Being single and beautiful means you'll get asked out for dates a lot. (Just kidding!! =P)

 Having the privilege of studying in Aussie means having the opportunity of having a nice sceneric view while having breakfast/lunch, enjoying the breeze, having a beer, chilling out with your date mates.

Carousel, a modern and stylish cafe, is situated in the perfect location, overlooking the serene Alberk Park Lake. Nothing about this cafe doens't scream "Perfect date place!!!" (well, unless you're going out with a date from hell)

The cafe offers an all day breakfast, lunch or even snack. The outdoor deck where we sat on is almost the perfect spot one could get. The pic below is what i eat my lunch to:

J-E-A-L-O-U-S already? hehe 

One of the reason why i haven't been updating Augustdiners (apart from being lazy), is because i lost my camera in an unfortunate event.. =( unless you guys wanna hurt your eyes with bad quality food photos, i'll be updating alot less frequent, and try to leech on Chowvi's pro DSL.. hehe

Pics from this post are by courtesy of Chowvi:

Testing out my professional photo-taking skills.. i would say i'm doing a pretty good job!! haha make him look so cool rightt?? haha (he's actually quite lame in real life!! hahahahaha JK!)

 Chow's Duck Pie with a salad of roated celeriac, toasted hazelnuts, beetroot, frisee, rocket, radicchio and quince vinegar dressing

 When i asked, his verdict was: "Very Good!! Different from normal pies.. Best eaten while listening to the song below:"

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

Erm... yea.. told you my friend is weird.. -.-''

Moving on to my meal,

Sparkling water for a start and double latte for the weirdo.. haha

I need to cut down on my caffeine intakes whenever i can afford to, since it's exam period.. I should let my body off on caffeine on weekends..

I ordered the infamous Carousel Burger, consist of beef hamburger, cheddar, caramelized onion, bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, fried egg, pesto aioli, garden salad and pickles. The combination of all the ingredients is like a burst of all heavenly flavour; the sinful greasy bacon, cheese, with a mix of salad n pickles.. It was messy to eat but nonetheless, a favourite pick!! Love how the hamburger doesn't taste too processed (much like McDs). Not recommended for girls on a date, not a pretty sight eating this!! hehe

This is definitely a recommended choice to those who wants for pay carousel a visit!!
Time to whip out your sunnies!! 

Happy and Satisfied Patrons

After meal, i conveniently took out my lecture notes and started revising there.. We don't wanna waste no nice weather, keeping myself at home and rot with my books, do we? hehe

Oh, and a lil' beer doesn't hurt right?? =)
Surprisingly much more productive because someone confiscated my phone and refused to talk to me.. When there's no other distractions to turn to, you'll automatically turn to your books.. haha

Chow's very artistic (konon-nye) shot. For more of his "arts", you can check out

I loved everything about Carousel on this beautiful day!! The sun, the breeze, the food is superb, perfect view to cleanse your eyes, friendly (not to mention hot ) waiter... Definitely a hot spot to hang out!!

Food: 8/10 
(unfortunately, i heard the breakfast was nothing to rave about)

Service: 8/10 
(cashier even addressed Chow by his surname when he paid the bills: "thank you Mr Thian". Doesn't this kinda service normally happen in Business classes?)

(nothing to complain unless it rains and ruin the sceneric)
Overall: 8.5/10

22 Aughtie Drive
Albert Park Lake VIC 3205
(03) 8646 6000


sif I put my name said...

that guy is damn cool

Ms. Jazz said...

hahahahhahaha... i miss this kinda scenery, and alfresco makan. FEAR NOT, for i shall do so in Singapore in like 2 days time!

Crusader said...

The duck sauce video is cool!

crazieapple said...

ms jazz: singapore not gonna be as good as here!! hehe

crusader: no it's not.. hahaha where's ur homework!!

taufulou said...

miss melbourne so much . ..

Crazieapple said...

taufulou: you left melbourne already? =)

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