It's not common for us to stumble upon a cafe with nice ambience, shyly tucked away from the busy buzz of KL, and what's even more important-that serves excellence quality coffee..

With the luxury of enjoying quality coffee in Melbourne, i have been searching high and low for something compatible, for the least.. It wasn't satifying to settle myself with Gloria Jean/Starbucks coffee everytime my craving is screaming out loud..

Not until i was introduced to Café Barbera which was opened just a week ago..

Cafe Barbera originated from Italy was founded in the year 1870

The Café Barbera concept provides a venue to relax, have fresh upscale beverages and food items, efficient service with courteous attendants, soft café seating and quite simply the best available coffee in KL (i would say). Café Barbera benefits from a strong identification with gourmet Italian coffees and other European delicacies.

It even has a courtyard which accomodates for smokers or suntanners on sunny days

Its exquisite interior was consummately designed by a friend (credits to Jon!! hehe)

Simple, laid back and relaxing..
The best place to spend on a lazy Sunday afternoon (while you sober up from the night before perhaps??)..

Ms Jazz's first order was Napoli. Which she claimed to be a tad bit too sweet.
Maybe she just wasn't up for a sweet drink...

But i thought it was pretty decent (though it's quite a pain in the blip to drink through that thick foam. we had to ask for a straw to sip through)

She decided to give the good ol' cappucino italiano a go instead..

A good coffee starts with a fine layer of foam. It cannot be too coarse nor too watery.. And Cafe Barbera has fortunately achieved this with excellence!!

My Affogato (which i had 2 days in a row).. Just So lip-smackingly good. Period.

I HIGHLY recommend coffee-lovers to order this during your visit.
And you shall not regret it!!

Ms Jazz with her new hair cut + colour

So did i.. And i'm loving my new hair colour!!!

Our tea-break:

Butter croissant

It could be better if it's toasted to its crisp.. But the maple syrup (or was it chocolate syrup) drizzled on it made it extra yummy!!

Smoked salmon on ciabatta.

Love the combination of salad and sauce in it even though i'm not a salad eater. So take my word for it when i say the salad is good!! teehee.

I tried the smoked salmon fettucini the day before, and i loved it (even though the pasta would be even nicer if it's softer).. But the taste is flavoursome and delicious!!

Would definitely love to explore more on the menu..

This is gonna be a new found secret hide away for people who is looking for a chilling hang out venue.. You'll definitely see more of me there for sure!! (missing my affogato already!!)


Food: 7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Coffee: 8/10

Overall: 8/10
(totally deserve it!!)

P.s.: This place is so new that it doesn't have a website (yet.. i think? i tried googling but can't find it). So imma gonna be generous and good things shall be shared around..

18, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar is the address.
(off Jalan Maarof, a bit further up from the school there.. You couldn't have miss it because the colour of the building just stands up among the rest, unless you are blind!! haha)


lynn said...

woohoo finally, a decent italian coffee place. definitely giving this a try! but no latte art? :( you get that even in Melbie

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this place looks good! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just back fr lunch there.....mamamia...good food and coffee is real italian stuff......highly recommended

AugustDiners said...

Lynn: Departure Lounge, Solaris has latte art~ unfortunately the coffee is not on par with the ones in melbie.

Big Boys Oven: Yes the coffee taste as good as it looks, do let us know how you find it. :)

Anonymous: We're glad you like it!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Hmmm...I damn fail la. I live in Bangsar, and I didn't know this place existed. T___T

Crazieapple said...

Dont beat yourself up!! We're here to share the secret hide aways!! Like i said, good things are to be shared!! <3

crusader said...

Beautifully renovated by our personal friend and we even have 15% discount vouchers if anyone wants!

Anonymous said...

this post is a bit late here, but you can find them on Facebook..

Anonymous said...

=P am reading through your posts on coffee. It's a fact, you don't usually get good coffee in Msia.

An exception would be Whisk Cafe at Empire Subang, right outside Jaya Grocer. A small humble looking shop that serves lip smacking good coffee.

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