Happy birthday to my dear friend *smoochie*

We were at Giovino's for her celebration. After a bit, WE decided that WE are hungry.....
 okokayyy so I decided that WE were hungry, despite our initial plan to go home after GIOVINO, we ended up Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor.
(That's the advantage of being the driver *grinssss*)

Wong Ah Wah needs no further introduction. It's a famous hangout supper place especially for late night clubbers, and being just round the corner of Changkat, it is a perfect drop off place for a quick bite to sober up. Of course, it's also a place for their famous "chicken wing" aka siew kai yik.

Deep fried tofu fish with salad sauce. The tofu fish was made crispy and the gravy was pleasantly sweet. Normally we wont eat tofu as a stand alone dish without rice. But we had no problem with this.

Wong ah wah's famous chicken wings. Skin slightly charred from the grill brings out the smoky flavour and still manage to retain the juiciness. While im not able to exclaim that this is the BEST of the BEST, it is one of the better ones in kl.

Kam Heong Lala came in a smaller portion. The one in the picture was ordered for 3 pax. When it comes to a way of cooking packed with flavours especially with the use of curry leaves, it is hard to judge the freshness of the clams. But we liked it enough, and the sauce is really addictive, and finger licking good.

Despite my "detox" plan, i simply can't pass this up. Hokkien Mee is only my no. 1 favourite food in the world. Our plate of hokkien mee came somewhat lack in flavour. (in fact it was almost tasteless) Since i was sober, i was pretty sure there was something wrong with it. So after few forkful bites, i called the lady boss over and relate my opinion. She took it to the corner and talked 3 more staff for a good 2 minutes (we were suspecting that they did not know what to do with it since we're probably the only one who has ever sent food back to the kitchen? in a hawker stall?)

So after a lonnnnnng 2 minutes, the waiter brought it back to the chef and came back with a new plate of oozing hot hokkien mee. Me and my friends looked at the delish looking plate but was skeptical- not knowing what "extra" ingredient they could have put in.
Well, in the end i couldnt stand the temptation and took a bowl full of sinfully pork lard infested hokkien mee.
YUMS.. this is the flavour we are looking for. The Hokkien Mee has the "Wok hei" and the pork lard oil makes it so wonderfully tasty. I couldn't find a complain for this even if i want to.

Grilled Stingray was a letdown. It pale in comparison with the rest of the dish. While the fish was grilled nicely, its taste somewhat lack the "oomph" for me to devour it down to its bones

Picture credit to evelyn =)

As i'm typing this, Crazieapple just walk past behind with her bags. Yes, the lazy bum is finally going back to Melbourne to continue her studies. *sobs* i feel like such a lone ranger now.

Restaurant Wong Ah Wah
 No. 1, Jalan Alor
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang

Tel: 03-21442463


amaying said...

erm... Aren't u on a detox diet ??!?!?
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i wanna eat stingray ...

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