It was a bit of a hesitation before deciding upon RAMA V for our girlies session.
To be frank, it was only when i read on AWOL's blog whereby the colourful lukchup has capture my attention and held it there for a couple of seconds that i decide we should give this a try. If all things fail, there's always the ambience as a comfort.

I really should get a GPS soon, i can't differentiate the roads between jalan duta, jalan ampang, jalan pinang, jalan Tun razak etc etc. Basically im a lost kitten engulped in this big scary KL town.
Currently, my sole dependence on road directions is the Blackberry Google Map. Trusting it to bring me to places often comes with Chaotic Results.
Ended up with embarrasing calls to friends with stupidity questions such as "is jalan ampang in ampang?" Sorry Jenn!! *sheepish grin* It was not the first time i drove up to u-thant alone, but somehow i always seem to forget my bearings.

RAMA V is a fine dining establishment serving thai food. A stand alone building with beautiful lotus ponds,
sophisticated settings with plush white seats and spacious seatings arrangement. The ambience was exotic without being too rigid. Delight laughters heard, candles being blown, clanking sounds of wine glasses at the background, it was a good place for entertainments, events, and parties. There's also a few beautiful chalets surrounding the lotus pond for those who wishes for some privacy.

P/S sorry no price stated, i forgot to keep the receipt =P i'll tell you why later but starters are approx RM20-30, mains RM30onwards, Desserts RM11

Minced Chicken with crispy rice crackers. An unusual choice of starter, turns out tasting quite ordinary

Recommended by the server, one of their best seller is the sugarcane wrapped minced chicken and prawn. Packed with the minced fillings, and goes well with sweet chilli sauce. Again it was just O-K

Soft Shell Crab Salad. Crispy Soft Shell Crab with tangy and sweet flavours. It was delightful refreshing

We ordered two of these. Seafood Tom Yum in coconut shell, and was dissapointed.
While the Tomyum was SPICY and SOUR, the soup lacks fragrant and oomph so we left it half-untouched.

We ordered deep fried Groupa Fish with Three chilli sauce (RM58), but turns out they ran out of Groupa and we were replaced with Snapper, which was fine with us.
The fish was fried to crunch while the sauce was tangy. No complaints here.

Green Curry Chicken was packed with coconut cream, it was good complement to rice but again the taste was quite mild and lack of green curry flavours.

By this point, my feeling for this restaurant has went downhill steadily. But it's ok- there's still LUKCHUP for desserts! If i'm completely honest with you, i came here solely for this particular order!

*waiting in anticipation and glee*

"Can i have the dessert menu please?"
After a few moments, a large tray was presented to us showcasing various types of desserts ranging with red rubies and cempedak with coconut cream to steamed pumpkin with custard. Everything is made upon ordering.
I asked for my LUKCHUP and was told they do not serve it there.

I finally know and experience the very word "crestfallen"
Because right at that moment, that is exactly how i felt.

Now you know why i forgot to remove the receipt which came up to RM350+ with two beers???
In a nutshell, the restaurant provides a good ambience for celebratory reasons but food definitely does not justify the fine environment. (and to think this restaurant bagged a few awards was questionable)
ERAWAN still sits strong as being my top favourite thai restaurant.


Food: 5.5/10

Ambience: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall: 6.5/10


Rama V
No. 5, Jalan U-Thant
55000 KL

Tel: 03-21432663

Time to bring you guys back to earth :D Namely- KuaLa Lumpur Baybeh!

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio has been buzzing with media attention lately. Just a week ago, Nathalie was mentioned alongside with Il Lido on being one of the popular fine dining eats in KL.

It comes to no surprise and Nathalie's certainly deserves to be in the spotlight with its originality in food servings to its popular Macaroons which some raves to be one of the best in town.
Their menu is not extensive but changes quite regularly (monthly if im not mistaken) that warrants diners to come back for more.

Located in Solaris Dutamas, the new concept development which looks like a promising homes to many new F&B outlets, it is a havoc trying to locate Nathalie's as it was situated not fronting the street but at the inner lane of the shops.

We were greeted by a pleasant interior of grey walls, minimalist arrangements with tall tables and chairs. Casual and relaxing. The Kitchen is open concept allowing diners to see the workings of its kitchen. Nathalie naturally is leading the team of chefs while the husband manages the floors with polite efficiency.
We were there after 3pm (which supposedly only serves desserts and light eats) but thankfully the owner's kind enough to let us order the full menu.
Over at the side, they were conducting a cooking class- and the lesson of the day was macaroons. For RM220 per pax, you get to experience a 5 hour lesson on how to make those gorgeous macaroons that was so well-received.

