Referring to my previous visit here

Meatworks has finally did it, their inconsistency in food quality has down my expectation to another notch.
I was willing to give it one more try, but in the end it still failed me. =(

My signature fillet in bone. (RM56?)
Like the pictures, i have left the whole chunk untouched.

Naturally im sour-ed face.

Final Ratings: 3.5/10
(we wont be visiting meatworks anytime soon)


crusader said...

Wah - your sour-faced look - scary!

Miss Jazz said...

hahaha.. u havent seen the real thing yet.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Poor thing! I heard so many negative comments about the place. Even rif said the place sucks big time. What a waste of moolah. =(

Ms. Jazz said...

Bangsar-babe: yes, the moo moos have died in vain :(

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