Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

I just came back from Acme Bar and Cafe (ABC) feeling lightweighted, not because of alcohol, but on knowing that KL have brought on a new shining light to the F&B Scene, and by that i was referring to ABC. Definitely a welcome addition, and a swanky cool place at that.
I jokingly told my friends im skipping our after dinner drinks session in the comfort of my bed and i will complete my entry by today. Nevermind its 1am now, nevermind i have to wake up for work at 7am. I'm quite so determine *yawn*... or maybe not.. Let's just see how this goes.
Located on the Ground Floor of new high end residential development, Troika. ABC occupies two levels, accessible through the main building entrance and is one of the pioneer restaurants in this building; we were told that there are 5 more in planning which would occupy a large area of 18,000sf on the 24th floor. Definitely something to look forward to

Walking into the restaurant brings me back to my study days in Melbourne, the cosiness, and friendly ambience so frequently found in the cafes in Melbourne gives me a familiarity that immediately capture my liking to ABC. With one of the partners who's background in architecture probably would explains the clever designs of high volume ceiling, with a void on its mezzanine floor, uncluttered spaces, plush cushioned seat on one side, and casual loose chairs on the other, communer tables in the center with the service bar sits handsomely in one corner, several cake selection were already in displayed. We also enjoyed the ambience on 1st floor, a more chilled and relax area with different sofa settings and playful odd corners creating privacy perfect for celebrations and special occasions.

It was ABC's first week of operation, and it is a very successful one at that, the restaurant was already bustling with diners and cheerful laughter and noises uplift the ambience of the overall restaurant.

They are still not operating on a full menu, but one with solid starting point with promises of more to come (ohhh! the tease!!), ABC will also be launching their Sunday Brunch Menu and Set Lunch menu soon, and do expect much more interesting offering from executive chef who was hailed from Luxemburg, and head chef being a Malaysian, which probably explains why their menu offering is a bit of a twist, not so much fusion but a mix of everything western, italian, and asians. You'll be glad to know that the pricing is affordable too, 3-course can set you to RM150 with wine.

Definitely voted one of the favourite starter of the night is the Crab and Grilled Watermelon Salad. (RM39) with poached crab meat, mirin soy sauce and toasted almonds. Have you ever tried grilling your own watermelon at home? you should, I’ve done it before and its delicious when heated as it enhance those wonderful sweet arom, drip in a little vinegar and voila it’s good to indulge. With this salad, the dressings were definitely the winner, lightly tossed over the crunchy greens; the flavors meld nicely together and is incredibly light

Salted Egg Yolk Fried Strips (RM15) caught our attention, nicely covered chicken pieces with the salted egg mixture; this would be friendly tidbits to alcohol.

Grilled Zucchini, oregano, and ricotta (RM13) served over homemade tomato sauce which was rich and robust in flavours. No doubt to be popular with the vegetarians.

One order worthy dish is the Grilled Bacon Wrapped Snails (RM17), a modern twist to the usual snails recipe find elsewhere in town, served with coco beans and parsley garlic sauce. The bacon did something extra that added the oomph to this dish. Way cheap considering there is more than half a dozen in that pan.

Proceeding to main course, it was a mixture of hits and misses. While I could not stop slattering from my Roast Sting Ray (RM27), nice perfect flaky texture, that blends so good with the artichokes, fried lettuce, capers, confit lemons and butter, it was the Moroccon Lamb Stew (RM27- No pic) that left us stranded, the flesh tasted bland, result of lack of spices and I’m thinking longer cooking hours needed?

There’s a saying that it takes skills to deliver simple dish with divine taste, and this unfortunately did not apply to the Black Crack Pepper & Parmesan Spaghetti (RM27), which was less than memorable. No doubt the dish was served with wallop of shredded cheese, but the taste did not blend together with the Spaghetti resulting in an almost tasteless dish.

