When Meatworks first came into our radar, we were ecstatic. Is this finally the one?? Since the era of Victoria Station about 10 years ago (which has now gone so horribly wrong), we have not been able to find many restaurants that serves steak in hearty portions in relax, casual atmosphere.

Meatworks gave us exactly that. Hearty portions? Check. Relax, Casual atmosphere? Check. The restaurant will no doubt be the newest hotspots in SOLARIS, Mont Kiara and I’d say it’s there to stay for many years more.
However, the open concept kitchen has been a mistake. Those who are seated close to the kitchen can expect to come out smelling “beefy”. Gross, especially when you have other appointment to go to after dinner. My advice is that you would want to sit near the entrance away from all the smokes and noise.

My first visit few weeks back has definitely satisfied my meaty cravings. Upon settling into the brightly lighted décor, my eyes scan the menu with expertise, and brighten up when I found what I was looking for. “FROM THE GRILL- FOR MEAT LOVERS” That’s ME! With great confidence I ordered the Brontosaurus Steak that weights 1.5KG (RM110) - and conveniently chose to ignore the caption next to it “for two or more” Sometimes girls just chose what to see and what not to see =) I request my bronto steak to be medium rare, which was a wrong move on my part, as the steak came out bursting with red juicy blood. Sending it back to kitchen, and 10 minutes later the steak came out medium well, which was just right for me. (with edges slightly burnt, and pink rosy meat inside- yums!

The bronto steak was served on a huge chopping board, and the portion was HUGEEEE! *Gulp* I was ready to challenge myself. Aside from being a wee bit on the fatty side (I had to cut out a plateful of fats), the meat was well-marinated, and very tasty indeed. All steaks in Meatworks are being served their special mushroom sauce. You may order other sauces to your likings (RM3) i.e. Black Pepper, Porchini, Cafe d'paris Butter etc. But really, the steak is good enough to be eaten by itself. My only complaints was that it was too oily.

Mission accomplished! In the end, I swore off meat for the whole of next week.

During my second visit last night, and after much persuasion from my side, I dragged TS to Meatworks again. We were starved! Luckily the valet parking service outside Meatworks saved us the hassle of looking for a carpark space (RM10) as we hurry into the almost packed restaurant.

Flatbread served with two dips (RM12): Smokey hot tomato sauce and marinated feta and olives. Perfect starter to temporary satisfy our hungry tummies.

Meatwork Potato Salad (RM12) that taste as bad as it looks. With undercooked potatoes and minimum dressings.

I was still feeling a bit stuffed from the spillover of my bronto steak so this time i settled for the rib-eye steak (medium well) and TS ordered NZ Lamb Cutlet (medium well).

The rib-eye steak (RM46), much to my dissapointment was overcooked, and there wasnt a balance of fats in the steak and the texture resembles a piece of block (need i say more?). All those intense chewing and im ready to call it a day. It made me wonder on the consistency of the quality that Meatwork delivers.. hmmm..
 My initial crave for foie gras and truffle butter sauce was also unsatisfied as the waiter told us that the ingredients was too expensive hence are no longer in the menu. *big boo to meatworks* instead, i tried the Cafe the Paris butter which tasted like butter with herbs (RM3)

TS commented that his lamb cutlets was not too bad in taste, but one of the cutlets was too fatty. Nevetherless he wiped his plates clean and did not give me the "i told you so" attitude. *phew*

Virgin Pina Colada (RM10), a refreshing drink to wash down the oily steak.

Cinnamon Creme Brulee

Tired us after long day of work.

Meatworks serves HALAL food, with no alcohol, however BYO is allowed (with no corkage fee). You can always head over to the opposite Coldstorage to purchase some good red wine.
Our bill came up to RM180+ between two.

Food: 5.5/10
(7/10 for first visit)

Service: 5/10
(minimum service because of the buzz)

Ambience: 7/10
(casual dining- perfect for friends gathering- do expect a noisy environment)

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall: 6/10


Jalan Solaris 5, Solaris Mont Kiara

Tel No: 03-62030871


Sean said...

whoa that's the biggest slab of beef i've ever seen on one plate! i'd definitely prefer to eat it all bloody though, caveman-style :D

AugustDiners said...

Sean: yeps, definitely huge- dont attempt it yourself unless u want to put on 1.5KG within a night. *grins*

Man Fai said...

And amazingly... U finish that by yourself.

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