Chalet has been around town since the beginning of the western food era, i'd say although it has been relatively quiet nowadays, it is still at the top of my list to frequent.

Taking the quote from my personal blog, this place "eludes old english elegance with no hints of arrogance so commonly known for the english (or switz)" The interior was cosy, and comfortable. We  love the dim surroundings and carpeted floors which muffled surrounding voice. The last thing i need in an atmosphere like this is to listen to conversation of your neighbouring table.
OH WAIT, i think we were the noisiest one that night =P

i had to rush out of the house hence the simple tied back hairstyle.

Buffet d' entrees- RM80/pax, comprises a wide range of unlimited portion of appetizer and salads. In fact, you may not even need to order the main course after this. It's only worth it if you like cold appetizers like salmon, and oysters. The selection of cheese presented is also rather appealing.

We were serve complimentary bread steak with two dips, foie gras pate and blue cheese, it was addictively yums! Definitely a real treat. A selection of bread is also brought forward for us to choose. REALLY, by the time our soup arrived, we were already half filled.

Bisque de Homard a'l' Armericane, Rich bisque of lobster with garlic croutons and dill cream. The velvety soup is robust in flavours and does not fail to please.

One of the selection of cheese from the appetizer buffet, RAKELETT cheese is a truly melt in your mouth sensation, we were glad that the cheese does not taste too overwhelming like blue cheese. Instead its easy to eat and goes really well with pickled onions and baby potatoes.

I could not stop slathering from my tenderloin with foie gras and truffles side with some blanched vegetables. Having requested for medium, it was the perfect doneness. The meat was so tender, so flavourful that tasted so earthy and succulent. Ahhhhh~ it has definitely satisfied my canivourous cravings. 

Just to prove my point, look at the sweet pink flesh calling out my name.

The milk-fed veal was also medium done, filled with luscious creaminess and tops with sinfully good mushrooms, the texture of the veal was slightly softer than the tenderloin i've had. An immaculate emulsion that does not go unnoticed.

This steak comes with the set menu of RM160++, unfortunatley i cannot recall the name, but a simple steak dish that was also robust in flavours. I do prefer my tenderloin over this though.

I'm dissapointed that they do not serve dancing dessert on Mondays, come to think of it, i've missed out this particular specialty all the time because for some unknown reason, i always end up at CHALET on monday. Sobs. There is a selection of about 10 variety desserts from the tray which i dont quite fancy. I've tried most of them by now, none of them is noteworthy. *cross fingers for dancing dessert the next time!*
TIRAMISU with greentea macarons was an o-k dessert but forgettable.

Dark and white chocolate mousse that has "dont order me- i'm a waste to your wallet and tummy space" written all over it. Not that it taste horrible, just that it's not worth ordering.

Note: dessert from the tray with unlimited quantity cost you RM25

Complementary ice cream popsicle.

Refreshing carbernet sauvignon wine, easy to drink.

The service in Chalet was exceptional. Perhaps it's because the restaurant was relatively that night, so we had full attention from the staff attending to our needs. Im impressed that most waiters know their products. They've demonstrated to us how to drink white wine in a proper manner, qne why are they using that particular glasses to serve us, while another staff also patiently brief us on their different type of cheese offerings.
We came out feeling well educated. *grins*

Our bill came up to RM800+ for the night


Food: 8/10

Ambience: 8.5/10

Service: 8/10

Presentation of Food: 7/10

Overall: 8/10


Hotel Equatorial, KL
Jalan Sultan Ismail

Tel: 03-2161 7777
For reservation get the operator to pass you through to the restaurant


May said...

looks like a nice place

oHOHOOH whats the occasions ^_^ I see cute rose

AugustDiners said...

May: haha, i know what u're thinking babe, but no- this is given by the chalet staff. :P

Chloe Teah said...

Agree!! I'm truly impressed by their service too =) However,i find there's still room for improvement when it comes to food :P

crazieapple said...

hmmm.. how come never take pic with ur company one? hahaha

May said...

exactly why hide your date?? I'm thinking whether to bring my sister to Chalet or Pacific @ MO

Big Boys Oven said...

wow you got yourself a rose . . . . :)

AugustDiners said...

Chloe: yes! i think they really need to improve their dessert selections too! :D

Crazieapple: Don't want to let you know who im dining with. *grins*

May: mmm.. both restaurant is quite decent but serve different cuisine! So it depends on your sis's tastebud.

BBO: yups, it was a sweet gesture! in fact i think the females were all given one each :)

Crusader said...

RM800+ tsk tsk tsk tsk

huda noor said...

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