Its always pleasant to discover new places to chill out, and PH Pastry house provides the perfect ambience for a casual hangout with friends and family.Opened no less than 2 weeks ago, PH Pastry house primarily focuses on pastries (duh). We were able to relate the similarities with Levain Patisserie in their menu, with a small selections of simple breakfast items such as scrambled eggs and french toast, salads, pastas and pies. Coincidentally, both cafes are situated within walking distances.

I was immediately captivated by the facade and interiors of the cafe, a minimalist concept, with beautiful alfresco settings, both upon entrance and behind the cafe, its interior focus primarily on black, white them and bricks, surrounded by glass which enhances the brightness of the cafe creating a cheerful and casual dining mood.

Alfresco area

RM3.90 per macaroons

Since we've only tried the desserts this visit, i'll leave you guys to explore on the rest. It was unfortunate the desserts here did not flair too well, with many rooms for improvement- im referring mainly to their dry sponge base, which has ac oarse texture that requires some pressure forking through. Fortunately, the coffee is pretty good. Using Bristol coffee beans, my cappucino has a good fragrance, and the foaming was smooth and lovely.



I love the concept of this place very much! Looking forward for some more dining experiences in PH Pastry House

PH Pastry House
54 Jalan Utara,
55100 KL
Open Daily 7am-9pm
Facebook page for more info:


Michelle Chin said...

ah this is not too far away from my radar!

AugustDiners said...

Great! Do go for their coffee n ambience there (:

Anonymous said...

dear Ms.Jazz,

Thank you very much for the beautiful review. i m the chef for the cafe, we will improve on the recipe as what you have commented. And yet we will 1st and foremost explain why its dry and coarse, which is unlike what you have outside other cafes.

its due to the density of almond being used in the recipe. the sponge is called dacquoise for the bamboo, and the mango mousse is using a japonais.

we will like to invite you over for another crash course on what we have to serve. kindly look for chef joe + mr. desmond. we will be pleased to help you and share.

AugustDiners said...

Hi chef!! Ah that explains it! Thank you for the clarification n invitation. I will def drop by again soon since I've heard good things about your breakfast, Yums! :D

i_like_me said...

I will probably drop by today Jazz. Will let you know as my parents frequents Levain every week.

AugustDiners said...

Hope u like it! (:

Tanya said...

Decided to try out this place for lunch today and we left feeling extremely disappointed. We deliberately went early to beat the lunch crowd (we must have arrived at about 12.20pm). Read about the Banana Butterscotch pastry which I wanted to try but I was informed that it was finished for the day (at 12.20pm!!!). We ordered the 'Mary had a little lamb' pizza which arrived AN HOUR later. We had to enquire with the staff about the status of our order at least 5 times and at one time (about 30 minutes after placing our order) we were informed that the pizza would arrive "in 3 minutes". The waitress must not know how to read time because we were finally served with our pizza after 30 minutes from the initial '3 minute' promise and even then only because i sternly told the waitress that the 3 minutes was long up.
When the pizza finally arrived, it was undercooked. Presentation-wise it was absolutely disappointing. It looked almost disgusting, for lack of a better word. The pizza was much bigger than the plate it was served on, it was out of shape and the lamb slices we were expecting on our pizza turned out to be pieces of sausages (not more than 2) cut up and scattered around the pizza. It was also terribly greasy.
Have to say though that the manager attempted to save the day. He gave us a bowl of mushroom soup on the house and because of our long wait, he graciously gave us a 10% discount off our bill. Sadly, that gesture isn't enough to convince us to go back again.
This place has much potential but management needs to buck up and do something about the terrible service. Alternatively, if you do want to check this place out anyway, just be safe and stick with ordering pastas. At least 3 other groups who arrived later than us left way before us because they ordered pastas and were served much quicker.

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