I've heard a great amount of good reviews on Jarrod and Rawlins.. So when initial plan of dining at Courtyard failed due to private function, we didn't think twice before walking into the Jarrod and Rawlins just 2 doors away, at Damansara Heights.

I was a tad bit annoyed when i was shoved from side to side by the waiter when i wanted to choose where to sit.. Apparently the table that i chose was reserved.. but there's another 4 seated table just next to it, why can't they let me have my preferred seat and move the reservation to next table?!?! dah lah i'm disappointed cuz we couldn't go Courtyard, now i don't get what i want summore.. *ppffffffttt*

anyway, i let out an excited squeak when i saw the word "cider" under the drinks list.. how i miss the Ciders i had in Workshop (Melbourne), and after trying the Strongbow that they have in KL, i craved even more for a better and yummier Cider..

This was nothing but a let down.. Taste just like super diluted zapple..

So, i wasn't impressed at the menu at the first sight (maybe i just wasn't in the mood to eat anymore).. then Benson suggested to choose my meat from the Deli counter upfront..

There's a wide range of sausages to choose from, and i merely chose the pork chop that doesn't look that bad.. While baby chose 3 different types of sausages cuz he wasn't hungry and had dinner at home (while waiting for me to get stuck in jam for 1 and a half hours from work. FML!!)

The range of meat is nothing compared to Mr Ho's

Wine to go with your meat?

Baby and I

This is the part where horrid moments happened.. I specifically asked to separate my pork chop from the platter of sausages when i ordered.. but this is what i got..

Chunks of meat floating in a sea of oil..

The Porkchop was hard as a rock that it takes Mr. Incredible Hulk to poke through that piece of rubbish.. The meat was obviously overcooked to the maximum with absolutely no taste no texture no nothing!!!

"If i throw the pork chop to the wall, the wall will crack"

And let's not even talk about how gross the pool of oil on the plate looks.. The sausage tasted worse than the roadside hotdog that u can buy, even overpriced cold and tasteless hotdog that u can get in concert puts these to shame.. They should just dig a hole and bury themselves in it!!! One of the flavoured sausage even tasted like detergent..

Omg.. this is byfar the worst RM130 worth of meal EVER. Period!!

I'm not sure if i ever wanna try J&R anymore, whether it's in another outlet or what..

Baby despicably asked the waiter to tapao-ed the almost uneaten pork chop and told them that "i'm just gonna bring it home and feed my dog".. And the management did not make any effort AT ALL to clarify things or compensate us in any way..

I was dumbfounded by this whole horrible experience.. Needless to say, this is gonna receive a REAL bad ratings from me..

I wouldn't even bother breaking them down into sections..

Overall rating only worth :
(and that 2 is already markah kesian)



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