Malaysians are like that, admittedly when it comes to drinking places, most often people tend to follow the hype. (ADMIT IT MALAYSIANS, we have always been the trend follower rather than the setter!) At one point it was Ecoba @ PJ trade center where people crowded together especially during Monday for it's centurion challenge. I've always felt, while it was relatively easy to draw crowds to drinking place, it is often difficult to retain the crowd. My question is, how long can this last?

It was to no doubt that the newest member admist the Damansara heights F&B scene, The HILLS @ Damansara Heights will be the next favourite hangout place for people who is out for some relaxing time with friends, be it happy hour, or happily drunk hours. Already there are several celebrations and weddings lining up in their reservation list. With the mix of good ambiance and convenience, i can forsee that this particular establishment will hit the home run and is there to stay for many years to come.

Behind the scene are the pioneer of the ever so popular Tom, Dick and Harry also known as TDH @ TTDI. Having experience already in this industry, they are now converting an old bungalow building to a 3-in-1 restaurant, whisky bar, and alfresco drinking place which looks amazing. The setup of the restaurant emphasize the use of recycled materials and 2nd hand furnitures. Who says getting them cheap necessary means looking cheap. With the careful play with the gradient of existing slope on the bungalow, and using raw trees and used glass frames, THE HILLS manage to segregate with sections into different mode altogther and its looking very chic indeed. Currently it was still at its initial set-up so only drinks and finger food was served, we braced for a hiccup in their operation given that it was only 2 days since their official launch, but there wasn't any. Servers were friendly, and efficient enough.

Some section like these has a really nice view overlooking the quiet elite neighbourhood.

There's already a steady flow of customers, and a popular place for happy hour. I was told that for every pint of beer you ordered, you get half a pint free, happy hour starts at 4pm

There is a good range of draught beer, be it ale or cider. Most of them is the usual offerings of carlsbery, stella, frazishaner but they have LEFFE BRUNE for draught!Woohoo! a great lover to most man and a change from the usual HOEGAARDEN don't you think? For normal hours, prices are slightly higher than the offerings in the vicinity with one pint of Stella being RM34 and half a pint Leffe RM18

For a more girlie drink, there is a good range of cocktails served in a creative way. I had a watermelon slush (RM40), a refreshing drink that was surprisingly quite potent in alkie content.
This is suitable for sharing since i couldnt finish mine (only because i'm more a beer drinker than cocktails)

Mr. B is finally back in the scene with his macho drink *ahem*

I was FAMISHED. Haven't had dinner as our Happy Hour dragged on longer than expected. I settled for some fish fingers and flavoured fries. The simple bar food served in no frills small bucket.
Try their flavoured fries, its yummy! We were given a choice of onion or wasabi dipping, but we demanded for both. =)

One of the owner, Roen served us complimentary PATRON coffee liquer, it was delicious! Gonna stock this up in my bar at home.

Finishing off with more beers (who's complaining)

The dining scene in this area seems to be picking up, will it be the new changkat? Let's see.
I'm looking forward to the opening of their restaurant, envisioning myself having a full blown 3 hours happy hour before heading upstairs for some proper food and wine.


The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Height
(Just down the street from Jarrod & Rawlins and Courtyard)

Tel: 016-2291505


Sean said...

hey, i think we missed bumping into each other here by a day or two! :D
i liked the 'milo ais' and 'chemistry lab experiment' cocktails. but i kinda wonder if parking might get a bit tricky once this place gets more popular...

Ms. Jazz said...

Sean: i was on the look-out for you. :D
yes parking has already been a real headache for the owners as the next alternative parking lot is by quite a distance. currently they are charging RM8 for the parking spaces directly in front of the entrance.

May said...

can;t wait to check out this place ^_^

AugustDiners said...

May: hope you like it :)

May said...

love the place ..
but not the falling down part :(

Ms. Jazz said...

May: I'm sure no one remembers it,except me :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well i hope the residents dont complain abt the noise! brilliant for the dmnsara ppl, no road blocks inside the area, im sure, fingers crossed.

Taufulou said...

wow! nice bar and alot of draught to offer eh.. will head there this few weekends.. :)

vialentino said...

nice intro...must give a try at the ambience there!

Ms. Jazz said...

joe: ahh.. doubt there will be complaints, its not a rowdy drinking place after all :D

taufulou: yeah! not to wait further!

