The Hill, damansara heights in collaboration with experienced world standard mixologist, has cook up some delicious concoctions. With the passion of one of the bosses, whom himself flew down-under to train at one of the most elite restaurant in Sydney, came back with a new found knowledge and skills to further improve their cocktail menu- which by the way is one of the most creative in town. But if you think watermelon slush, milo ais, love potion and weed killer is enough to impress, wait till you try their newest signature cocktail menus. Launched yesterday by Barry, a well known Scottish mixologist, whom happily shows us around the rope on how it’s being done, his buoyant and dedicated attitude towards the cocktails is indeed infectious, followed by a team of enthusiast bartenders of the hill, the mood of the lounge was quickly up-lifted.

Oh hello barry =)

Our new cocktail sifu, Roen hard at work with the meringue
With most of the new cocktail list leaning towards the sweet side, it is no doubt going to be a female pleaser. I can easily imagine myself with my bunch of girlfriends, sitting down the cosy air conditioned lounge, with music to boot, sipping these delicious drinks, eyeing some human candies or two. We can’t complain much, really. It’s good that I’ve almost tried everything in the list, because I’m glad to recommend the FISH BOWL, and Florida’s KEYLIME PIE as my favourite of the night. Both are absolutely delish!! Slurps!
FISH BOWL (RM60) resembles our spanish sangria, and instead of our usual red wine, this cocktail uses white wine (and from what I’ve been told, they’ve put a good half a bottle of wine so do expect a good doze of alcohol inside although you might not feel it since It is quite fruity) mixed with blackthorn cider and with a tinge of spice, this recipe is a winner and is good for sharing between 2-3 pax.

FLORIDA KEYLIME PIE (RM30) is definitely original. I particularly enjoyed the part where they burned the fresh meringue to be slightly harden on the top, and this blends perfectly well with the Smirnoff Lime Vodka and lime mixture. You’ve got to drink them together to get the maximum flavours, now now, dip your mouth in and don’t be shy, you can always wipe off those cream stain on your lips later.

Another of my likes, which I have been ordering before they even put this on the menu, is the Skittles bomb (RM20). Very very simple ingredients but it does give you that lovely “kick” after awhile- with Redbull, Cointreau and Soda, another one of those ladies drink.

I really shouldn’t reveal all their new drinks, but I just couldn’t resist. For some elegant drinking- you can definitely opted for the Tea for Two (RM50) with Gin, Organic Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Yoghurt infused tea, served chill. This is actually served with a delicate porcelain cup, pls bear with my kopi-o cup for now :P

While I had mixed feelings about the Malacca Loda (RM25), purely because it is more of an acquired taste, that you’ll either love it or not. But hey, this is award winning in Malaysia so it’s got to mean something right? My guy friend did seemed to enjoy this. I’ve observed some premium alcohol used in some of their new cocktails such as Angustura rum in the Malacca Loda, also interestingly in this recipe includes fresh coconut water, and kaya. Worth trying? Aye, definitely.

I couldn’t resist ordering the Clear Bloody Mary (RM25), even though I was forewarn that I’ll only enjoy it if I like bloody Mary. But the presentation captured my attention, so I ordered it anyway even though I don’t fancy Bloody Mary. Probably the strongest concoctions thus far! Mixed with Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, infused with fresh herbs, chilli, lemongrass and zesty fruit.

Hawaii 5-0 aka Mesha (RM40) consist of Smirnoff Apple vodka, Frangelico, Organic Raspberry Jam & Fresh Pineapple. Don’t ask me about the name, I as clueless as you. Served in a pineapple with the umbrella and the whole works, the only thing I need now is a beach and some sun, and this cocktail will fit perfectly in.
I do prefer this than the usual pina colada, mostly because they don’t use coconut cream in this one, yay!
no picture for this sorry.

Love the illustration

Apart from the mention above, I’ve yet to try UFO and NUTELLA martini, both sounded equally appealing so I’ll definitely drop by soon. Can The Hill be the next place to be for cocktails? I have high hopes for their further cocktails expansion as I am pretty impress so far.

Happy me for the night

It's been awhile! and i do miss blogging!! sorry for the ill quality photos once again, i did not do the lovely cocktail presentation justice im afraid.

I wish there was more i can say about Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree hilton, Intermark
I was never a fan of buffets, and only visit here by chance for a friend's birthday
To be fair, we were given a fair selection of 3 main cultures of Malaysia,
by that i meant Malay, Indian, and Chinese food.
But the taste just didnt hit well with my tastebud
overall a dissapointment.

If you ever swing by taiwan, do be accustom to their breakfast culture in one of their soya shops. Filled with luscious choices, our particular favourite orders is egg wrapped with "you tiao" or "yau zha gwai" as we call it here. Gulp down those semi- sweet soya bean, and it'll put smiles to your face early in the morning. Trust me.


Absolutely feeling sassy with those bossa novas on a sunday afternoon

Pangkor :)

What what, i cant have a wordless saturday too? hehe...
One of our favourite breakfast joint in melbourne with gorgeous poached eggs

203, Carlisle St
Balaclava, Melbourne

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