Morton's The Steakhouse is not something foreign for steak lovers like me..  I once told my friends that if i were to only eat one type of meat for the rest of my life, it would be BEEF!!!! =p

The Morton's Steakhouse in Singapore is located on the 4th Storey of Mandarin Oriental, which was nestled at the Marina Bay waterfront and nearby to the newly opened Marina Bay Sands resort, where i was staying in during my little getaway last weekend.

 Every detail, from the succulent steaks and seafood and vast wine selections to the seamless service, makes Morton's the classic dining experience. The Bar at Morton's is also a popular destination with local bar-goers and suited up working men winding down after a stressful day at work.

A friend of ours called up beforehand to book the private dining room and to lic inform that it was Jady's birthday beforehand (just for fun.. it wasn't really her birthday).. And look how thoughtfully they customised our menu with a little wish.. This is definitely what we called a "5-star service" !!!!

 The giant garlic roasted bun to be shared 

 "Birthday girl" and Elyn

 Me and Joyce

 Waiter explaining to us their choice fresh food of the day.. Everything was air flown and at top notch quality..

 1986 Chateau Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Pauillac

Full-bodied and authoratively rich in aroma.. We're so spoiled!! =P

Lobster Bisque was a hit among diners at our table and also a best seller for Morton's.. The soup was creamy sand smooth and rich in seafood aroma.

 Oysters on the Half Shell was fresh and succulent. Can't never stand mushy textured oysters..

Tuna Tartare
I always feel refreshed and buoyant from my raw food starters before entering a heavy meal. The freshness of the tuna and it's delicate flavor to it totally blew my dress off..  

Food lesson 101: You know of the theory behind consuming raw food as a starter?? It's because raw food preserves its natural enzymes which catalyze our digestion.

Prime Porterhouse

Aged Ribeye

The steaks served in Morton's are all aged prime beef of the best quality. It's done the way i love my steak- medium rare for porterhouse and medium for thicker cuts like ribeye.

The portions of steaks in morton's are impossible!! It is highly recommended for normal "human being" NOT monster eaters to share with another partner. The average weight they serve their steaks are around 600-1kg! That's almost 3 times of our normal steak size!!

 Alaska King Crab airflown.

This was too good to be true. Reminds me so much of Hokkaido days.. The flesh was so juicy and sweet!! The best part of all?? You don't have to crack open the shell and eat like a barbarian.. The thoughtful kitchen in Morton's has done all the dirty jobs for us.. *two thumbs up*!!!

 Sauteed button mushrooms as our side dish

 Souffle with a choice of Grand Marnier, Lemon, Raspberry and Chocolate.

We ordered all 4 flavours to share and was shocked to see how HUGE the souffles were!!! *holds tummy*

Out of all the flavours, the lemon souffle was the best because u can see more forks digging into that particular bowl.. and the rest were sadly neglected.. hehe

 Another infamous Molton's bestseller is their Legendary hot chocolate cake.

You don't call it Legendary for nothing. The chocolate melts in the middle of the cake and of course, danced in your mouth when paired with the icey cold Vanilla ice cream. Nothing scream more calories than this sinful dessert. But if i have to UP  my dress size for this love, i would gladly do it!! =)

 The girlies..
P/s: Other diners' identities have to be kept veiled

Dinner came down to a total of  approximately 2k SGD which was acceptable for a table of 11 pax. Though wine was BYO but we were charged corkage fees. Morton's actually do provide an extensive range of vintage wine on their own too!!

 Back in our suite, a little celebration was going on..

Everyone knows how much i love and devote myself to champagnes.. Once u have a taste of Cristal, you can never look at Moet the same way anymore..Cristal is characterised by its finesse and elegance, also defined in many Hollywood celebrities partying photos.. haha

Ms Jazz, jealous much?? =P

We were spoil rotten.. =(
Can i have more plssssssss??

Cheers to my new found love!! haha


Ms. Jazz said...


Baby Sumo said...

I wonder when I will get to taste Cristal...... lucky girl!

Michelle Chin said...

I want a taste of KRUG. T_T

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think everyone else reading this is jealous about the cristal!

Crazieapple said...

hahaha er.. yea.. and no one cares about what i ate im assuming.. T.T

Samantha said...

Great post ! ! ! Yr pics definitely makes me salivate and wana head to Mortons right now - though dats a bit tough considering Im in Tokyo :(

AugustDiners said...

samantha: Aww! Plenty of good beef in tokyo so you're not missing out!

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