What's better than to end an alcohol intoxicated evening with some warm comforting teochew porridge?
We were getting hungry after a friend's birthday celebration near PUDU. So naturally we decided to pop by and have something "light" and hygenic. This Teochew porridge restaurant has been operated for awhile now, since we had frequent this place for years. It now occupied 2 shop lots and business is good, especially during midnight where people came by after clubbing and is also popular among the supper kakis.

We were so spoilt for choices! There were many varieties of dishes varies from curries, to braised pork, to fried salted fish, im estimating easily 40 over types?
I like my porridge with more liquid than the rice itself because it was supper. Nothing too heavy

If i were to come with my dad, he'll always end up ordering close to 20 types of dishes because we are so greedy! But thankfully, we can request for a smaller portion.
But YJ and I controlled ourselves yesterday by ordering only a few dishes, knowing that we will regret the outcome the very next morning.

Stir-fry cabbage

I love lady fingers with dried shrimps

Another dish that goes well with porridge and a must have on every visit is fried egg with preserved turnips.

Braised belly pork was soft, and tasty

YJ's favourite, intestines braised with spices. She mentioned the spice taste is very distinct

Everything taste pretty good. If not, slightly salty but when u drank, i think your tastebuds become more acceptable to heavier taste.

Slightly overdressed in this environment. =D
Our bill came up to RM25 with drinks between two.

Restoran Teochew Porridge
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
Off Jalan Pudu, KL

Tel: 03-2148 3452

Note: The restaurant do open in the afternoon too.


Sean said...

Heh, I think I'd be like your dad ... I always over-order too, especially when everything looks tempting!

Ms. Jazz said...

Sean: tsk tsk u and your humongous appetite! where did it all go?

May said...

bring me !!!

AugustDiners said...

May: Whenever u r free, juz bbm me! :D

May said...

next week !!!!

Ms. Jazz said...

May: Sure! lets go! btw..stop flying to all parts of the world while im stuck in the office, im full with envy. :P
BTW, shanghai/beijing end of july, will u b there by chance?

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