Bangsar/Damansara has one of the wider ranges of cuisine offered in Klang Valley and too often you’ll see new eateries sprouting here and there as developers enhanced their luxury developments with the value added input like new F&B outlets- not that we’re complaining- for PLOY was indeed a welcome addition to the Clearwater development and the brainchild of Jared Lim. The restaurant is located in the WORK@ Clearwater tower.

Seemingly undiscovered yet due to being open for operation only a week ago, PLOY (“gem” in thai) offers modern asian cuisine and you’ll find yourself spoilt between choices of sashimis from their raw bar section & a fair selection of sushis, to their varieties of thai-japanese influenced dishes. Also try their specialities like the mentaiko spaghetti, which by the way is the beautiful Dian’s favourite dish.The good news is, it is quite a budget friend menu- with their starters being in the range of RM10-RM20, and mains in the RM20s region.
The building has easy accessibility as I often tease my friend that they can practically ROLL home from my favourite hangout- The hill. (Having one drink too many) =P

We started off with some tidbits while waiting for the rest to arrive- Lotus Roots Chip(RM6) was deep fried to crisp and crispy fried baby squid (RM9) was a delight to munch on whilst sipping their house specialty cocktails with quirky names like pardon my pandan (RM25) and tomyamtini (RM24) (uh-huh, you heard right, either you like it or you don’t as it has a unique taste of its own)

Lotus Roots

Crispy baby Squid

Pardon my pandan


Ploy’s Pomelo Salad (RM16) came in a puny portion – mixed with roasted duck shred and a spicy touch of chopped chillis.

My friend liked the Avocado Salad (RM11), saying it was refreshing with the mildly citrusy dressings. Personally not much of a fan, but you all know I’m a carnivorous.

Pink lady Sushi comes with a choice of 4pcs (RM16)/8pcs.

Obviously we were waiting in glee for our linguini mentaiko (RM21), “mentaiko” being marinated roe of a Pollock. (But unfortunately, my dear vegetarian friend decided to opt for a vegetarian version, which was filled with mushrooms, and what do you know? NO mentaiko… so really- no comment for this) do try it and let us know

We thought the Ploy’s Black Fried Rice (RM25) was quite the visual charmer, raw egg presented on top was use to combine with the squid ink rice. A good marriage of flavours with hinge of spicy touch

For mains, it was the crispy salmon (RM29) and duck confit (RM27), both slightly bothering the sweet side, but fairly well executed.

Give them some time to work out minor hiccups here and there, but overall it was a pleasant dining experience.

Our bill came up to about RM60 each with cocktails

My girls- i look so jumbo size right? This picture is so corporate profile materials haha

PLOY @ Clearwater
Jalan Changkat Semantan
Damansara heights

Tel: 03-20950999


Michelle Chin said...

ah, you must embrace your herbivorous side too! it's for your health darl!

ulric said...

Love the colour combination of d the Pink Lady Sushi...hopefully it tasted good?

Pure vegetarian = no mentaiko...too bad :D

Augustdiners said...

michelle: i knowwww... i'm trying to embrace it without much results. give me some time, haha!

ulric: i like the ingredients used (with strawberry!), but the flavours were a bit light- not too memorable for me

Baby Sumo said...

That's very reasonably priced. Love mentaiko pasta so might try it one day.

Augustdiners said...

Baby Sumo: i am gonna try making my own soon :D

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