I love their interior. It's a good place to catch up with friends over a quiet meal.

With a perfect start that raises the bar high up is the Crab Mille-Feuille (RM27) with Pesto Sauce. We loved it to bits! I have always been accustomed to Mille Feuille, but often it was applied more to sweet gateau rather than savory ones like this!  
The combination of pesto, salsa, avocado puree and creamy crabmeats were such powerful mix it left us wanting for more.

Crispy Scallop Tart, Melted Onions, and sechouan pepper sauce (RM29)
This is by wonder one of the best tart i've ever had. OK, i've no idea what is sechouan pepper, initially i thought it was a spelling error meant for "Szechuan" but this foaming creamy substance is far from being anything spicy. It paired well with the scallop which was almost raw but delightfully fresh, and with the caramelized sweet onion and crispy pastries beneath, i was ready sing "halle-lu-yah"

Naturally after being totally blown away with their starters, came a high expectation with the main course. Halibut Brandade, Fresh Herb Emulsion, Garlic Chips (RM47) was sadly not to my liking. While the presentation added extra cookie points to this dish, the flavours paled in comparison.
Let me repharse, there's nothing PALED about the flavours of this dish as it was extremely salty to the extend of giving up after 4 to 5 small bites.
However, after a small investigation with the owner (WELL OKAY, i think it was more like ME demanding an explaination *im such a difficult customer hor?* hehe) Turns out that this dish is SUPPOSE to be salty. A further wikipedia exploration shows that Brandade is an emulsion of salt cod and olive oil.
The owner explained that normally they use COD fish for this type of cooking whereby the flesh was wrapped with salt and be marinated for a couple of days, and when used the fish will be soaked in water to take out the salty flavours. This method was commonly used in the olden days when they do not have a cooler to keep the fish fresh hence the use of salt to retain the freshness.
So.. if you're curious in trying some authentic cooking, you can still give this a go.

Half Cooked Salmon, Daikon, and Wasabi Puree, Coriander Pesto (RM37) My lunch date commented that the salmon tasted a bit bland. But since we were given generous heapings of pesto sauce which seemed to be a favourite ingredient use by Nathalie's, it was still a decent eat.

Girls always have a thing over desserts. We were no exception. And i'm please to state that Nathalie's dessert is really worth eating! It's a place where i could go there and just order everything in the dessert menu (which was not many- i think 5 or 6 choices) and just spend my afternoon indulged in such bliss heaven.
Raspberry Mille Feuille, Lytchee, and Raspberry Espuma, Lytchee Sorbet (RM22)

My creamy love affair with their Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu with a chocolate Touch (RM18), while the texture is nowhere like the authentic italian tiramisu, this is more creamy and packed with matcha flavours. The Chocolate Touch is really an icing to the cake. Bitter sweet in flavours. Rich and velvety in texture

Our decaf cappuccino was good too- our only comment however would be the coffee is not hot enough.

My Sweet Date. =D

Overall a wonderful dining experience and yes, i'll be back again on Oct, Nov, Dec so on so forth every month if they keep their standard high. While i wasnt quite impress with their main dishes, the appetizer and desserts has already woo-ed me to their doorsteps.

BTW, our bill came up to RM260+ which i just realised looking at the bill now that they served us the wrong BILL. whoever this bill was meant for sure loves her MACAROONS, because we paid for 16 of them! ... and the funny part is, i've sent back a wrong bill the first time, and turns out the second bill was also wrong! so patrons there a note of advice to check your bill!


Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 8.5/10

Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


Nathalie's Gourmet Studio
Unit A4-01-5,
Solaris Dutamas

Tel: 03-6207 9572
Open on Mon- Sat from 9am-6pm ONLY

You've heard me rave enough about the Beer at Biero, how wide varieties they have and how much i loved my beers.

What you don't know is that, Biero is not like any bar out there that serve lousy deep fried wedges, fries and buffalo wings as their typical "bar food". In fact, Biero serves food that is up to a 4-star restaurant's standard i would say, even better if it's by request (we called it the "special food" if given a few days of notice before your visit). 

