Last weekend (i know, my updates are so backdated), i took a trip down to Penang for some pure food indulgence a.k.a. - time to gain some pounds..
Many people who know me by person are always taken back by my monstrous appetite.. So it wasn't quite a shock on how much food we can cover in a 2 days 1 night trip.. (of course, being the greedy pig i am, i didn't manage to capture all the pictures and names of places because i was too bz stuffing my throat with food- VERY unprofessional, i know)

After the usual Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow (CKT) as our first stop (big thanks to our personal penang Tour Guide- Yumay for leading the way), we settled for Chendol as our dessert.
The infamous Penang Road Cendol. It is located on Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Penang Road. It is a walking distance from Komtar and Prangin Mall.

There's another cendol stall claiming to be THE "famous" cendol, but really, it doesnt take a PHD holder to figure out with one is the "original" one.. It's the one with Phua Chu Kang's photo. So, go figure!!

If you prefer to sit down and take your own sweet time in indulging yourself, there's a little hut just a stone throw away from the stall, but apparently you have to pay extra 50 cents ?? for it..

We simply settled for standing by the roadside and did a little sunbathing..
Everyone needs to buy at least a packet of Tambun biscuit, "Heong Peng" etc to complete your trip to Penang.. And Him Heong and other shops (which i thought were famous and ze best all the years) is apparently over-rated..
The old skool and original biscuit shop in Penang!!

This present shop is situated at the people’s court on Cintra Street.

(Did some research about this shop):

History…LEONG CHEE KEE sold his biscuit on a four-wheeled cart which he pushed around the inner city including Chulia Street, Kimberley street and Penang Road.You could hear him holler “Ia Chee Kok!” (Coconut tarts!), “Khay Nui Ko!” and “Hor Chio Pia!” (Pepper biscuits!) As he made his rounds. He worked for II hours starting from 7:00 am daily.He sold his biscuits for only 5 cents each and he wrapped them individually in newspaper.

Reason why this is much more yummier than the commercialized ones is because they are home-made!!

The quality of the biscuit is well-controlled as they don't mass produce them.. Once it's sold, the uncle will simply have to ask you to come back later for his second batch.

For dinner, we went for Tambun seafood. I'm really sorry i can't tell you where's the exact location, but if you have a Penang tour guide, they should know as it is pretty famous.. =)

Chili sauce crab..

Anybody knows what's the name of this shellfish? It's my favo!! <3

Egg yolk fried prawns..

Steamed octopus.. super fresh!!

Sarah: "OMG.. so wasting.." *nom nom slurp nom nom*
Of course we couldn't settle for just one meal for dinner..
Round 2 was at the infamous Gurney Drive..

I know eating at Gurney Drive has now resolved into a major con-job to all tourist..

But trust me, the Muar Chee here is to die for!!!!

I'm missing it already!! =(

The others which didn't make it past our choosy tastebuds and were left abandoned.
YuMay then brought us to this place called BED.
Pretty chilling place for some drinks..
Our hot sizzling tour guide on the right..
A trip will never be complete without some alcohol indulgence for Crazieapple.
We were brought to Mois.
Wouldn't say its the best place to be.. Not my kinda crowd i guess??
A circular of different clubs and bars.. Love this concept!!
We were meant to wake up at 8am the next morning for some famous Kuey Teow Soup. But asking a bunch of bummers to wake up at 8am is pretty far-fetched (ended up waking up at 12pm)..
So, no kuey teow soup for us... but YuMay brought us to this really different CKT at Ah Leng CKT
This famous stall is located in Kafe Khoon Hiang with its frontage facing Dato Kramat road and its side to Dunlop Road.
What's so special about this plate of CKT is that, it uses minced mantis prawn and duck egg as their ingredients. With 4 oversized prawns (accurately counted), the CKT cost a shocking RM10!! Not exactly your ordinary hawker CKT..
But i must say, it is quite worth the moolah and the wait- (we waited for a good hour as there were 30 plates of order before us)
Padang Brown (or just Padang) food stalls
Originally a version of the Indian rojak (in Penang, this dish is also known as Cheh or uncooked consists of shredded cucumber, chinese turnips, bean sprouts, bean curds, crackers and some orange hued sauce (beats me on what it really is), with crushed peanuts and topped with sliced jelly fish.
Directly next to it, there's Penang style seafood popiah.

Though it's watery, it has a very special taste to it.. I think its how the seafood blends with the "mengkuang" taste.. Sweet!!

Another must-buy in Penang...

Auntie Mary's Kuey Cha-Pek wrapped pork floss
I bought 4 containers of them (RM27 each) and there were gone within 1 week!!
Auntie Mary's bedazzled shoes are more blinged up than my camera!!

Overall, this is an A++ trip with much laughters and exciting food adventure..
Thanks to our guest reviewers- Benson, Sarah n Jacky


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Auntie Mary looks so "in" with her puffed up hairdo and bling bling shoes. haha.

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