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What's a better way than to spend a Sunday Afternoon at the shooting range, aiming all the frustration compiled during the week and release at a target in vengeance.
After a great workout at the shooting range, we decided to grab a beer, our initial plan was WIP, but turns out the stupid valet dont want to park my car again... why larh =(
So we ended up in Daily Grind just because they have my favourite beer in the whole wide world and because the VALET in BV2 is known to be much friendlier.

You really can't go wrong with this place, the dim lights, cosy area is a perfect place for casual hangout.

My initial plan for a quick drink before dinner at home was dashed when the salivating menu was placed in front of me. No amount of willpower can get me to resist the temptation to order something from it.
By the way, Kristalweissbier of WEIHENSTEPHANER is THE absolute fav beer of mine! The refreshing cool drink with a hint of banana taste brings me to another world called HEAVEN~

I'd go as far as to say that DAILY GRIND has the best burger in town with affordable pricing. Burgers have always been associated with men for some reason, it's a macho cowboy food. Girls dont much like them because they are sloppy to eat and waist-line damaging, but NOT THIS GIRL. i absolutely loveeee a good burger or two.. or in the case of Daily Grind, three would be a good number =)

My Chicken Mushroom Tarragon (RM28) was absolutely divine. The chicken pattie was huge, juicy, and tender!!! It that even humanely possible?? The mushroom sauce tasted wonderfully creamy and addictive. The hamburger bun was toasted to the crisp, oh and how addictive does it go with the fries and salad? The only thing i had to take out is the rockets. 

Lamb-urgeni (RM27) was also a wise choice and lip-smacking indeed, filled with HUGE slab of lamb patties that was chacoal-grilled to the perfection, spirals of zuchinni that compliment well with the lamb. All in all, another winner and powerful combination. For the lamb lovers out there, what are you waiting for?

*pats tummy* our bill came up to RM120+ between two.
This is one place that will keep me coming over and over again.


May said...

u didn't invite me =.= I was all home alone

AugustDiners said...

May: for shootings or drinks? hehe! would love for you to join us next time!

Anonymous said...

Can i know where is the shooting range?

Crusader said...

hahahahahaha, looks like the shooting range is more famous than Daily Grind. Maybe we should review the cafe in the shooting range hahahahaha

AugustDiners said...

Anon: The shooting range is in subang.

Crusader: yes i reckon we should :)

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