Ring up Chef Nooei beforehand, discuss on what kinda budget you're looking for, for a party of how many people, any preferences- and he'll design the "special kinda food" that you would love!!

My new found love- Rekorderlig

I'm not gonna pretend like i know how to pronounce this, just call it Strawberry Cider and the people there will know what you're asking for. Goes even better with ice!!

Nooei cooked up a feast for 3 of us last Thurs. I didn't know what to expect at first. But was blown away by the delicacies of its kind. Even food expert like Reza blew his appraisal horn.

Salmon and Scallop Sashimi with lemon vinaigrette sauce garnished with seaweed.
The slight lemon vinaigrette taste brings out the freshness of the sashimi. Nothing too overwhelming to cover up the fresh fish taste. Plus, the slight sourness is the key to trigger one's appetite before the main course!!

Beef Tataki.
Sliced beef was slightly seared, drizzled with special sauce completed with raw egg yolk, chopped spring onions and onions.
The dish that got me so delirious and had me raved on and on to my friends for the rest of the night. Definitely a must-order!!

Crispy skin pork

Again, blew my top away at my first bite!!! Skin was extremely crispy and crunchy, just enough cut of fats for each slice of meat, being served warm made it extra heavenly.

 Love-handle contributory dish but definitely worth the extra run on the treadmill!!

P/s:: Sorry for the blur pic

Tempura Prawn Sushi.
Seaweed wrapped prawn deep fried with batter. My least favourite dish only because i think there were celery and some other veg that i didn't like. But kudos for the innovation!! It was an overall pleasant dish.

Stuffed Squid garnished with minced radish.
Not sure what was the stuffing but a palatable dish.  


If beer is not your cup of "drink", try out their cocktails.
Their bar manager makes superb cocktails without having to tell you what they're creating. Just tell him what kind of taste you prefer (sweet or strong), and he'll whip out some yummilicious drink for you!! Best thing is, it's almost non-replicable cause he didn't even remember what he included. HAHA!!

I had some Kiwi cocktail with bits of kiwi in it and it was soooooo goooood!! Even the guys liked it alot!

Reza wanted the same thing but they ran out of Kiwi fruits. So they made him something else that was almost equally delightful!

Main course:

Chili crab
Apparently is a Singapore dish. I never really knew that.

 The mouthwatering tomato + chili sauce are made for mopping, too bad they ran out of "mantao" (bun) to dip in. But it was a flavorsome dish that left us all licking our fingers clean! *slurp*

Time for a break before we proceed to our dessert.

The thing i like about dining in Biero- it is okay to run around during your meals (remember how mummy always had to sit us down during our meals when we were younger??), have a super long meal, take a break in between for a drink or two at the bar, mingle around with your friends. Nothing too formal.

Deep Fried Ice-cream for dessert

Vanilla ice cream coated with coconut flakes deep fried and completed with berry syrup. The berry sauce made it a tad bit too sour as a whole. Might be better with chocolate syrup perhaps?

Thanks for the awesome mindblowing dinner put together by Nooei! hehe Sorry that i made fun of commented on your size in my first post! haha It's time to get over it already! =p


Second dinner i had with Elyn and Jady was a pretty last minute decision.

Sliced beef wrapped asparagus with a drizzle of teriyaki sauce.

Lollipop sushi as found in Kobe Jones.
Basically, it consist of a few kinds of sashimi, salmon, tuna etc, wrapped around with sliced cucumber.

(p/s: The chef used to work in Kobe Jones and a few other Japanese restaurants around Melbourne before Biero. So a lot of his dishes are very Japanese inspired)

Teriyaki chicken.

The chicken was tender and flavourful from the marinade.

Seafood vermicelli salad.

Didn't really enjoy this dish because it was filled with onions. hehe Onion was never my favourite food.

Grilled King fish and salmon.

Love this dish as it's cooked to perfection. Not overcooked nor under. This dish is definitely kept simple yet tasty!

The man behind the mask kitchen.

Here's a little fact about Biero Bar:
-It got nominated as one of the seven finalists for Best Specialty Beer Venue recently!!!

-During your next trip down to Biero, order your mate/yourself a Waterfall (it's the bar's special drink) and get yourself smashed!

-Look out for Hanna for specially designed shots- too yummy to get drunk with!