Vialentino: lets just hope its not overly crowded as it will just lose its appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

I went to The hill having read your review and it was such a big disappointment.We park our car by the road on a yellow line next to the housing area and a bloke on a motorbike came scootering down(this is not right outside the hill,it is quite a distance away hence the scootering)wearing a black polo t with 'The hill' printed on it.He asked if we are going to The Hill and we said yes and we were told we had to pay to park by the roadside which obviously doesnt belong to them nor any of the residents,it is clearly a DBKL road.Now that i find absolutely ridiculous.Why do i have to pay 'the hills' to park my car on a yellow line?I asked him that and he said ill have to ask his boss,fair enough.Went in and ordered a bottle of wine and we had to wait for half an hour.A couple came after us and got their wine before us.Things like that i can put up with its fine. Then i speak to the guy serving us and i asked him to give me a reasonable explanation to why i have to pay them to park on a DBKL road and he told me ill have to ask his boss.Apparently his boss was around that night and he said his boss will speak to me in a bit.Then the waiter came trying to justify the whole parking thing and said its not their guys doing that it is some random indian guy on a bike that has been doing that to their customers so i told him that the bloke on the bike was wearing your tshirt with 'the hill' tag.He had nothin to say so he left and came back not long after saying they had an agreement with DBKL which they pay monthly to rent the road.At that point i just cant be arse anymore.My point is simply why make it difficult for someone to come to your place and spend their money on drinks?!I told the waiter that this would be my first and very last time there and he just shrug and left.I wouldnt mind so much if the service was bad but this whole i have to pay them to park on a yellow line by the side of the road of a housing area is utter nonsense and to me that is not acceptable.

Jose said...

i think this kind of situation does happen everywhere in KL.. where we have to pay for roadside parking "claiming to be their parking space" just like the one outside Ecoba.. It's not something unseen/unheard of in Msia..

AugustDiners said...

Anonymous: oh no! Sorry to hear about your experiences with the Hill. I can imagine how frustrated you were having not to get a valid answer from them. I have also previously pointed out to the bosses about parking that could pose to be a problem for their customers, i think they have an arrangement with a basement carpark down the road which allows u to park at a minimal fee.

As Jose puts it, it seems like this is a common practice in KL and no matter how frustrating it is, it is something we have no control/ say over it. Which is also one of the reason why i stopped going to ecoba for awhile now. :(

Anonymous said...

I also had a really bad experience with the jockey service at the hill. I went there around 8pm and I parked at the road side opposite the hill. The jockey came and said we can't park there because the DBKL doesn't alllow their customer to park there . So I just pay RM10 to the jockey and let the jockey to park my car at shell which is a distance away. Next, a BMW parked at the same spot. I questioned the jockey why the BMW can park here and he asked me to refer to the boss. I asked the boss and the boss said that I have to pay RM25 to park here. I mentioned to him that I am spending at the hill with a bunch of friends and why I have to pay extra for the parking which doesn't belong to them. The boss is very rude and tell me that if i am rich and can pay RM25 then I can park there. I can't imagine 'the hill' boss and staff are so rude to their customer and there was a girl before me had the same argument and left the hill. I never experienece this kind of insult and why the 5 stars hotel can validate their parking if you spend at the hotel but the hill charging customer at the premium price for the silly parking spot which doesn't belong to them at all. If they discriminate their customers and insult their customer , I don't foresee this place can last very long. This is the worst service I get

AugustDiners said...

Anonymous: u know what, i totally agree with you. When they first started out they were very pleasant and parking was charged at RM8, but i guess as business gets better, with what limited space they have, there's no choice but to charge premium onto the customers who wishes to have the "privileges". NOT fair i know, but they have to control it that way to prevent neighbours to complain which no doubt will cause THE hill to close down as it is afterall a residential area.

That being said, i no longer park with their valet, and rather park down the road or into the car park few buildings away just so i don't have to deal with their rude attitude towards us. HELLO we are spending here so don't treat us like dirt.

BY the way, i think the carpark down the road only charges RM3.

Crazieapple said...

If you're a girl, just flash your billion dollar smile to one of the indian guys along the road and they'll be happy to move the cones for you for RM10? haha not a bad price to pay for friendly service i'd say?

Anonymous said...

I heard the residents are complaining a lot and will sue the owners for the noise/pollution. There were also some drug trafficking issues (Ecstazy) & police apparently raided the premises few times. Have you heard about anything like that?

Jamie said...

Yeah I heard about it. That's very bad it became like this so quickly. I don't feel like going there anymore

Anonymous said...

I went there a couple of times. I have to agree that the jockey guys are extremely rude and no manners. They dont allow us to park by the roadside but its ok when we pay them? To me it seems they are just taking over the area which are not belong to them in the first place. It would make sense when the residents around making a big fuss about this (considering their attitude and bad manners). I wonder how are the residents dealing with these tugs especially when they have visitors that have to park outside their house.

They claimed they have parking space in one of the buildings, so stick to it. Charge with minimal flat charges because anyway if we park there using their jockeys, obviously we are their customers. Dont have to be rich or famous to get the privileges to park in front of their restaurant.

