Oriental Pavillion is among favourites of the PJ-ians, as they serve up traditional chinese cuisine with a modern twist. I myself normally frequent this place for dim sums. There are 8 private rooms and a banquet hall with a capacity of 60 tables, during peak season, you'll find this place a popular choice for weddings ceremony.
Situated at the second floor of Jaya 33, it is a strategic location (a meet point to everyone) and ample of parking which makes it a place to visit out of convenience.
Not that the food is half bad. In fact, as part of oriental group- they rarely dissapoint. The food quality are always consistent throughout all the chains as chefs were always being shuffled around from one outlet to another.

Possibly one of the largest tables i've seen that seats about 24 pax. All servings was made to individual portions that night.

Something new is the cold tofu in creamy broth topped with scallop and roe.

Herbal soup that was pronounce as "tin-mah" any ideas? I'm terrible with chinese dishes.
The soup was very tasty, filled with herbal flavours

We had 3 large fish that night - 2 Sultan fish weights about 3KGS each and one Batin weights 4KGS. (supplied by my dad which he got it off fresh from a fish monger) While sultan fish is more rare in breed, i preferred the Batin's meat texture as it is more tender.

All the way air-flown from the China province- FOSHAN, all ready made and braised to tender by one of the uncle's hotel was the dried abalone. Even the sauce was brought back from China. Also served was the "fa jiao??" which again i don't know how to translate to. This dish will set you back RM400 on one portion.
I personally felt the difference between dried abalone and the fresh ones are their texture. While fresh abalone texture is slightly bouncier and chewy, dried ones cut through easily, soft with a more distinct taste.

Two large prawns with herbal sauce. Prawns was fresh as it falls out of the meat easily.

Fried Frog Legs and Grilled Pork Ribs. I love Oriental's pork ribs, each time i visit it was a must order for me.

Bird Nest 燕窝 is a delicacy in chinese cuisine. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and rich in nutrients. I can't have enough of this. This is home-made (literally) as one of the aunties home-bred her own birds and made them from scratch and brought it to the restaurant.

BYO Penfold Grange (market price: RM2K/ bottle)

Food: 8.5/10
(well consistent chinese cuisine)

Service: 8/10
(always attentive, if you notice- they always served the female before the male)

Ambience: 8/10
(an ideal business entertaining venue, and also good for family dinners)

Presentation of food: 7/10

Overall ratings: 8/10


Oriental Pavillion
1st Floor, Jaya 33
Jalan Semangat
Section 13, PJ

Tel: 03-79569288


Sean said...

gosh, 24 people on a table! that'll fit two football teams!
but hmmmm, always serving the women before men? that's sexual discrimination! heh :D

AugustDiners said...

i said the same thing when they gave men three pieces of prawns and women 2 pieces.. =P

Crusader said...

Jaya 33 shopping centre has one of the most inefficient link between the carpark and the mall. Only two elavators to transport shoppers to and from the carpark. There's no option to even use the stair case. pfftttttt

Ms. Jazz said...

Crusader: i wouldnt know since i paid valet *wink*

Crusader said...

I park valet too, but I'm normally there during lunch time. Since valet parking is uncovered, it doesn't make sense to park valet under such sweltering heat.

By the way, the Sunday yum cha and dim sum for this restaurant is pretty bad. I beg to differ on the overall 8 rating..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow, what a grand dinner!

Augustdiners said...

Crusader: what! how can u of all ppl contradict my ratings? haha =P

Joe: yup, i wouldnt mind eating them everyday. hehe

Man Fai Woo said...

Done some translation work for you. The one that is serve with the Abalone is call 花胶 or Fish Maw.


About your comment for Jaya33, well I happen to dine there a lot. The ample parking is something that I don't agree. Especially for Lunch time. You can hardly find parking space there. The new building next door maybe have better chance to find parking.

For the lift, yes it is very inconvenient.

But agree with your choice of food there. Their Grilled Pork Rib and BBQ Pork is great. Dim sum is good too. Just a bit higher price.

Ryan Carr said...

Just a bit higher price.

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