When I saw Ms. Jazz posting her article up on Betty's Midwest Kitchen, I just had to put mine up right above hers :p lol. This article is long overdue as I couldn't really find time after returning from Bhutan. Anyway, I was recently in Iran together with my team for some inspection work. To be honest, I hesitated to go at first, but once I landed there and got to know the place and the people - it was simply marvelous.

The hospitality was amazing, and the country is very beautiful. Everywhere we visited, the people was just so eager to provide us with their best dishes for lunch and dinner. Here are some of the pictures I've managed to take without making myself look awkward during our dining sessions.

Iranians love to start their meals with simple appetizers such salad, nuts, caviar, dates and some yogurt.

The of course, the main course is always - KEBAB! They got chicken kebab, beef kebab, fish kebab, prawn kebab, mixed kebab, kobideh.. you get the picture.

Ms. Jazz and Ms. Crazieapple wouldn't be too happy bout their beer though. All proudly displaying the wrong sign - 0.00% alcohol.

Desserts and sweet snacks are also a must for every meeting we had.

Nice to see something familiar, though it was rebranded for political reasons.

Nice to see some funny signage too! Keeping me and Sean amused all the way..

Sometimes the saying can be very true - Don't believe everything you see on the news. I truly enjoyed Iran and am very grateful for the experience and the hospitality of the Iranian people. Merci.



Crazyjons said...

hahaha the signs are funny! hahaha

Felicia said...

Do you need a visa to visit Iran? How did u manage to get in? Is it dangerous?

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