There's always an ongoing argument between my Singaporean friends and I on which country's food is better. And you gotta admit, most Singaporean food are adapted from us, Malaysians right??
*i sense a series of heated argument coming up* haha

And Singaporeans, being the singaporeans they are, being extremely kiasu, decided to prove me wrong by showing me around their so-called infamous Singapore food. haha

Bak Chor Mee in Hokkien means Minced Meat Noodle (肉挫面 in Chinese). (See, pork noodle then say pork noodle la.. Just because you change the language of it doesn't make it any different from our msia's pork noodles right??) hehe

In Singapore, the noodles are topped with generous amount of minced meat, slices of mushroom, pork slice, pork liver slice and lettuce. (Yup, sounds like pork noodles to me)

I guess the major difference in this hawker food is the vinegar. Small amount of vinegar is added to give it an aroma that kinda brings out the distinctive taste of what seemingly normal noodle. Vinegar is one of the factors that determines the quality of Bak Chor Mee. Beside vinegar, another make or break factor would be the chilli sauce. A good bowl of bak chor mee is said to have the perfect blend of chilli sauce and vinegar.

 Looks like pan mee right?? hehe

I was told that this bak chor mee joint at Crawford Lane is "one of" the best (kiasu mode on) and u actually have to queue up for it.

 The boys even ordered 2 big bowls each to prove their monstrous appetite. I was already struggling with my own bowl.. -____-''

 Verdict: The noodles are springy with a firm bite and are not soggy.
I like how spicy it is and has a hint of vinegratte sourness in it.

Next up:

Singapore Infamous Crab

See.. I don't understand what's so famous about their chili crab when we have the exact same thing that you can order in almost any seafood restaurant in KL.. They are bragging it as though they came up with this brilliant ideas to cook crabs in chili sauce and decided to deep fried the montou to dip into the sauce.. haha

But the chili crab in Seafood Paradise, the Singapore flyer's branch (Apparently they have another branch somewhere else) was pretty good..

 Best with you order deep fried montou to dip into the sauce. We had 3 plates of buns to drain up the yummy sauce!!

 Another way of cooking the crab: Butter cream crab
It was surprisingly good but i was too full from all the buns by now


Tourist shot:
 At the Singapore flying, with Marina Bay Sands resort in out background

The Singapore flyer


Michelle Chin said...

Hiya. Don't argue with you friends about whether kl or singapore is better! Just say Hong Kong!

Crazieapple said...

hahaah but HK's food are different.. You can't find good hawker stall food other than snacks in HK.. =p

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