I am not exposed to enough Thai restaurants in kl to make comparison, so i googled up on how other reviewer feel about De' Chiengmai Thai Restaurant and was surprise to find that many floggers has written about this place. Some did not have a pleasant experience (tummythoz) while others seems to like it enough. (kyspeaks, shaolintiger). Im sitting on the fence for this one.

If it wasnt for me to stay nearby,  i'd probably have a hard time finding this place as it is hidden among the industries area of sg. buloh.

The kids used to call this restaurant "Umbrella" because our memories of this restaurant dated way back- probably 5 years ago? it wasnt so big back then, their ceiling was decorated with many paper umbrella in multi colors. Since the relocation, they have spent quite a bit on renovations, it now looked like this..

It's pretty impressive for a restaurant located in a kampung, isnt it? If you take note on your way in, their gate has umbrella design on it.

Since i've been here many times, it's safe to say i can recommend you the dishes you should order, and save you the trouble of ordering the wrong dishes after all the long hectic journey of wrong turns. =P

Most dishes comes in 3 sizes (S)(M)(L)

Im particularly in love with Squid w/ Ginger & Chilli (S)
A must try. The soya sauce, onion, and ginger mixes well with the squid, and its goes really well with rice. Fear not, this dish is not spicy at all.

Pandan Chicken can be order by pieces, RM3/pc
It's a bit oily to my liking, but tasty nevertheless. My friend commented i made better pandan chicken, aww :D

Their Thai mango salad is sour and crunchy.

Another must order would be their kangkung fried with shallots, sambal and anchovies

Saving the best for the last, Steamed Siakap is our all time favourite as we love their soup that goes with it. Perfect addictives for spicy lovers. You are allowed to request a refill for the soup, needless to say, i made the waitresses work their way to kitchen more than 2 times

Thai coconut is fragrant and sweet, good refreshment after all those heavy flavours. I reckon the dishes has MSG written all over it, otherwise why do i feel so thirsty after the meal?
p.s. Do you know that coconut can cure diarrhoea?? I'm serious, try it!

Other dishes worth trying is otak otak, green curry and their array of desserts! (im practically reciting the whole of their menu) Overall, their dishes are pretty standard as their menu is not too extensive and little birdie told me that they have everything pre-prepared in the kitchen that's why we were always serve with such efficiency. De'Chiengmai is good to visit when thai craving kicks in, but i don't think its a place worth frequent visits.

There were comments that the prices here is too steep, but i tot it was alright, given the ambience and the fun of getting lost, but really, prices are quite subjective.


Food: 6/10
(flavourful, msg infested, and i wish their tomyam is something to rave about! it wasn't good)

Service: 6/10
(basically giving you the *i can survive without your existence here* attitude, nevertheless efficient)

Ambience: 7/10
(do come here for some local  kampung feel)

Presentation of food: N/A

Overall: 6/10


De'Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant

No 34, Kg. Sentosa,
Bt. 13 Sg Buloh 47000
Sungai Buluh Selangor
Tel: 03-61401870


crusader said...

I tried this place couple of years back. It was good! Dessert was eat-all-you-can back then

Ms. Jazz said...

Their quality is quite consistent till date, and now the dessert is calculated by bowls.

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