Breakfast (or brunch) has always been my favourite time of the day. I'm not much of a nasi lemak, roti canai kinda person. Rather i enjoyed a good cuppa coffee, and some poached eggs, sausages and bacon, and of course the ambience also plays a factor in fulfilling my day.

When Silverspoon first opened, i kind of whine to my team, demanding for english breakfast to be served in our place. Although in reality, given the location, and the target market, it wasn't really the most brilliant ideas. But whine i did. demand i did. the idea was thrown away within a blink of an eye. :(:(:(

One of my aim in Singapore is to satisfy my deprivation of some good breakfast, so i did my research beforehand. Unfortunately, i didnt really get to explore the ones jotted on my notebook. Such as Epicurious/ prive. (how frustrating that things never go according to plan!)

But Oh boy, do i LOVE LOVE LOVE Jones the Grocer @ Dempsey Hill (mmm kinda remind me of a classic popular song by aaron kwok, "dui ni ai ai ai bu wan....") i know.. that was totally random.

In this case, ambience plays a huge role for my LOVE x 3, the space is open, and inviting with long communer tables that encourages people to share. i LOVE how they have a huge steelframe service counter for beverage right in the center of the restaurant showcasing the art coffee making, i LOVE how they had a good selection of homemade/imported jams, sauces, spaghettis, and others for sale (p.s. including chilled foie gras (NOT PATE) at a very reasonable price, i LOVE how they SELL a good range of cookbooks and better still you are allow to browse them while you dine.

Basically before i ordered, i'm already a happy woman, easily satisfied.

The big breakfast i had was wonderfully heartening with huge portion for the huge belly (that's me, by the way) A combination of sausages, button mushroom, bacon fried to crisp, toasted with two fat slab of butter, grilled tomato and one of the fluffiest, creamiest, scrambled eggs i've had in a long long time. I've lapped up the very last bits in the platter.

The minor glitch however would be the spanish eggs. A nice presentation of a shallow ramekin arrived on the plank wood, with eggs and cheese, napoli sauce threatened to spill topped with saute spinach, pork bacon (yes u heard right, PORK! it's singapore after all). You can't go wrong with cooked eggs, but much to our dismay, the spinach is overly salted.

Isn't this  an artistic shot? looking at it for a few seconds and i feel my head spinning =P

Coffee in Jones the grocer is reliably good. And if you are interested to take your brunch to another level, a considerable wine selection is available for your consumption.

Overall, i felt that Jones the Grocer carries a good balance between food and ambience. Breakfast- was still incomparable with Melbourne and the search must go on but i had to say, it has satisfied my craving for awhile. The ambience of a simple, comfortable and trendy cafe serves an easy purpose for being a good hangout spot.

Fact check: Their Jones the Grocer Outlet at Al Mamoura has just been awarded the Best Cafe @ Abu Dhabi Time Out Award. (Why Abu Dhabi? that's just weird....)

With 10 outlets around the world, mainly based in Australia, Singapore, and 3 more upcoming ones at the Middle Eastern, i really hope much for them to consider Malaysia to be their next, i'll be your favourite customer- i promise!


Jones The Grocer

Block 9#01-12 Dempsey Road,
Dempsey Hill

Tel: +65 6476 1512

Operating hours: 9am-11pm daily


Sean said...

hey, maybe there'd be a small but loyal group of folks in kepong who'd love to hang out in the neighborhood and have an english brekkie. that's what niche markets are all about, rite (then again, don't listen to me, i've never run a business in my life, heheh) :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i believe that should b your 2nd project! open a breakfast place..haha i can be your oveseas consultant for the time being!

AugustDiners said...

Sean: kepong mindset is different, they wont pay RM20+ for breakfast when opposite kopitiams are offering at RM5+? If i ever serve the menu, there will only be one regular customer- ME! :D

Joe: hahaha i have no doubt mann, ure da breakfast expert now, im so jealousssss!

Jazzie Casas said...

Damn you made me crave for it!

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AugustDiners said...

Jazzie Casas: i'm evil like that:D

vialentino said...

wow, i love the wine shot of yours ... seriously pening kepala and looks like matrix movement ... very good shot!

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