Thinking of what to eat this weekend? How about a nice brunch with some lovely eggs and decent strong coffee? Bistro A Table offers just that, and can I just say that they have officially serve the best brunch in KL at the moment? I think I just said it.
I Shall skip the introduction and hit the main notes, you can refer to my dining experience in Bistro A Table here.

We were here for a sole purpose, and that is for their EGGS! I think I’ve just stepped into some eggy wonderland. *swoon*

Duck Egg Croque Madame with toasted bread, Gruyere béchamel & Italian Turkey Bacon (RM24). The combination works well. The gruyere cheese tasted light in the palate but can be a little relenting rich after awhile.

Organic Corn Fritters with avocado salsa, oven roasted roma tomato, coriander salad & turkey bacon (RM24). I’ve had my share of good corn fritters in Melbourne- one of the favourite being in Mart 130! Melbournians should be able to relate! I didn’t quite like the ones served here. Not because it’s bad, but because of the overpowering taste of Indian spices that goes into an otherwise lightly battered and mildly crunchy corn fritters. P.s. I didn’t like antipodean’s version for the same reason too! I wonder whether it is the original recipe to go heavy on the spices?

What really stands out is their Truffled organic scrambled eggs with roasted Portobello mushrooms & oven roasted roma tomatoes with toasted sourdough bread (RM28). By far our favourite item of the whole lot, and arguably the best in town thanks to those wonderful truffle-packed and incredibly light albeit just a tad runny, while I had my first bite, I thought to myself, yes this is how scrambled eggs are suppose to taste like! Why o why can’t other brunch places follow suit? The lovely egg texture have left me melting with happiness

House smoked Tasmanian King Salmon Eggs Benedict with saute baby spinach (RM28) holds really well too. Perhaps one of the better hollandaise sauce I’ve tasted in a long while, nicely salted and pack with buttery flavours. The smokey salmon melded nicely to the well-poached eggs.

Ahhhh scones scones scones… one of my favourite food and I’m so glad that Bistro A table did it well! The freshly baked scones (RM17) were incredibly light, buttery and a real treat. Served with clotted cream, French orange marmalade and raspberry jam

It was a very pleasant brunch experience for us, complement with the lovely and attentive waiters as well as the relaxing bistro ambience, this will be the place I would recommend to friends again and again if they keep their standards up.

P.S. I wish i could do better justice with these photos of these deliciously prepared food, but my camera is in the workshop so this is the best shot i've got off my iphone! :( Pls bear with us for abit!

Bistro a Table
6, Jalan 17/54
Tel: 03-7931 2831
note: Brunch is only served on Saturday and Sunday at the moment
(reservation recommended, open only during dinners and closed on monday)

Coffee culture has been blooming of late, especially in the area of solaris dutamas, you will find many cafes that has a strong focuses on coffees, e.g. Ben’s, The red Beanbag, coffee culture etc. Though My Espresso Lab is also serving coffee, they position themselves differently, with main focuses in selling different coffee blend to retailers and wholesalers. And customizing accordance to customer preference whilst beans are being source from all over the world, Brazil, Columbia and Kenya just to name a few

Having to earn certifications by the Specialty Coffee Association, these guys are skilled barristas which churn up a cuppa within minutes. We were told that for those who wishes to learn the art of making a good coffee, courses are available, and depending whether you wish to learn for home use, or professional level (costing approx RM1500+/course), you will be charged differently. Check out their website for more information.

Oooo.. i spy farmhouse milk, only the top range milk can produce the best foam, and Farmhouse is one of the best we've got in KL.

and the barrista did it with such ease

Oh hi Crazieapple! Long time no see! We should catch up sometime you know, sister... :D
p.s. i havent seen her in the longest time though we stayed together

Latte (RM10) house blend for takeaways

My verdict for the coffee? Excellent smooth foam and temperature, visually appealing, but unfortunately the bean lacks coffee aroma and tasted quite weak and milky. Callings for double shot of espresso on next visit for sure.

P.S.S Read from eatdrinkkl (whoelse!) that there's another branch opening in Gardens, Midvalley. Hooray to that, they must have done something right.

myespressoLAB Coffee Roaster
D1-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Duta Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-6211-0662

On the side note, i've been bursting to tell, can i can i? I have witheld this little piece of information for the longest time, and people whom known me would know that i cant hold on secrets for long, especially exciting secrets such as this.

