Refer to our Melaka Food Guide (Part 1) here.

Previously for part 1, we've covered quite a surprising number of eateries for a weekend trip including:
~ Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodles (Beef Noodles)
~ Seafood @ Portugese Settlement
~ Jonker 88
~ High Tea @ Majestic Hotel

~ Pak Putra for the tandoori chicken
~ Orang Belanda Cafe
~ Donald & Lily
~ Nadeje Pattisserie

This trip round, it was a shorter trip of barely one day, but i'm quite satisfied with what we've had, and there were repeats for those i love from my previous trip. P/S, if you realise, a lot of these places are more localised and differs from your usual tourist congested places. I've got some good guidance from someone who claimed herself to be local after being there for seemingly few months. =)

What We Ate...

No. 1, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang,
Tel: +06 2813777
Opening hours: Mon- Sun 9.30am-10.30pm
 With its forte being nyonya baba cuisine, you can assure to find the usual nyonya delicacies here from chicken pongteh, rendang, house special seafood- such as the nyonya assam pedas fish, to veges like pucuk paku sambal belacan. This is more of a localised area, hence you don't see many people around with cameras. True to its traditions, Ta chi nyonya delicacies is slightly spicier compare to other nyonya restaurant we've visited. Fear not, you are welcome to drone your burned tongue in a good selection of coffee, which turns out pretty decent too! At least malaccans seems to be able to get their coffee right.

Clean and simple settings allows you to enjoy your meal comfortably

Their bestseller- Nyonya Lemak Laksa (RM8.90)

Sambal Petai Squid- RM12.90

Lemak Pineapple Prawn RM12.90 came with measly 5 pieces of prawns

Durian Cendol RM4.80- Decent. Will be better if the durian ice cream is creamier.

Freezer rose marie mocha RM9.90

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Revisit? Maybe

Roadside stall beside Caltex (along jalan klebang besar)
GPS coordinates: N2 12.920 E102 12.365
Opening hours: Sunday-Thurs: 12.30pm- 6.30pm, on Fridays and because TGIF (thank god its friday), they work shorter hours, 2pm- 6.30pm

I remembered asking a colleague of mine who frequent Melaka for food what would be his ultimum recommendation, he waste no time on hesitation and firmly said "Klebang coconut shake", and i was forewarn on the possible queue for it was so famous that people flocks there to buy drinks in bulks.
This was in my itenary for my previous trip unfortunately my princess here refuse to lined up under the scorching sun, so this time round, after my whining, and my promise that i would line up to tapao and she can sit and wait inside her air-conditioned car, she reluctantly agreed.

The coconut shake basically consist of ingredients such as coconut flesh, coconut juice, ice, and scoops of walts' vanilla ice cream, blended together. . It's that simple and hardly rocket science but the crowd was just ridiculous. Lucky for us, the service was very efficient and fast, they produce the shakes in bulks hence although the line was long, we've gotten our drinks within 25 minutes.

Evil strategy at that, letting us queue and physically heated for a good 20 mins or so, hence the coconut shake taste much better! =D j/k

RM1.80 for normal, and RM2.30 for special (which gives you an additional scoop of ice cream)
Little unrelenting rich and slightly too sweet for me on the specials, but good enough to quench my thirst
I like how there is still bits and pieces of flesh to bite with, rather than a thorough blended coconut shake,
bite me if im wrong, but apart from the whole refreshing-thirst quenching effect, this- to me is just one of those shake easily imitated at home.
I'll try making some and shall name it JESSICA coconut shake, and u come try, sounds good? haha =P

Poor me, left alone to brace the scorching sun!

