to meet, and it was to their utmost disappointment that Long Island Iced Tea was not served there. I joke, but we did check. hehe.

Tea is particularly the main draw here. We were impressed when shown the selection of tea which came up to a good thick book of more than 20 pages long with staggering choices, almost like a tea bible describing at length the different flavours and different blend. When ask what they recommend, you’ll find a standard answer on their signature 1837 black tea. (I know because I’ve asked the same thing few months back in Ion orchard’s TWG and got the same answer).

oops caught me in the reflection :D
do you know the function of their tea pot? Enlighten me, i'll see whether you get it right.
What differs TWG from the other teahouse perhaps would be their signature tea-infused savoury dishes. The selection in the pavilion outlet is much lesser compare to its Singapore counterpart but I did spy a few recognizable dishes in this menu with some new add-ons

Delightfully light and not too tooth aching sweet macarons were perhaps the only joy we’ve had the whole evening. With 8 Types of tea infused macarons to choose from, I particularly enjoyed the Napolean, the jet black macrons with salted caramel and Napolean Tea. Other good flavours were bain the roses and chocolate (I’m sure they don’t call it plain ol’ “chocolate” so please forgive me on the names- I’m not very good at them). All in All, it is one of the best macarons I’ve enjoyed in KL.

Aviator Salad with grilled chicken supreme, romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, and fresh parmesan shavings topped with poached eggs with a touch of seaweed tossed in a lightly spice sauce infused with comtoir des indes tea. All ingredients melded nicely with each other, the chicken was a tender wonder.

Egg Benedicts - Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon on toasted English muffin. Nice runny eggs with beautiful yolk colours, however its hollandaise lacks those buttery flavours making it less than memorable.

Foie Gras Terrine with spinach shoots, red radish & fresh garden salad and sakura tea jelly

Pan Seared Foie Gras- on a bed of caramelized apples and carrots drizzled with chocolate infused vinaigrette. If I can overlook the fact that both the “salad” and foie gras flavours did not marriage together well, I would say it’s a pretty good deal @ RM43.50 with two generous size of those sinful duck liver.

Wagyu Burger- Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger with lettuce, tomato, emmental cheese topped with horseradish mayonnaise, accompanied by matchstick fries tossed in 1837 Green tea powder. Thick moist patties with good seasoning, though the hamburger bun is a bit limp, but those truffle infused fries were really the highlight of this dish. Nothing to shout at, but it’s a decent eat.

Seared Matcha Salmon with green peas carrots, cauliflower and mini yellow zucchini drizzled with balsamic vinegar caramel & matcha green tea oil was our least favourite of the evening. Dry and bland, I can cook it better at home, I’m sorry. I get anal when people can’t get a basic salmon right.

Overall, still a pleasant experience in TWG (if I can overlook the bad food part), the ambience  with courteous servers and pleasant attitude is noteworthy, and I did enjoy the tea there very much- with a pot costing RM18 on average, and those macarons will definitely pull me back again and again. Now, I heard their scones flairs well too. TWG shall be my between shopping rest stop in pavillion.

My diners of the night: (:

Me + Sleepy Face :D

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
Ground Floor, Pavillion
Tel: 03-2142 9922

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (10am-10pm)


Baby Sumo said...

The teapot keeps the tea warmer for longer? Have walked past so many times but everytime too full to try! Sigh. Must go this weekend to try the macarons.

AugustDiners said...

Baby Sumo: Bingo how smart haha. :D yeah u can takeaway macarons too to avoid the crowd

ulric said...

Haha...I definitely saw the back of ur head tat nite! :P

Expected better from the food though :(

Michelle Chin said...

the tea is refillable right because in singapore, it is not.

AugustDiners said...

Ulric: yes I was somewhat disappointed in the food but I didn't expect much to start off with hehe

Michelle: tea is not refillable but it makes sense since plenty refill will lost it's maximum flavours? One pot can only make 3 cups I think :(

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