In case you are wondering why we've been slacking on our entries.  i'm currently on diet after a realisation that several of my dresses won't fit, and Crazieapple is busy battling the school field with her never ending exams.

So there you go. Our attempt explaination on our laziness. =P

Betty's Midwest Kitchen was created by a family whom resides in America for a period of time. The reasonable price, and buzzing crowd gave us assurance to expect nothing but good food.
True enough to their promise, this restaurant served up some really hearty, sloppy and homecook food.
Another plus point is that their menu consist approx 80% in pork dishes. How can one resist that simple temptation?

Interior was bare, but i liked the personal touch of family photos and America related pictures by the walls. It was homey and spacious, definitely a worthy place for frequent visit.

We started off with the Tomato & Ham Soup (RM10). I must say, it tasted really awesome!
I know awesome is a very generic word, it does sum up how i felt about the soup though but more specifically, the broth is tasty without any overwhelming  puree/ cream one normally find in tomato soup. That generous splash of coriander brings the flavours to another height. (and i'm saying it though im not much of a coriander fan) but it's really THAT good. A generous portion of this comfy drink and i'm ready to crawl back to my mummy. :)

Botak had the Grilled Baby Back Ribs (RM28.50), that was complement with coleslaw and fries. Their baby back ribs were full of smokey flavour, it wasnt exactly juicy (nor was it dry).. it was however very tender, you can just pull off the meat easily without using a knife. The "special" sauce is what made the dish really lovable. Just pour the whole thing and waste nothing as it goes really well with the ribs. The coleslaw was also very satisfying. While it's not too sour from all the dressing, i liked how the cabbage still have the crunchiness which made it a delight to bite at.

I can never say no to two things in life: pork, and pork fats. Aren't i lucky to have both at the same night?
Again, the grilled pork belly (RM24) was served with the same complement dish. I do prefer the belly pork to the ribs as the fats was just AMAZINGLY fattening = good! (ok, maybe this portion was slightly over on the fats, it was 50:50 fats:meat ratio)
i took off half of what's there, and happily ate the rest.
Again, the meat was succulent and tender.

My friend insisted to order the DOGGY food (RM7.50), which in fact was fries soaked with gravy and topped with melted cheese. He loved it to bits, ME however dislike soggy fries so this is not my cup of tea

We were stuffed before desserts, but i wanted to try the apple crumble (RM8) here. A mistake on my part as this is not up to expectation. 

Our bill came up to RM95 between two with soft drinks


Food: 7.5/10
(hearty, comfort food)

Service: 7/10
(friendly, and quick on feet)

Ambience: 6/10
(decent, spacious and clean- good for casual dining)

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Betty's Midwest Kitchen

A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara
47301 PJ

Tel: 03-7880 0196

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