I enjoyed my days as a student in Melbourne. Thinking back, there were many ups and downs during my stay there. Many memories- fond or upsetting has been imprinted in my mind. It was there I have transform to a person I am today.

As a student, our allowance is always restricted, we were always up for a good deal, i.e. those big portions that cost within 10 dollars (equivalent to RM30+), we normally put aside half a portion to take-away for our dinner or breakfast the next day.

To be honest, our parents gave us sufficient amount to spend on both food and shopping, but girls being girls we rather spend our allowance on clothes than to eat in lavish restaurants. So while we kept a whole closet full of clothes, we also stock up a cabinet full of Maggie mee/ Indo Mee. =P

My trip to Melbourne has been rather short and tightly scheduled, I knew I didn’t have the time to sit through few hours on one meal, so I decided to reminisce old times by eating those common “student meals”.

P.s. Please be ready to be overwhelmed by my camwhore pictures. No guarantee on any eye damage. For the Melbournians out there, these places will definitely be familiar for you all, i bet =)

Me on Swanston Street enjoying a good doze of BOOST JUICE, KLCC has one branch apparently, i havent tried it, wonder whether it'll be as good?

Degrave Espresso on Flinders Lane that serves really good coffee.

Lunch with SY at Cafe Andiano

I was soooo tired after a sleepless night.
Enjoying a blood orange san pellegrino, refreshing for a warm day.

Well prepared, creamy with fresh seafood.

Oriental Spoon on Latrobe St that used to serve decent korean food with reasonable price, it has since been renovated, but the food wasnt as good as before. Boo...!

I used to like the squid bulgogi. Now it taste a bit bland.


The sweet and spicy chicken used to be the best seller, i wonder what happened.

Beef Bulgogi

All these food was too much for mere 3 pax.

My favourite hangout at St. Kilda- Beachcombers
They have fenced up the place, but nevertheless it has a full view of the beach, and we had great fun sitting there all day, drinking beer, watching all those attractive people with hot bods strolling by.

Enjoying a pint of Carlton Draught by the beach.. I absolutely heart St. Kilda!

We ordered the Beachcombers special pizza, it came with generous amount of toppings, yums

Definitely not a weight watcher type of food. Wedges with glorious sour cream to go with it.

Stokers pancake used to be our favourite supper joint- mainly because it was one of the few places that open till late. We were very late sleeper *normal sleeping time- 5am, waking up time 2pm*

Nothing beats a good cuppa coffee

This comfort place is perfect during winter as they have a huge fireplace in the middle of the cafe.

One of my frequent order- strawberry pancake.
They strictly dont do takeaway to maintain its quality.

My friends known me as a breakfast freak- not because i like to wake up early to actually eat breakfast- in fact on most days we tend to miss breakfast but Melbourne breakfast is the only thing that can drag me out of bed before 2pm. Those were the days. I wish i have these luxuries now.... *grins*

Breakfast at MART 130, middlepark

Really nice ambience at the terrace overlooking the tennis court.

I love Caffe Art, simply gorgeous and aromatic cappucino that brighten up my days all the time.


Scrambled eggs with truffle oil and chives on top of sourdough, compliment by wild mushroom and sautee spinach. Sounds familiar?? Refer to here

Chorizo sausages with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Sinful really.

Corn fritters with bacon, sour cream and homemade relish

Max Brennar @ Melbourne Central

Banana Frappe

Xiao Wei Yang in Russell St

AUD23 per pax, eat all you want.
I have fond memories of Me and Crazieapple stuffing ourselves nonstop for a good three hours in buffet because we were kiasu malaysians =P we were often last to leave and the waiters had to chase us out, sometimes not too politely- mm... wonder why ....

Nothing beats a good cup of Gelato, Bar italia please take the backseat as Gelatissimo takes the spotlight hands down. There's no better place than Melbourne for a good Gelato!

My baby sitting patiently while i devour myself with the delish gelato, spoon by spoon.

Our little yankee fan says "HI!"
im missing her already!

Im really sorry for the REALLY short captions. =) Plenty of food whoring made me lazy for words and it's already 1.30am *yawns*

Btw, we'll be reviewing Melbourne restaurants as well starting from March as Crazieapple return to down under so stay tuned!


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