Bad food, slow service, bad attitude stuff. Not going there anymore.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I dont get what so happening at the hill.
People came all the way from klang or kepong or whatever place paid rm40++ for that watermelon slush?? how ridiculas!
There's plenty of parking place around the office buiding (eg: wisma help )nearby and why on earth you guys wanna disturb our resident's area and bringing so much crime near our place.Damasara Height isnt that cool at all as you think.
Go somewhere else like klcc or kl tower to hang out

Anonymous said...

this is my first time I heard about stealing bags and following cars. With all these complaints about the jockeys, the owner still not doing anything.. just say they are outsource service like any other jockey service. So easy for them to wash their hands like that?

obviously this place is a nice place to go but in the long run, but at the same time its not safe, you dont satisfied with the service, I'm sure with these jockeys thugs around the residents will definitely say something. But i read somewhere it will take time as the owner knows the meyer of KL. that is why the DBKL takes 'a little longer' that it should. I just hope its just a matter of time.

I love dining out.. but it wont hurt a bit if this place is shut down. there are other better place.

Ray said...

Beware of your belongings/$$ if you wanna let them park your car!

How said...

-Poor Service
-Bad manner
-Waiting for 20mins to return my car
-At last? Ended up with crashed-car in return
-Excuses a lot, different parties involved
-Refused to pay even every parties know what’s going on

*Definitely won’t go for second time

Anonymous said...

Bad Service + bad manners + my friend got followed by some people there
Seems to be Jockey Service friends. They tried to steal her bag and were really violent with her.
Careful! there are so many places in KL to go and safer places!

Anonymous said...

Had the same experience like the other girl, the car jockeys friends followed my car all the way to KL. Four Indians in one car followed me and tried to stop me on the highway several times. they followed me all the way to my condo. Luckily I called some friends and the security before I arrived home and the guys got chased away on arrival....... it was obviously some of the valet parking guys from the hills. I reported the case to the police but nothing happened!!!! I will never go there again and I hope they will shut down this place soon, very dangerous for single girls!!!!! organized crime!

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience!!! OMG! A petition should be signed and sent to the police to shut down this place!
Jockey service was really rude and when I left some indian guys tried to steal my bag just before I entered my car. I was really scared and we were 2 girls that night.
If u are single girls, don't go there!

techbao said...

Ouch...very bad review on the parking. The owner should really do something about this.
People would like to have fun at this place but it ain't fun if you are robbed and harassed by the parking dudes.

Anonymous said...

I've heard many things about the hill, mostly good, some bad. and when reading the comments section above i laughed out loud when an anonymous person said there are people hiding in the bush waiting to steal your bag!
So i asked the manager of the hill about this and he told me that no such thing has ever happened nor been reported.
In my opinion this is probably a hurtful lie made up by a rival business or a disgruntled customer.
If you want to pass judgment on something, why not go and try it for yourself, instead of taking the advice of a random stranger over the internet?

Anonymous said...

Well there's certainly a reason for bad publicity. Ppl hiding in the bush waiting to rob you is certainly plausible (c'mon, ppl break ur car windows to rob you at lights now!)

U can't go experiencing the world by yourself.
Why try out smtg that's obviously not good when theres thousands of places to eat out there?

Sharing experiences is a valuable way of learning (hence blogs, forums etc). Don't be too arrogant by not heeding strangers' advice.

Anyway, did you really think the manager would admit that his premise was lousy? =.= so lame.

Samantha Allison Tan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
samantha said...

The worst is their so called valet service claiming to be professionals. And they crashed my car into a tree so bad the engine's probably affected in some degree and had to be towed back. And they advised me to make report that I crashed into a tree so that when the insurance is claimed is self claim instead of claiming from them cos they don't want to lose their business. Which is total fraud cos I didn't pay the valet to have my car crashed and the blame put on me! Some of the drivers only hold P license! And the way they drive all the cars are so dangerous! This is very very bad service and The Hill restaurant management should really look into this problem. I am very disappointed and unhappy over this issue.

aRam said...

Classy, fits right in with Damansara Heights

Anonymous said...

The Hill Fuckers are just 'FUCKERS',they claim 2 have a 'TAIKO' Gangster supposedly controlling the parking lot.. Its DBKL road 4 GOD'S sake!! Stealing residence property & making money out of it is simply BAD BUSSINESS.. All foreign workers with CHEAP labour& they call themselves HIGH CLASS..DUH! Sorry 2 those ladies & gentlemen who has been harrassed by these GOONS. DBKL &POLICE under them!FUCK!! Only US can close them..BOYCOTT THE HILL!! Together as 1,WE will shut them down 4 gud!HAHAHA! FUCK THE HILL!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard they are closing down as their license is not renewed. Also a resident got attacked by some drivers there just in front of his house. How nice Damansara Heights became...

John said...

Until today the comment above still stand! Can you believe it? I did not believe and tried last week and found out, all the above is true!!! Damn it!

John said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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