Shuraku remains one of my favourite izakaya haunt in town, and mind you there isn’t really that many izakayas in town to choose from, I sometimes go to Nonbei as well. Located above Maybank of Solaris Mont Kiara, Shuraku is perfect for an afterwork drinks with friends and colleagues, and their wide selection of sakes with attractive discounts is a definitely draw, and vastly popular with the Japanese. Buy one bottle and 2nd bottle is 50% off sounds as attractive as it taste, best still, you can park your bottle there for 3 months and slowly finish it off (although I normally finish it off at one go) *blush* Oh yes, draft beer are also buy one free one on happy hours for Tuesday. Now that makes me realliiii happy =)

Steering away from the alkies, Shuraku has a very warm friendly ambience, with an open kitchen concept displaying chef’s at work with the yakitori. I particularly liked the display of some of the commonly found Japanese items such as different types of cigarette, ropes and used cans. The restaurant booze some wide variety of izakaya delicacies, from their kushi yaki (grilled items by the stick) to grilled items, deep fried, yummilicious sushis, rice and noodles.

I always frequent this place and forgot to take pictures, there were just too many distractions *ahem*alcohol*ahem*, so one day I was so determine to write about the restaurant that I actually sit through dinner and order as much as I can and do my homework for once.

Augustdiners <3>

Their range of Kushi Yaki (grilled item on stick) is quite limited and ranges from RM5-7/ portion. My favourites are always the pork belly, chicken skin, and the mushrooms

Yasai Stick RM10, combination of carrots,cucumbers, celery slices. Nothing fancy, and I do this a lot at home during parties and entertainment.

Nasu Dengaku RM14- Baked eggplant with Miso bean paste is one of their proudest creation. Some liked it, some don’t as the paste can get a little too sweet for some.
Unagi Harumaki RM22- Grilled eel and cream cheese rolled in rice paper

Ika Geso Karaage RM14- Deep fried squid tentacles is yums yums, simple greasy and goes well with sake.
Tamago yaki spicy sose kake (RM20)- Rolled omelette topped with seared salmon slices dressed in sizzling sauce is worth order I like the overall taste combination as it blends so well.

Salmon Truffle Tataki RM32- Salmon, Truffle Oil, and potato salad is my must must must order each visit, sometimes more than one portion because it was that good!

Sake Bomb Maki RM28 (no pics)- Soft shell crab, salmon with spicy sauce is as good too. My word of advice, go there and order as many sushis as you can, most of the items I’ve tried has been satisfactory

Salmon Tataki with Goma Dressing- RM35, pan seared salmon slice dressed with special sesame sauce.

Chawan Mushi with Duck RM14, or add Foie Gras (RM22)

Shuraku Oki Roll- Special big roll (RM26) – salmon, tuna & octopus

Okonomiyaki with mix seafood and pork (RM26) is the tummy filler. The fillings were ample and came in a good 3 pax sharing portion.
Salt Grilled Mackerel

Zaru Soba

Nom Nom Noms...

Oh how i love this photo hehe


Food: 7.5/10
(love their vast selection of izakaya food!)

Ambience: 7/10
(cosy, comfortable and a fun place for parties!)

Service: 7/10
(friendly however most staff need to work on their food knowledge)

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Shuraku @ Solaris Mont Kiara
13-2, Jalan Solaris 1,
Mont Kiara
(above Maybank)

Tel: 03-62030561
Oh yes, i dont think they charge corkage for B.Y.O hard liquor

The fun mickey mouse and the friends’ themed birthday party. Attendees include Donald duck, daisy, goofy and his long time gf, Minnie mouse. The dad whom happen to also be name as Michael aka Mickey as I call him did a wonderful job in making his daughter’s very first birthday a memorable one.
I took some odd shots here and there with wobbly hands after having one drink too many. It's one of those kids birthday party where adults find opportunity to drink like it's they are the host.

Mickey friend's wading by the pool

Nicely decorated minnie mouse arch with different shades of pink balloons

Table settings with colourful tablecloth and more balloons

Another idea for table centerpiece.

Photobooth with Mickey

My friends with their balloon headpiece.

Last but not least... the cake that everyone went ooo and ahhs over :)
P/S: If you want to know a wonderful custom-made cake baker... with affordable price, stay tune to us as that's coming up next
We've used them for more a few occasions and has been satisfied with it.

Look who decided to join the party too?
My gift for the baby girl. She was eyeing wearily at Patrick because he was almost twice her size! haha.

You know you've shifted into another phase of life, when all parties you attended nowadays are baby related. Since i've started some party guide posts earlier, ive decided to share these with you guys. Hope its useful in future, you never know when you'll need it hehe! Do check out our other party posts too!

My good friend Dianna is due for a baby soon, and her sister planned a baby shower for her. All party credits goes to dian and her party planner :)

The event was held in PLOY, Damansara Heights. It's a perfect venue in terms of location and its tastefully done restaurant with some fusion good food.

