I'm officially a converted fan of Erawan Thai Restaurant. Before then, i've heard so much about it from friends, and further that eiling's- and so i finally visit the restaurant, subsequently went back again a week later. (because it was THAT good)

If it's even possible, the brothers operating Erawan again and again impress me with their authentic thai dishes, and i've tried quite a bit and none of them has actually failed me.

Erawan is located at Dataran Sunway, close proximity of Starbucks coffee. It's quite easily missed as it only operates one shop lots, and at most times it is impossibly packed. Strongly advise to make reservation beforehand to avoid any dissapointment- and if you are familiar you should also pre-order your dishes prior visits. You can refer to their menu (and prices) here.

Service was actually REALLY slow during dinner time when it was jam packed with diners. This is mainly reason to orders being taken by only one person, also the co-owner of the restaurant, Anan.
That aside, Anan is actually a friendly guy, on my subsequent visit during lunch when things are slightly slow, he actually had time to chitchat with us, show us some of his restaurant reviews and service has also improved somewhat.
So if you are willing to be patient (for like half an hour to get your order in), then you have no reason not to go. Otherwise, do consider going during less peak hours.

One of their bestseller Miang Kam (RM20) betel-leaf served with chillis, garlic, lime, shallow, peanuts, dried shrimps, and some unidentified crisp in Erawan special sauce.
I'm not a fan of the leaf so i gave this a pass, but it was commented to be really good and the plates was soon cleared away.

A refreshing starter with different texture is a pleasure to eat. Erawan's Pomelo Salad (RM25) comes with huge servings of pomelo with peanut crumbs topped with three pieces of huge prawns. What made a possible bland dish a great difference is their dressings that taste slightly of peanut sauce but its sweet and slightly sour at the same time. It's a great invention.

Stuffed Chicken Wings (RM25) - boneless chicken stuffed with minced chicken, glass noodle, water chestnut, chinese mushroom etc and served with thai chilli sauce. Crispy and flavourful. *thumbs up*

The crispy chicken with thai sauce was equally good. I like the fact that its not too oily.

Hong Kong Kailan with salted fish (RM20) is another must order of mine.
The greens were soft but not overcook.

Boneless Roast Duck Curry (RM38) will be your choice if you prefer your curry to be sweet and not too spicy. The roasted duck is simmered with coconut milk and fruits such as pineapple

Reminds me of Ying Thai in Melbourne very much is the Erawan's Stir Fried Thai Basil with minced meat. I had both the chicken (RM25) and Australian beef (RM38) but felt that chicken flairs better as the beef texture was a bit stiff.
It has always been my fav dish, before the discovery of Erawan, i missed this dish so much that i cooked it at home to reminisce old times. It's really easy to make too! Ask me for the recipe =P

Green Curry fish paste with salted egg (rm32), we wanted to try something different and im glad we did. The pure ikan tinggiri fish paste was wrapped around the salted egg yolk, which produce a bouncy texture on the outside with soft salty content inside. There were about 5 to 6 pieces of this in a portion. It's another thumbs up for me.

If you're in for something slightly spicier and stinkier. You can try prawns with petai in spicy sauce (RM38) - the petai came in huge quantity, while the prawns were in big pieces. Taste O-K. Probably less memorable for me since the other dishes seems to be overwhelming good.  

Finally found a place that serves realllllly goood seafood tomyum soup. By GOOD i meant spicy and sour at the same time which many restaurant fails to produce.
The tomyam soup in Erawan comes in clear or thick soup, and you may choose the level of spiciness 1-5, with 5 being the spiciest. So far, i've touched base with level 3, and it was quite spicy but me being a super spicy lover will def give level 5 a try soon.
There is also two sizes. The one i ordered was large, RM58 and is sufficient to split between 6 small bowls.

Ending the delicious meal with something simple yet surprisingly satisfying. Glutinous rice with a whole mango (RM20), served with coconut milk. The three ingredients prove to be a powerful combination. P/s: i heard their durian ice cream is really good too but ive yet to try them.

Thai Milk Tea and Lychee Ice Tea

Congrats on your recent engagement my dear. *hugs*

Our bill came up to RM250+ averagely on my both visits.


Food: 8.5/10
(one of the best thai restaurant in town, the menu varieties is really huge- im barely even through half of what's there! be warn that not all are available on the day)

Service: 5/10
(as above mentioned, do expect some delays)

Ambience: 6/10
(great for casual dining)

Presentation of food: 7/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion Restaurant
No. 22-1, Jalan PJU 5/16,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

Tel: 03-61412393


Sean said...

wow, all these recommendations sound very promising! it's interesting that the place is so popular despite the relatively high prices. i guess that's proof of its quality! :D i see at least 8-10 items on the menu that i'd like to try. must go in a group! :D

Ms. Jazz said...

sean: yes! def a place to go with groups esp for greedy people like us!
p.s. u probably need to order level 1 for your tomyam =P

May said...

i wanna try this out too cause Jane kept sayin its yummy

AugustDiners said...

May: yeah it is! we'll bring u there one day *grins*

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