Intermark is looking increasing promising in their F&B varieities thanks to Mr. B.I.G BEN, whom has brought in Estate, Tate, and T Forty Two into the building. Brilliant guy. I absolutely loved TATE which reminded me of Melbourne’s Supper Club (shall dedicate this post to another day when I’ve tried more of their cocktails)

ESTATE being one of B.I.G Group’s higher- end dining outlet, is one refreshing change to their other casual outlets that seems to flood the city, i.e. Bens, Plan B, T Forty Two etc. I can hardly keep up.

The ambiance of the place is noteworthy, retro-styled, relaxing and cosy would be the first things that illustrated in my mind. A small corner was allowed for live band which we thoroughly enjoyed the other day. This is the swanky cool place you will want to spend time chatting away with friends, or conduct an informal dinner meeting, or even have a cosy dinner with your beau.

You will find some similarities in most of their menu- simplicity and limited. The one page spread menu saw prices slightly steep with starters averagely priced at RM30-40, Main Course with a range from RM40+- RM160 being priciest item in the menu. Desserts are aplenty – albeit interesting ones that are worth exploring. But caught my eyes with a little blinking sign is the selection of imported bottled beers that they offered! You really got to love them for it.

The Must must must order otherwise don’t forgive yourself dish is the Truffle Poached Egg on Soft Polenta – With Wild Mushroom & parmigiana reggiano drizzle with Truffle Oil (RM29.90). You can almost never fail with this combination. Those truffle scents has absolutely captivated my senses, truly a melt in your mouth treat. Another place that serves this killer dish is FLAMS in Changkat (not sure whether they are still operating though?)

Steamed Mussel in Provencal sauce (RM49.90). While Crazieapple made fantastic Mussel Pot, the ones served in ESTATE is none too shabby, the mussels were fresh and blends well with the wine broth, but only a tinge too salty to our liking. Of course you have a choice of tomato-based sauce too.

Crab Caesar Salad tossed in lumped crab meat and runny poached eggs (RM39.90) was just as good. We thoroughly enjoyed the crunchy romaine greens, with the chunky croutons. I’m trying to gauge the extra flavours from the usuals which I’m guessing either lime or anchovies. Whatever it was, the extra acidity made a world of difference to this otherwise simple dish.

Onto the mains, after a solid starting point and being sucker for crustaceans, we’ve ordered two portion of Spicy Half Lobster Linguine with baby spinach, caramelized shallots and tomato confit (RM99.90). The lobster served half with shelled and all was visually arresting and the lobster flesh was excellent- just slightly below cooked with a nice sweet flavor. The pasta whilst being soft (more than al dente) was nicely executed with bustling asian flavours. Just think asian infused aglio olio. Me Likey

Cote De Boeuf – Austrlian Grilled Sirloin steak, served with grilled bone marrow , duck fat potatoes, topped with pickled salsa, arugula salad with White balsamic dressings (RM159.90) sounded too good that despite being the priciest main course on the menu, we felt we just had to try it. Turns out the dish was less than impressive. We didn’t enjoyed the steak texture, which did not part easy with the knife and it was overcooked to medium well (though we’ve asked for medium) . Interesting with the bone marrow, sinful and good to eat on its own but not sure we liked the pickled salsa which sits on top of the bone marrow creating an overpowering taste to the overall item- portion suitable for 2

As far as the “Estate Mess” goes- with a mess of meringue chunks, fresh fruits, fresh cream and orange jelly served with strawberry sorbet. (19.90), it was pleasant to look at indefinitely, but I didn’t like how the way they did their meringue, I always preferred them in a marshmallow sticky form.

Chocolate Crepe with salted caramel sauce and chocolate ice cream (RM15.90) was a sweet comfort and a good way to end the meal.

Estrella Inedit from Spain 750ml for (RM76), a good selection for those whom enjoy smooth and less gas-sy ale. They have a good list of european beers such as spain;s Voll-Damm and A.K. Damm (RM25), UK beer (Fullers), and Itlay Birra Menabrea (RM26)

Scratching your head on what to eat this week? Give ESTATE a go, despite their hit and misses of the menu, the restaurant is still a promising place to ensure a pleasant dining experience and i will definitely visit them again. Our bill came up to approx RM200 per person with Beer. Remember to head to TATE after dinner, you won't regret it, just be careful with the wallet as it may just poke a hole through yours.


Food: 6/10

Ambience: 8/10
(always a winner)

Service: 8/10
(swift, attentive, and friendly)

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Ground Floor,
The Intermark
Jalan Tun Razak

Tel: 03-21612368

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