So, we weren't in a particular good mood. (i know i know what else is new) It was Friday after work,  So yep, its an impossible time to be in Bangsar unless you want to get curses, and loud sighs from your passenger- so everyone, pls try to avoid the 7pm jam!! Your contribution to make bangsar friday a jam-free area is much appreciated. and pls DO NOT click here either.

The Tea Republic is located at a pretty unassuming small corner of the shopping centre, directly next to A Cut above and Tutti Frutti. Nothing much in terms of the concept,  menu has very simple offerings with some sandwiches and desserts, but their focus here is predominantly TEA (who would have guessed??)

After a few failed attempts of trying to make it in time before they close at 9pm, we finally made effort to drag our sorry-tired-afterwork-arses outta the house on a friday night..

Ms. Jazz is on a diet guys. i know she has said it one too many times and most times her resolution hangs halfway, but this time she seemed very determined, so far she has shed 3 kgs in 10 days. I know that's not a wow figure but it made me feel so kiasu. But it's ok, i told Ms. Jazz that i'm just giving her a headstart cause i naturally have this magical ability of shedding kgs faster than u take off your clothes!! hahaha (yea right, i wish!!) hehe

So tea is a perfect remedy for us at the moment.

To be frank, we were not too keen on the food menu so we settled ourselves with some tea selection

Ms Jazz's face lightened up like a 3 yr old given a lolly as she watched the tightly wrapped tea leaves slowly evolved into a pretty dainty flower after being soaked in the hot water for a bit, floating effortlessly beneath the water.

Momo RM16.80, japanese white peaches flavored. Blend with young peach leaves.
Earl Grey Panna Cotta was pretty decent, the creaminess paired well with the tea fragrance.

The rest of the dessert display left nothing to speak of. And the cheesecake.- dont even get me started...  

Nonetheless, this place is a pretty quiet hideout for you to just order a pot of tea and leech on their free wifi for hours. Do it the chinaman style- kiasu much?? hehe

This spiffy cafe only sits about 6 pax inside but there are tables and seats sprawled across the outside and insides of the mall.

We have not tried the food here, i hope it holds itself well despite the real tough competition out there, all the waterholes upon entrance is bound to be THE attention sucker rather than a Tea drinking place at the corner of the mall. (most can go by unnoticed)



"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

my friend actually made the panna cotta haha..maybe they should sell some alcoholic teas, theres a market i.e. you!

Michelle Chin said...

Tea is my kind of thing. Not alcohol. :)

Taufulou said...

huhu...looks like a great place to hang out with friends and soak at the sofa at this cozy place. . .

AugustDiners said...

joe: they could perhaps improve on their dessert selection too, since good tea goes well with good desserts :D but u're right if they ever serve alcoholic teas, im so there!

Michelle: ahhh, then perhaps u can pop by one day :)

Taufulou: It's cosy and quiet, but there's plenty of option in bsc to hang out with friends, i can;t say i recommend this!

thenomadGourmand said...

Oh! Walked by one day and I thot it was a cosy and great plc to be away frm the BSC crowd. But yr right. the food/desserts didnt appeal.

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