Credits should be given to their grilled grass fed ribeye steak (RM57), top notch considering the price and with perfect execution. The steak is well marinated and it’s good to eat just by its own. Served with hand cut fries, rocket, tomato, and artichokes. The salsa verde by the side is also an excellent complementing sauce.
Their selection of dessert, although limited in item now, should not go unnoticed, especially when the combinations are out of the book. Think Cempedak with pistachio, apple with black olives, and pina colada cake. Interesting, no? Our favourite goes to their Cempedak with pistachio cake, a light sponged cake with luscious cempedak flavoured cream (All cakes are RM15 per slice) We heard of the Papaya Ice Cream too, which unfortunately was not ready to be served yet, but loving the thoughts of it already.

Coffee is below our standards, however I believe they will improve in due time, especially since they are only less than one week old and still in midst of training their barristas. My comments? Over frothing, and lack of aroma.

Service is impeccable; food was delivered timely, Kudos to the servers whom were attentive throughout the night, with warm smiles on their faces that shows that they too, enjoy themselves working there.
Be it high powered corporate luncheon, or gatherings with friends, parties, and functions. ABC is filled with endless possibilities, and definitely will be the hottest talk in town in the coming weeks.

Our bill came out to RM150+ per pax with wine.
Parking of 3.5 hours set us off to RM9


Food: 6.5/10
(enjoy the twist to the originality)

Ambience: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Presentation of food: 7.5/10

Overall ratings: 8/10


Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC)
Ground Floor @ Troika
19 Persiaran, KLCC
50450 KL

Tel: 03-21622288


The Yum List said...

Good to see more grass fed meats being featured around KL.

AugustDiners said...

Yum list: yes, we were quite please too :D

Kenny Mah said...

I'm still quite amazed by their prices to be honest. Seems to be good reviews all round. Gotta head there soon! :)

Liked your fair-and-balanced review too. Good job!

Baby Sumo said...

OH this place looks lovely! Really need to go check it out :) (Just ate in Frangi 2 weeks ago and food was good so have a feeling ABC will be good too)

AugustDiners said...

Kenny: thank u! Coming from a writing guru, I'm a bit shy haha. Hope u liked it as i do.

Baby sumo: I didn't think de taste was similar to frangipani's, probably same investor but different chefs? Bring your hubby n daughter there, I have a feeling they will like it! (:

ulric said...

Agree with Kenny...a fair n balanced review...refreshing :)

Btw nice shot from the top :D

AugustDiners said...

Uric: thank you :) kinda motivates me to write more. As u can see, we've been lazy hehe

ulric said...

Roasted stingray...tat's a first for me :)

I presume it's alkie-induced laziness :P

AugustDiners said...

Ulric: u've caught me, guilty as charged :D

ulric said...

Gotcha! Btw I m dying to know wats ur opinion on a properly done cuppa of Illy? :)

Baby Sumo said...

Btw where exactly is this place??

ulric said...

Baby Sumo: Ermmmm...this is the same place reviewed twice by Sean...Acme Bar n Coffee (ABC) at The Troika in Jalan Binjai :)

AugustDiners said...

Uric: properly done to my preference plays around sight, smell, sense n taste. On first impression de coffee should have a smooth foam (Cappuccino), non of those over beaten bubbly foams, n these foam should stay the same form without splitting even after a long period, the milk is important the fuller the better, pura's the best in the market. then comes the smell, freshly roasted coffee if handle right should have an intense aroma, sense is the temperature of de coffee, the right temperature is should be friendly to your fingers, it should be bordering warm n lastly the overall taste combines all those elements hehe!! :D

AugustDiners said...

Baby sumo: it's juz behind klcc, u need to go down towards jalan ampang make a u turn n bear left! Lol I'm bad wit directions so this probably make no sense to u, I'm afraid :(

ulric said...

Wow...I expected a short remark...not a dissertation on coffee...serves me rite eh? :P

Btw thanks...hehe :)

AugustDiners said...

Uric: oh no!! I often get carried away with coffee hehe!! N u did say u were "dying to know" , how embarrassing now XD

ulric said...

I m a sucka for punishment...sighhhhh :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Oh my, U do knw your coffee!
And yes, i agree with you on the food, tho urs was first week of operation. Mine was just last week and it barely passed my min mark.. so sad. I had such high expectations.

AugustDiners said...

Rebecca: Awww! i was hoping for improvement because it is genuinely a very nice place to hang out! Did u end up trying the sunday buffet brunch?

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