Overall rating: 7/10
Revisit? Maybe

198-199, Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka
Tel: 06-2831966
Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.00pm-9.30pm (closed on Wed)

Ole sayang really should deserve more recognition on their simple home-cooked style nyonya cuisines, and most importantly- they have the BEST cendol i've had in Melaka so far. There i said it.
Forget the Big Clock Tower Cendol, or even JONKER 88 (which their cendol does not catch my fancy), the ones served in OLE Sayang came in a small portion due to intention of being just an after meal dessert. But the combination was precise and their gula melaka seemed to add an extra oomph to a simple shaved ice dessert. What was also note-worthy was their cendol- plump and short with a nice bite to it. Speaking of which, i'm already craving for it again. *slurps*

Overall rating: 7/10
Cendol rating: 8.5/10

Revisit? Yes.

9, Jalan CU, Jalan Cheng
Tel: 012-6068805
GPS: N"2 15.674 E102" 13" 428'
Opening hours: 7pm- 12am closed on Monday and Tuesday

Now Now, if you can just forget about CAPITOL satay celup for one moment and divert your attention to Kingtu @ Jalan Cheng, you will find yourself in luck, because this my dear friends, this is one satay celup that is BETTER than Capitol or even Ban Lee Xiang (according to my source which i'll have to trust since i havent tried BLX). I reckon those two just has better marketing (i.e. food bloggers) but this particular restaurant is still relatively unknown to the non-locals, and here i am, sharing it with you :) Their underlying secret is definitely their hot piping oh so delicious spicy peanut sauce, it's so addictive and we can't stop eating sticks after sticks without feeling too overwhelmed by the thicken sauce which the owner thoughtfully came to stir for us from time to time.
It was definitely a thumbs up place for us, and the best thing is? you don't need to line up in those ridiculous queue.

P/S: it is located in some pretty hidden housing area, it was some drive away from the town (towards jalan cheng), so it’s best to flip out your GPS and put it to good use.

The only shop that operates in that area within the whole stretch, it's actually quite dodgy

Kingtu charges RM0.60 per stick, not as much varieties as the famous ones, but good enough to satisfy the cravings. Look at those gorgeous satay sauce. In a typical lok lok style, just dip those sticks in and as soon as it's boiling, it's ready to indulge!

Overall rating: 7.5/10
Revisit: YES

33, Lorong hang lebat,
Tel: 06- 2828381
GPS coordinates: N2 11.705 E102 14.902
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

This is what i would call another "TOURIST TRAP". Despite reading so much about their Ice White Coffee, it was much to our dissapointment, too tooo too tooooo sweet. Given credit on the strong aroma of coffee but overall, it was nothing to shout about. Their durian cendol was a joke too.

Icy white coffee

packed with tourist

Overall rating: 4/10
Revisit: No
No. 28-30, Jalan Hang Kasturi,

Off Jonker Street,
75200 Melaka
Tel: 06-286 0120
GPS coordinates: N02 11.815, E102 14.921

Opening hours: 9.30am- 9.30pm

Not in my itenary- with good reason (i was aiming for Chung Wah) but unfortunately, the queue was at its usual length, and we had no intention to stand under the sun for it, we opted for gu cheng down the road which seemed to have available tables. So it was my first time experiencing chicken rice balls, having piping curiosity on what's all these hoo-hah's all about. So we ordered 6 chicken rice balls to share along with 1/4 of roasted chicken and 1/4 of roasted duck. I personally did not find those chicken rice balls amusing, and it certainly did not taste good- AT ALL. The rice was dense, and the texture was sticky and grainy. We ate half a ball each and left it aside. The chicken was also unfortunately a letdown. Dare i say, stick to the original chicken rice, will you?

Overall rating: 4/10
Revisit? NO

Details refer to my melaka guide-part 1

I've been getting my regular supply of NADEJE lately directly from Melaka as my sister tend to travel back to and forth to KL almost every week, and i'll just order it off her. (refer to my previous post, NADEJE is famous for their mille crepe). So far, i'm still not getting sick of it, so i dragged my eating partners again to this ever-congested place. Minus the crowd, the dine-in area is actually pretty relaxing and if time is not your concern, a suggestion to indulge your mille crepe in the shop itself as it serve pretty good illy coffee that goes REALLY well with the dessert.
On a side note, you see that boutique shop that occupied 2 shop lots opposite Nadeje? Go check it out as sometimes they have pretty decent clothes with reasonable price! Madamoseille it’s called.

litche iced tea

Original millecrepe & Yuzu ice soda
The drinks which are quite sweet doesnt go well with the cake, so i opted for an illy cappucinno which was PERFECT compliment to the creamy lusciousness cake. The coffee foaming and temperature was done just right, no complains there.

