Being a nocturnal,  i can never wake up in time for breakfast. Lucky for all-day breakfast, making it possible for me to still have breakfast brunch at 2pm.

Cortile is one of the very few cafe in the city that provides late breakfast on weekday. Good enough for some breakfast fix that was much needed..

Located in the little alley (called Block Place) off Little Collins, among all the other cafes.
The hustle and bustle of city is finally slowed down with serene ambience like this.

I regretted not ordering the usual- Cafe Latte, instead i ordered Ice coffee which comes with a HUGE slab of whipped cream!! Talk about high calories.. And it was pretty tasteless.. Disappointment

Not a big fan of eggs so i ordered Smoked Salmon Bruchetta complimented with feta cheese and olives.

The bread was pretty hard to chew and it was a really dry dish to try out as my first meal.. But they were really generous with their portion.. I was glutted by the time i'm done with my first piece of bread.

This is a crown-pleaser. Ching, Tiok and Mel picked this dish out without much hesitance. The regulars sure know what they want!! hehe

Egg benedict with smoke salmon.. Normally, this dish is served with sour dough but for some reason, they gave them normal bread only..

The only man there opted for very unhealthy dish for an early start- Fish and Chips.

Tiok with her cute tea set.

Mel savouring her Melbourne breakkie, something you'll be missing when u're back in KL!

Ching from Gourmettoglam

Apparently, the corn fritters here are highly recommended. Do pop by earlier than 12pm for their full breakfast menu choices, we were late- so there was only very few for us to choose from.. =P
You know what they say about early birds now..

Not the best breakfast joint out there but good enough to hang around in City.. =)

Caffe Cortile
30 Block Place, Melbourne,
Tel 03 9650 1564

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