You may refer my previous visit here
Just a quick one before i head to bed to face yet another week of working life.
It was another rare occasion that i'd actually step into Subang, and i wonder why not, there are so many new eateries sprouting out in that area that looks interesting. Yet, the idea of driving to the often jammed areas just gives me the chill. (pretty much how people from kl view kepong yea? =P)

Kobe Gyutaku Yakiniku has several tetami rooms with mock up garden view.

We started off with a large sushi platter that came with several types, delightful and simple.

What i am really here for this trip is to try the kobe beef here.
It was slightly on the fatty side, but the marbling is excellent.

This time i attempted my own BBQing, not exactly an easy task as the fats makes the flame really strong, im not showing you the end result of course =)

Fresh prawns and scallop for bbq, simple marination and fresh seafood. Kind of ordinary though

Cleansing the palate with a glass of red wine

Ending dinner with a sweet note is the sesame ice cream that tasted very creamy and smooth. Im loving it.

I ought to sleep early nowadays- my panda rim is getting darker as days goes by!


Crusader said...

Wow, you labelled this casual dining?!

Crusader said...

I fixed the comment column problem!

Crusader said...

Now can you please bring me to this place so that I can taste some high quality beef?

Ms. Jazz said...

Crusader: Can, but u pay (:

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

after that kinda meal, surely a good nite sleep after?

AugustDiners said...

joe: not really, i had nightmares about my bloated waist :P

Anonymous said...

The so called beef buffet of RM48.90 ++ is a total misrepresentation. The beef cuts were rough and too heavily marinated. It was more a chicken buffet than beef buffet as shown in the picture. Waitress misrepresent over the phone saying that there will only be few slices of chicken, but turned out to be half a chicken with few slices of low grade beef.

Best of all, the waitress threaten to charge for unconsumed amount which were made up of fat, chicken skin and tendon.

Better off to head elsewhere, or one could pay unreasonable prices for the ala carte beef.

AugustDiners said...

Anonymous: Oh no! i didnt know they are running a buffet and by the sounds a terrible one at that!! and such service too! i'm sorry to hear about your experiences with them
So far their ala carte kobe has not failed me however i must say the price is rather skyhigh.

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