Revisit? Yes

on jalan bunga raya
GPS coordinates: N2°11.975 E102°15.084
Opening hours: 1.30pm- 5.30pm
Operate near the Madam King Emporium Mall, this small stall popiah was named by some as the best popiah in town. Now that's a big claim which i will neither defend nor offend, as i wasn't given much to compare. But what really motivates me to try it out was when the word "pork lard" was came into the conversation. Now everyone knows how loyal i am to my pork lards. =) With combinations of eggs, bean sprouts, jicama, and PORK LARD, rolled in a thin layer of popiah skin, the smell of pork lard was intoxicating, it was too bad there was a sitting area to indulge this hence we brought it home. If i had to complain, i'd say there wasnt enough of those sinful lards, taste wise- pretty decent but perhaps a little dry.

Overall Ratings: 6/10
Revisit: Maybe

Refer to my melaka guide-part 1


It’s back on my list! Because I simply could not get enough of their nyonya laksa! So, not too bad considering the limited time, to summarize, these are our visited areas for this trip

Revisit? Yes

That is all for now, hope you enjoy this simple guide!

We're grateful knowing that you are still keeping it up with us and our post, here's another one to share with you, i mean two post within a week could be our new record, that's super frequent for Augustdiners style whom seem not be able to cope with one entry per month.

We’ve recently got our hands on some gourmet ingredients- the larger than palm sized foie gras, few kilos of Spanish ribs, and the o-so-tempting pork loin. We’ve also given some really good imported Spanish pork belly which I’m probably going to make char siew later (any good recipes to share?)
So Crazieapple was heading the kitchen that night because she’s still living the life of a jobless bummer. Whilst I came whizzing in after work to assist her with the dirty work, i.e. cutting and shredding vegetables =P

1/Crazieapple preparing to baked her ribs

2/ Foie gras- yums!

3/ *loves*

4/ Pork loin in the making

5/ Almost there

6/ I claimed the biggest piece!

We started our family off with some dips and crackers- 4 types including smoked salmon, caviar, tzatziki, and cream & chives. The dip goes really well with Tucker’s natural crackers, you’ve got to try it! It’s so addictive.

Our menu of the night was pan-seared foie gras with caramelized apple, which had a wonderful combination of flavours. It was an easy done dish, and with Crazieapple doing re-runs on how to properly dissect the foie gras on youtube more than 10 times, it’s safe to say she’s a pro in the area already.

Then there was the Jack Daniel’s spare ribs, which we ran into minor hiccups, but in the end it just turns out so beautifully that I was eating while licking my fingers at the same time. Mr. KFC would approve because it’s so finger lickin’ good. *laughs*

Then the pork loin was expertly wrapped with bacon and stuffing, the presentation was enticing as the bacon was baked to a sexy brown tan, the downside however was that the pork loin was slightly over-cooked for my liking. I enjoyed mine with some slight pinkness to the flesh. But again, she’s hit jackpot with the flavours
Some Roasted Veges on the side: butternut squash, capsicums, and tomatoes.
Also on the side is the rosemary flavored mashed potatoes.

For dessert. =)

Check out the mess we made =)

P/S Just a little excitement to share. Whilst we were pan-searing our foie gras outdoors with the portable gas stove (2 of them), the gas leaked and our whole pan caught major fire, whereby we were all rushing to find water or ways to diffuse the fire (only to find it inflamed bigger), in the end, we manage to kill the flame by throwing two big bucket of water from the swimming pool. But, what is really noteworthy is how all of us re-acted to the situation.