Took this off D.'s facebook. I realise i didnt capture many pictures
this is where we hang all over sweet message to her
Love the whole pink "tutu" theme!!

Aww such adorable biscuits with pink and white icings

Some light bites

Love the hanging decoration which comes with babyfact card, blinking pacifier, pink baby socks, and pink baby bottles. Do you know baby cries without tears until a certain age?

Photo frame for guest to bring home, custom made with little ballerina tutu's so so cute

Pink cuppie cakes

Some interactive games were planned, such as making the mommy-to-be a custom made bra easy for breast feeding, fill in the blank storyline on how the couple met (be as inventive as you can!) and read it out to the audience, and mommy fashion shows with balloons fitted under guests shirts and parade around the restaurant. Winner gets to bring home a prize.

Pretty Lee Sisters

if only i can look THIS good when im pregnant!

Our gift for Dianna
Custom Made baby Diapers Cake- all credits to Crazieapple!!
You can make this at home yourself, just google "diaper cake"
It's the perfect baby shower gift

Next Post: A fun mickey mouse theme birthday party. Stay tuned :)

It was sometime in May this year when we’ve decided Publika would be the ideal place for us to open our next outlet, fast forward 2+ months later, I ask myself how time fly by so fast and soon enough, we’re serving our very first batch of customers.
I’ve been meaning to take some proper picture of the restaurant, but each time due to circumstances I ended up asking people to help me snap photos from my reliable iphone, and decor it a bit with instagram. haha. Or im just lazy.

Heres some photos to share:

overwhelmed by flowers from close friends, family, business partners.
Thank you all. A girl can never have enough flowers. Walk in customers jokingly asked whether we are opening a florist.

Our alfresco area sits about 30pax

First night crowd was encouraging.

Yesterday- can you spot the difference?

Customers has commented whilst restaurant was running in full capacity, the room can get quite warm. So we've included a few mini fans which will solve the problem for now. :)

More updates soon.

 xx Ms. Jazz

Potato Head Beach Club is one of those places you must visit when you are in Bali. The Beach Club is especially beautiful during sunset and after the nightfalls. The striking façade comprising of old pieces of louvred shutters is just pure architecture brilliance. And the dramatic appearance did not stop there, walking up a narrow hallway while appreciating the beautiful façade will expose you to a large open space with different settings, there was a large green lawn taking the centre role, and the sunbeds where people are starting a drink or two while lounging comfortably overlooking both the infinity pool and the crashing waves of seminyik. Dining is also an option here. Tapping Shoe, a formal dining clad with crystal chandeliers with its soft boudoir lighting serves French food whist Lilin, with a casual chic ambience is an outdoor dining that serves Asian cuisine in an informal manner of long communal tables, tapas and live seafood is their main game.

External facade of the building, breathtaking, no?

Their Cocktails lists are extensive, and some might say pricey even. However, prices didn’t seem to be the deterrent factor here as the crowds were flocking in by batches. What’s a little spurge when you can get a special experience like nowhere else with Potato Head Beach Club. Tourist, locals alike seemed to enjoyed themselves very much. I, particularly were drawn to their drinks and starting experimenting with some of the items.

Started off with PH Espresso Martini, OMG absolutely divine!! Strong coffee and Jamaican coffee liquer shaken with vodka and a splash of cane sugar, served with three lucky coffee beans and a homemade cookie. I wish this is just available within grasp and not miles away from me, oh how I crave for it again!

Pistachio Martini was as good as I remembered. A heavenly blend of fresh rock melon and vodka shaken with melon liquer then finished with nitrogen charged pistachio foam with a side of pistachio and homemade pistachio sorbet.

Millionaire Martini is one helluva refreshing drink, also the favourite of the night that we ordered two of these. Vanilla vodka and fruit liquer are shaken with passion fruit pulp and homemade organic vanilla sugar. Served straight up and accompanied by a Champagne chaser. This drink is layered with their magical passion fruit foam.

What pale in comparison with its success counterparts is the Three Berry Margarita, Soft dark berries blended with citrus, sugar and premium tequila

One of PH’s creation is its Bells & Whistes (oops.. no picture). Crushed, zesty miniature mandarins and lively citrus and mandarin vodkas churn with rich palm sugar plus explosive passion fruit and lemon juices further crowned with gorgeous orange liquer.

As I laid on the sunbed, smelling the seabreeze while looking up the sky, sipping cocktails and talking about meaningless things, I thought to myself- if only this holiday could last forever.

P/S: Do book in advance for their sunbeds! Strongly recommended, their minimum spending is 500,000 rupiah, which equivalent to 4-5 cocktail drinks.

Oh ya, there's plenty of eyecandy that comes along with the place.

My pictures hardly done the place any justice, so check out their website for more information.

Potato Head Beach Club
Jln Petitnget,
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 (361) 4737979

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