Lately if you have been reading augustdiners, you would have notice the ending of each post goes something like “Our bill came up to RM200+ between two” and “Our bill came up to RM800+ for the night” – What the (%*&!^)…. ? Poor people like me don’t have money to keep up with you Ms. Jazz! And then there’s Crazieapple. Dining in Café Vue? What the (%*&!^)…. ? This is turning out into a blog to show you the lifestyle of the rich and famous!

Well, don’t fret. It’s time for me to bring this blog back down to earth. For this post, I’m going to introduce to you one of the best ‘Nasi Kukus’ around town. And to do this, I’m bringing you to Aliaa Seafood. The stall (oh no, not a proper restaurant?) is located in the food court of the Awan Besar rest stop along KESAS Highway, and Ms. Jazz – there’s no valet parking. 

Upon arriving, the ‘kakak’ will be happy to open up the steamer and take out a bowl of steamed rice which she so skilfully detached from the metal bowl. After which, she will then ‘decorate’ your plate with the basics which includes slices of pineapple, bean sprouts, cucumber and chilli paste.

 You have an option of taking either the ‘kerabu-styled’ fried chicken or the ‘ikan cencaru’ (Torpedo Scad Fish) which is grilled with sambal stuffing. After you have chosen your side dishes, the ‘kakak’ will then pour curry gravy over your rice. You will notice that she puts a combination of two gravies – fish and chicken curry to give you that aromatic smell to make you salivate heavily prior to devouring your food.

My dish

Ikan Cencaru

If you want to have some lady’s finger, just ask from the ‘kakak’. She’ll scoop it up from the fish curry for free! Here you’ll notice the ‘kerabu’ bits from the chicken that makes the chicken so tasty!

My bill came up to RM5! Hahahaha. Word of caution – please prepare around two cups of drinks on standby, as things may get a little spicy!


Food: 8/10
Ambience: Not Applicable
Service: 8/10
Presentation of Food: Not applicable
Overall: 8/10


Aliaa Seafood
Stall AB-1, Awan Besar R&R,
Kesas Highway


Ms. Jazz said...

LOL about the valet parking. Why la so mean! :( i cant help my terrible parking skills!
On a serious note, the nasi does look really yummy although chances of me eating there is almost close to NIL. I'm happy where i am, just sitting in the office and drooling over your picture.

Crusader said...

Augustdiners crew should go there! I'll help you park hahaha let's gooooooooo!

Crazieapple said...

i actually duno wut's the real meaning of "kerabu".. hahaha so when u said u can scoop up "kerabu" im shocked!! hahaha tot it was only a name to call the rice like nasi lemak. i cant really scoop up "lemak" can u? hahaha

Crusader said...

what the..

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