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For those whom crave for seafood in KL in a casual ambience, where do you usually go to? I have no idea, until I chance upon this restaurant- Restaurant Siu Siu.

Set in a non-pretensive ambience on the higher ground at Robson height, it was strangely cooling enough despite it being an open air restaurant with some metal roofing, it was actually a nice change from my usual haunts, and I was set to get my hands dirty that night.

It helps that the restaurant is relatively simple to locate, although you might get a bit confuse with the narrow roads and jungle-like surroundings but direct accessible off Federal highway. Restaurant Siu Siu is near kuen cheng school further up from tien hou temple. Plenty of carparking spaces opposite the restaurant with a minimal fee.

Our expectations heighten, and like an excited child we were, we looked forward to many items that were well written by the food bloggers. Claypot Crab Rice being one of them that was frequently mentioned. Sure enough, out came a piping hot claypot with one medium sized crab sitting handsomely on a bed of rice that was filled with dark soya sauce. Indeed the aroma of crab drift to my senses and can I say that its “crabilicious??” (is there such words? If not you hear it here first. =P). I enjoyed the fact that the rice texture is nicely separated and not at all lumpy. We slopped up all the rice before getting down and dirty with the crabs, fresh with decent amount of flesh.

As if one is not enough, two’s definitely not too crowded, salted egg yolk crab blew our minds away, we love the intensity of the gravy and how it blend so well with the sweet crab flesh. This calls for some finger licking practices.

Another thumbs up dish would be their claypot milky prawn. We wanted to order the Vietnamese prawn curry, but the lady boss seem adamant to put the order through, instead recommending the milky prawn because it goes better with the “claypot crab rice”. Now, this is some serious business going on- I mean food pairing at an informal Chinese restaurant? I’d have to applaud for her determination. There was a whimper or two on the recommendation of course since I had my eyes set on the latter dish, but I was quickly muffled by the subtle buttery flavours of the sauce that marriage so well with the prawns. Accompanies really well with rice too. Screw carb diet.

Restaurant siu siu also prides themselves on their fresh river fish and we are spoilt with 15 choices! Their supply was sourced from local rivers of perak and Pahang. We ordered a fish too, but I was embarrass to admit I forgot which type it was (I suspect river patin). But rest assured it tasted decent.

Seafood aside, we’ve also ordered the char siew, taste wise OK, it’s a pity that the meat is too lean to my liking, causing the meat to be less moist than it can be.

Last but not least, Guiness pork ribs and some greens.

All these food for four of us! *pats tummy*

All-in-all, a very nice place for seafood, and yes I would definitely visit again within short period.

Restaurant Siu Siu
15-11 Lorong Syed Putra Kiri
Robson Heights

Tel: 016-3708555 


Michelle Chin said...

Wah you guys really can eat. That looks like a patin...

ulric said...

Yep...agree with Michelle...confirm it's patin :)

The salted egg crabs and claypot milky prawns looks delish :D

AugustDiners said...

Michelle: Yes!! i think our tummy is bottomless heh! :D

Ulric: Thanks for the clarification, mm both salted egg crab and prawns were really yums! time to go back for more

Anonymous said...

commonla... i think vietnam waiter took my order,
sizzling tofu he said rm8, fish sambal he said rm25,soup rm6, prawn rm20 ofcourse two person eat all small portion. fucking bill came to rm130... WTF... the boss simply came over and give excuse that the this fellow should not take order... how the fuck should i know and force me to pay the money.... stupid fucking bastard restaurent

Anonymous said...

How did the swearing help your comments, Anonymous (the previous Anonymous)? You sound like an impatient, easily offended and petty person. The swearing detracts from what you are trying to say. Grow up.

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