~The ever so smart Chyn puts her hand into the fire to attempt to turn off the gas

~ PK was nowhere in sight….

~ Mom, being the one who always know what to do, ran all the way to the sink area (which is super far away) to get a bucket

~SY gave dad half a glass of water from our dining table as if she thinks that the mere glass of water can save the situation

~ Lil Twin sisters screams “mommy… mommy….!”

And what was Augustdiners reaction?

Ms. Jazz: “It’s GONNA EXPLODE, GET AWAY FROM THAT PLACE”*whilst hiding in the dining room as far away from the fire as possible”- Damn Dramatic OK…hehe

Crazieapple, on the other hand was the classic one…..

“SAVE THE FOOD, SAVE THE FOOD!!” she screams- whilst flapping her hands up and down.

Lucky for us, dad manage to push most of the food away from harm before the mom’s buckets of chlorine filled water came splashing down. But unfortunately, 5 pieces of foie gras had died in vain.

So all excitement aside, the dinner was thoroughly enjoyable. If I knew Crazieapple can deliver a meal so well, I would be willing for myself to sit back with my knife whilst she graces the wok for our next cooking project.

Bangsar/Damansara has one of the wider ranges of cuisine offered in Klang Valley and too often you’ll see new eateries sprouting here and there as developers enhanced their luxury developments with the value added input like new F&B outlets- not that we’re complaining- for PLOY was indeed a welcome addition to the Clearwater development and the brainchild of Jared Lim. The restaurant is located in the WORK@ Clearwater tower.

Seemingly undiscovered yet due to being open for operation only a week ago, PLOY (“gem” in thai) offers modern asian cuisine and you’ll find yourself spoilt between choices of sashimis from their raw bar section & a fair selection of sushis, to their varieties of thai-japanese influenced dishes. Also try their specialities like the mentaiko spaghetti, which by the way is the beautiful Dian’s favourite dish.The good news is, it is quite a budget friend menu- with their starters being in the range of RM10-RM20, and mains in the RM20s region.
The building has easy accessibility as I often tease my friend that they can practically ROLL home from my favourite hangout- The hill. (Having one drink too many) =P

We started off with some tidbits while waiting for the rest to arrive- Lotus Roots Chip(RM6) was deep fried to crisp and crispy fried baby squid (RM9) was a delight to munch on whilst sipping their house specialty cocktails with quirky names like pardon my pandan (RM25) and tomyamtini (RM24) (uh-huh, you heard right, either you like it or you don’t as it has a unique taste of its own)

Lotus Roots

Crispy baby Squid

Pardon my pandan


Ploy’s Pomelo Salad (RM16) came in a puny portion – mixed with roasted duck shred and a spicy touch of chopped chillis.

My friend liked the Avocado Salad (RM11), saying it was refreshing with the mildly citrusy dressings. Personally not much of a fan, but you all know I’m a carnivorous.

Pink lady Sushi comes with a choice of 4pcs (RM16)/8pcs.

Obviously we were waiting in glee for our linguini mentaiko (RM21), “mentaiko” being marinated roe of a Pollock. (But unfortunately, my dear vegetarian friend decided to opt for a vegetarian version, which was filled with mushrooms, and what do you know? NO mentaiko… so really- no comment for this) do try it and let us know

We thought the Ploy’s Black Fried Rice (RM25) was quite the visual charmer, raw egg presented on top was use to combine with the squid ink rice. A good marriage of flavours with hinge of spicy touch

For mains, it was the crispy salmon (RM29) and duck confit (RM27), both slightly bothering the sweet side, but fairly well executed.

Give them some time to work out minor hiccups here and there, but overall it was a pleasant dining experience.

Our bill came up to about RM60 each with cocktails

My girls- i look so jumbo size right? This picture is so corporate profile materials haha

PLOY @ Clearwater
Jalan Changkat Semantan
Damansara heights

Tel: 03-20950999

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