We were at the KLCC Convention Center over the weekend attending a dear friend's wedding celebration. How i got to know the bride- funnily was through belly dancing. (she is one helluva dancer, very very sexy) The bridegroom is from the food industry so naturally the family were very particular with the food. Before each course was served, a video on "behind the scene" was shown with executive chef, Richmond Lim explaining how each dish was prepared. I thought it was a great idea as it allows us to appreciate the food more. Each course comes with different wine pairing, all personally handpicked by the couple. White goes with seafood entrees and red australian wine goes with the main course.
Table settings was done in a proper way, four forks in different sizes on my left, four knives on my right. I knew then and there that we're in for a treat, and yes.. the dinner did not dissapoint. =)

Melissa's wedding at USA.

Assorted bread to start us off.

 Appetizer: "Straits of Mediterranean Seafood" refined seafood varieties with combination of miso-beancrumbs, wild salmon, sous vide lobster medallion, oyster on floating island and black mussels with tomato herbs salsa. Well presented, simple flavours which emphasize the sweetness of the seafood.

For the soup we had the Truffle Infused Double-boiled Cornish Hen Broth. Accompanied with mushroom ravioli. It was a comforting and tasty drink. We gobbled them up in no time.

Entree was an interesting one. Pan-seared Diver Sea Scallop. Served on fennel and celeriac mousseline with coral cream drizzled with lobster and compressed lemon olive oil. The scallop was VERY fresh. It was seared slightly rare and the texture was very tender.

A unique taste on its own, we had the tomato & basil sherbet to cleanse our palate. Refreshing and addictive.

Definitely my favourite dish of the evening is the main course: Roasted Grain Fed Aurora Rack of lamb. Slowly roasted with tapenade served with charred young sous vide vegetable lamb jus gras with wild mushroom. All the way from Spain. Probably one of the best lamb rack i've tasted till date. The meat was pinkish and sooo mouth melting tender that i bet the bread knife can even cut through. Perfect marriage of flavours.

Finishing off is the Grand Cru Felchlin's Maracaibo Truffle. A premium chocolate quenelle served on raspberry jello dusted with creole soil garnished with brioche crisp. Mmm.. mmm.... :) Dark chocolate was heavenly without being excessively sweet.

Look who's back, hehe! It's crazieapple!

Crazieapple with the bride

The night ended with many dancing souls~ Congrats to the newly wed couples!


Sean said...

ooh this is one of the best wedding dinner menus i've ever seen! definitely a nice change from the usual chinese dinners that serve mostly cliched dishes :D

Big Boys Oven said...

wow he got married already at last! lol!

eiling lim said...

wah this is really a great wedding dinner! nice food!

Augustdiners said...

sean: yea it is! Would love to attend more weddings like this!

BBO: finally it seems forever, hehe. i take it that you know the family?

Eiling: im missing the lamb rack already, slurps

Big Boys Oven said...

well I bumped into this couple at a function sometime ago! lol!

Wenni Donna said...

Pleased to know about this convention center. I am planning to arrange an art exhibition next month and searching for good event venues for the same. Got to know about Seattle convention center and looking forward to book it.

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