The best casual japanese restaurant in KL till date would be Rakuzen, although the quality has somewhat deteriorate lately. Kampachi would be another favourite of mine. (but that's not in the casual dining category)

Normally i seldom dine in Subang because of the distance. But being Sim's birthday, it's his choice of place, so i had to drive through the work hours jam and end up in this dissappointing Japanese Restaurant. (im talking about 5/10 for food here!)

Tomoe is situated in an area already established for japanese cuisine, with 5 japanese restaurants in total on the same row, they are having some serious competition here. However, being at the corner of the row, it has its advantage of exposure and allowing more carpark space for its customers.

Their interior is simple and clean, offering many private rooms in two sitting arrangement- tetami and normal sittings. In the middle of the main room (on 1st floor), the open kitchen stood as the masterpiece of the restaurant, with Chef working their magic on the dishes (ok.. not really.. remember 5/10?)

The service was attentive and prompt.

Ebiten Roll (RM15) was my favourite order in Rakuzen, but the ones serve in Tomoe is nothing comparable. It lacks the crunchy texture.

Soft Shell Crab salad (RM28) was a nice refreshing starter with crisp greens and generous soft shell crab. Their sauce is light and tangy.  

Assorted Sashimi- I've only tried Salmon because i only eat salmon sashimis, but my friends liked it enough.

Yaki Tamago (grilled egg) is a popular japanese breakfast dish. My knowledge of Tamago does not look like egg being drown with juices. This was dissapointing.

Grilled Squid was delicious, grilled to the right texture. The sauce was the saviour to the otherwise bland dish.

Dragon Roll (RM32) that is presented nicely. I did not taste it to comment.

I ordered Cheese Takoyaki out of curiousity. But curiosity kills the cat. The dish was soggy and oily.

Probably the winner of the night (sadly)- is the Yuzu Sorbet, the citrus is fragrant and addictive. Also, Sesame ice cream that was creamy and flavourful.

Our bill came up to RM350+ between 6.


Food: 5/10
(others may not agree with me  as despite being on wednesday the restaurant was still pretty busy)

Service: 7.5/10

Ambience: 6.5/10
(good for celebrations and gatherings)

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall: 6/10


Tomoe Japanese Restaurant
No. 1, Jalan SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 03-5633 5919

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