-And check out the hot waitress called Melissa (i think?!) !! hahaha

-The chef's size is actually not a representative of how good a food expert he is. It's understated. haha

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10
Most staffs are super friendly and chatty!! It's like you're back home everytime you visit this place

Ambience: 7/10
Can get a bit too noisy sometimes or super pack on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights

Overall: 8/10
(love the beer, the people, the crowd, the food, the bosses.. What's there not to love?!?!)

P/s: So, Nooei, when's my next free dinner for my such good review??
haha Jokes!!

*Review is absolutely based on personal opinion without any biased even though Boss is super generous when it comes to buying his regulars Waterfalls * hehe

Biero Bar
525 Little Lonsdale & Williams St

I'm contemplating whether to put up a few more shanghai post because: 1. Mom took my camera to KENYA 2. I went to so many good places in Shanghai and i know many people are planning a trip to Shanghai soon so i really hope these amateur guide can help somehow. :)

One of the places you should NOT miss over when you are in Shanghai is 泰康路 (Tai kang rd) or 田子坊 (Tian Zi Fang), known for being the "artsy" street, and is drawing crowds of yuppies, fashionistas, designers and expatriates. Taikang Rd is surrounded by mix of old and new brick houses with narrow lanes, with clothes hanging onto clothing wire/ pole.
You can find many contemporary or traditional artwork here, and many casual cafes is worthy of visits too. Spend a whole day slowly browing through artwork and buy some souvenirs back for the family (generally the souvenirs are cheaper than those in the city). Note: you can negotiate price here

If you are ready to take a break from all those shanghainese food, you should give Kommune a try. Located in one of narrow lane of what seem like a maze in Tian Zi Fang, it might not be easy to locate, but the area is really not that big, so eventually you'll end up to this cafe.

Unlike the Cosmopolitan City of Shanghai, whereby English language can be rarely heard, you'll find yourself surrounded by Foreign conversations in Kommune as mostly expatriates dines here.
You won't even feel like you're in Shanghai- Really.

Food is reasonable but not great, but the atmosphere is really a crowd pleaser. Worth to sit down, relax, and have a cuppa. What's popular here is their big daddy breakfast, comprising of 3 eggs, 3 rashes of bacon, sausage, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, baked beans & toast. BOYS, if you like you things "HUGE" this is definitely your thing.

Cockney Sparrow (RMB 35)
Mix of apple and pear to quense my thirst under such heat

The Kommune Caesar Salad (RMB45) is recommendable. The greens were fresh and crisp, and i love that they have poached eggs, which was done nicely.

Spit roasted lamb wrap "Gyro Style" with caramelized onions, and creamy cucumber sauce (RMB45) i wished it tasted as good as it sounds. Unfortunately, this left nothing to shout about.
The wrap was really thick and starchy and while theres nothing wrong with the lamb, the seasoning was rather bland.

Kommune's Classic Sandwich with Hot Ham & Gouda Cheese with tomato relish & Chilli sauce (RMB38) comes in pretty big portion, decent tummy comforting food.
We also ordered  pumpkin soup (RMB30) which was not too creamy, but the taste was acceptable.

No.7 Lane 210
Tai Kang Road, Close to Si Nan Rd

Tel: 021-64662416

Mart 130 has always been a famous breakfast place in Melbourne. It's like THE famous place to visit when you're here on holiday, and when people mention "breakfast", it's almost a cue to "Mart 130". It's definitely a familiar homing ground where everybody knows about!!

Even when Mr Crusader visited Melbourne last year, he was introduced to Mart130. Read his review here.

Decided to drop by on my way home from airport as i got back from my winter break

Mart 130 is situated in a really convenient location. Just take a  no. 96 tram down to stop 130 and voila~ You're here!!!

Mart was busy but not nearly as busy as usual when we arrived and were ensconced immediately to our seats without any wait. It was a beautifully

Winter’s morning wih morning dew fogging up the field ahead of us

Mart = The Opposite of Tram, geddit geddit?? hehe

Did you know that their Corn Fritters won breakfast of the year in The Age’s cheap eats 2008 and they are darn good.
Light, crisp, sweet and juicy but not oily fritters with lashings of bacon. The only thing i didn't quite enjoy was the bacon. A tad bit too oily for my morning appetite.

 Chicken Toasties for SY. Comes with bacon, swiss cheese, spiced plum relish on pide




Food: 7.5/10

Service: 7/10
(could get a lil' slow when the cafe turns busy)

Ambience: 8/10

Overall:  7.5/10

Mart 130
107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park
(03) 9690 831

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