Prime has a reputation around town as a restaurant that serves up one of the best steaks. Their tagline "Prime Grill, Prime Wine, Prime Time" pretty much sums up our dining experience in Le Meridien.
The interior of Prime is an eye-pleaser- charming and elegant. We were literally surrounded by wines and bubblies as they use it as part of their wall décor.

We were greeted by the head chef and a bunch of friendly waiters and were quickly seated in a secluded corner that allows privacy and a visual experience of the chef's works in the open concepted kitchen. The waiters were attentive and highly professional, and I notice that all of them were female?

Their menu features a large selections of beef in different cuts. You can find Australian certified Wagyu Beef (Marble Score 6 and above) or Kobe Beef (Score 9 and above), and for those health concious out there, do try out their organic australian beef. There are also wide selections of Prime USA steaks in the menu. Their range of steaks are priced at RM90 - RM500.
In conjuction to the upcoming valentine's day, Prime also offers a 5 course valentine menu for only RM388++ per pax.

Feel free to scroll through their menu online so you'll know what to expect.

I was going to order a bottle of red wine although most of them do not feel like having liquor that night, after selection of 3 types of wine (the waiter come back 3 times to tell us it was out of stock) dah-lah… very potong stim right? So any urge of having wine was gone for the night.

Compliment Assorted Bread which comes with 3 types of butter, seaweed, unsalted, and sundried tomatoes

We ordered a selections of starters, Classic Caesar Salad (RM45) is a very safe choice considering there was many interesting starters calling out my name.

Australian Crab cake, Chilli Flakes, Garlic Sauce, and Mango Salsa (RM55) was a refreshing change, generous crabmeat that blends well with its salsa

My Lobster bisque (RM45) came with a golden crust, and imagine my excitement of poking through it and scooping up the secret content inside. But unfortunately, this turns out to be my least favourite of the night as the soup is not creamy enough with very little lobster pieces. The golden crust has nothing to shout about. It’s almost like it’s there for visual purpose only. It does not go well with the soup.

There were too many choices for me to select from, i ended up taking a good 10 minutes before deciding on Australian Black Angus- 200 days grain fed Ribeye (8oz/ 220g)- RM120. When it comes to a good piece of steak (not frozen ones!) most would suggest the steak to be prepared medium rare to medium. Mine was medium and it was perfect. With just the right amount of trim fats with its tender meat, I was ready to gobble up everything in minutes, but I’m aware of my manners for once and cut it in small cubes and pop it into my mouth bits by bits while I devour every taste of the juicy steak.

Lamb cooked in three ways. What a way of presentation. I love how you get to sample different flavours in one dish itself.
French lamb cutlet with rosemary flavoured tomato fondue, simply Char-grilled lamb noisette on witted Spinach, Skewer of lamb loin with garlic cream and roasted fingerling potato - (RM125)

Aaron’s Lamb Shank (RM80)- slow braised on grilled polenta and roasted pimiento and crispy garlic bread. Very tender and a total comfort food.

Lamb Rack – Chilli Apricot Smoked French cut Rack of Lamb, BBQ lamb kofte, potato-feta cheese croquette (RM90) came with generous portion and is beautifully presented. I did not try but Winnie gave her thumbs up for this.

Looks like we have sample most lamb dishes on the menu for the night! And I thought they are famous for their beef?

Xavier ordered Norwegian Salmon Fillet (RM75) which came in somewhat miserable size for the price, but he commented that it tasted fresh and liked it enough.

The steak is flavorful by itself, but we were given 3 selections of sauce recommended by the waitress. Caramelized Balsamic-shallot jus, Bearnaise Sauce, and Mint Sauce for the lamb

We ordered sides to complement our mains- Truffled mashed potatoes is my absolute favourite! (RM15), Asparagus with Australian broccolini ragout (RM15), and Roasted pumpkin

All in all, It had been a truly enjoyable meal, word of advice: don’t let the prices scare you off, they are worth it, and the lamb was commented to be really fresh. If you are looking for a good lamb without a strong pungent lamb smell, I’d suggest you to go for PRIME.

We ended up not having dessert as we had to rush off although i really wanted to try that MUD PIE! Boo, next time perhaps?

Our bill came up to approx RM700+ between 5 without dessert (discounted with starwood privileges card)


Food: 7.5/10
(will try the wagyu next time!)

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 8.5/10

Presentation of food: 7.5/10

Overall: 8/10


Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(next to Hilton KL)

Tel: 03-22637434


Crusader said...

For crying out loud Ms. Jazz! Please review cheaper food! I can't keep up wei

Ms. Jazz said...

Crusader: now you know where to go for your valentine date *wink

Tummy Rumble said...

woot! haven't been there for a long time.. good to know the food is still good :)

AugustDiners said...

Tummy Rumble: Yes! the food there is pretty good, but price is sky high!

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