So here it is, SILVER SPOON is going to open in publika soon!! YAY! :) :) :) I really am excited and we are working our ass off trying to meet the opening date.  I'm looking forward to everyone's support! Keep tuned and fingers crossed hehe.

Look out for this hoarding!

It’s a wagyu infused week for me, I have been hankering for some good meat so two nights in a row I have visited Gyuichi in Sri hartamas. Located at the stretch alongside with Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant and Jadepot, this Japanese bbq restaurant is seemingly unnoticed except for the red lantern with the word “烧肉“i.e. “BBQ meat”. Inside house a simple restaurant setting of 10 tables +/-, and a private room that can fit 12 pax.

Whenever I have cravings for premium Japanese meat, I often visit SS15 Kobe Gyutaku yakiniku, refer to here, and here , which is quite a distance from home, so I’m quite glad to find a closer alternative now.

Gyuichi boost a comprehensive menu of Wagyu dishes, apart from its bbq wagyu meats which comes in various cuts, there are also interesting items such as wagyu fried rice, wagyu sauté veges, and wagyu ramen. And if you’re not much of a beefy fan, fear not as there are also quite some selection of porks, chicken, and seafood such as their Hokkaido plump scallop.
Prices are a bit on the high side, do expect to spend a good RM100-RM150 per person for your wagyu feast. The price we pay in kl for decent meat. Sigh.

Gyuichi Seafood Wakame- Seaweed Salad (RM20) was a refreshing start with a mild acidity.

Gyuichi House Caesar Salad with a choice of caesar or carrot sauce (RM18) we went with the latter and was satisfied with it.
Radish Kimchi (RM6)

Utsonomiya’s yaki Gyoza (RM12)
Tokujo karubi (Superior Prime Short Ribs) (RM45) – 6 slices per portion is my favourite cut in their menu, I have exercised restraint to order again and again, I ended up with 3 plates of this. We are rewarded with a perfectly embraced fats and meat cooked few seconds on each side which reveals some perfectly pink and tender meat that almost melt in your mouth. One bite results in mind blowing flavours though the beef was seasoned to its bare minimum.

Nakaochi (Intercostal Cube Cut) is on their promotion at the moment. RM34 on normal days, promotion price being (RM28). This is a chunkier texture that requires some chewing but I think I prefer to stick to Tokujo Karubi

Off the grill you go!

Look at the perfect xlines, and the delightful pinkness
Am i now qualified for masterchef (malaysia's version?)

I’ve always loved ox tongue so it’s no brainer I’ll zoom in on the OX Tongue which allows selection of Super Thick, Thick cut, or thin cut. I have opted for the Thick Cut and was rewarded with a nice decisive mildly crunchy texture. Of course I still prefer Melbourne’s ox tongue version but by kl standard, this is satisfactory enough

Moving on, there’s the much anticipated SAGA Beef from Kyushu, Japan. Grade A4 (2nd highest grade)with A5 being the best. It is a beef that was compared often with Kobe and even side to side with Matsusaka. I still prefer Matsusaka the best. Priced at (RM168+/ 100g) for its steak cut which gives you 6 cube bites, does the price justify? I’ll keep my silence on that.

P Toro (Prime Pork Belly) (RM22) is cut coated with pork fats, and I’m very into pork fats so I’m sold. But by pork standard 6 pieces for RM22 may seem a bit expensive.

Mackarel (RM15) was cooked to moist and tender which goes well with the lovely dipping sauce provided. RM3 to add sauce

Squid (RM18)
Ugly photo i know. blame my iphone (yes im a new iphone convert, blehh!)
If you’re looking for something to fill your tummy, I woud suggest their Ishiyaki Bibimbap (RM22). Stone bowl Rice with vegetables and rice. Resembling the Korean version, this one bears lesser sauce, and has a better crispy and fragrant rice base.

Mixed mushrooms

Seaweed Soup (RM18) with portion for 3

What's this again? It's THAT unmemorable. Don't bother ordering.

Our compliment ice cream from the manager. :)

Alkie of the night: Yamamoto godaimugi choki chozoshu (RM228) for 900ML


Food: 7/10
(Wagyu craving satisfied :D)

Service: 7/10
(decent considering only 2 floor staff for the whole restaurant, manager was attentive and friendly)

Ambience: 5.5/10
(comfortable and cosy)

Presentation of Food: 6/10
(food portioning is a bit puny for some, given the price)

Overall Ratings: 6.5/10


Jalan 19/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-6205-2233

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